New e-Program Helps Unemployed Michigan Workers Find New Careers


With Michigan's high unemployment rate, many are scrambling to find new career paths and a way to transfer skill sets from one industry to the next. Now, there is a solution! A free online program called LEARN. A collaboration of Michigan-based Maria Madeline Project, Inc., the UM Ross School of Business, AADL and 4 other library systems, and WJBK, Fox 2, Detroit; LEARN provides university-level e-learning and career re-branding courses for unemployed Michigan workers with the goal of preparing more than 100,000 unemployed Michiganders to re-enter the workforce in a new career. LEARN's initial online class, "Redefining You Through a Career in Health Care" is available now at LEARN career re-branding courses are free and will focus on the following industries: health care, government and non-profit, emerging technologies, and entrepreneurship. LEARN courses are developed by Lynn Perry Wooten, PH.D., Clinical Associate Professor of Strategy, Management and Organizations at the UM Ross School of Business in collaboration with Maria Madeline Project, Inc.


Is that program help people improve their resume and find the job as well?
Also, Is this program help unemployed people attend to college, which mean to help their paying the tuition?


Why is health care the only field listed for enrollment when others are listed as well? Where are the courses for gov't, non-profit, technologies, and entrepreneurship?

Hi Sunny,

The courses offered through LEARN are specific to assisting people interested in switching careers to a particular field (currently, the field of health care - with more courses to be added over time.) LEARN does not offer resume, job search, or financial assistance. However, AADL has a variety of resources available to assist you with improving your resume and job-searching skills.

The Small Business & Job Search Toolkit section of offers several online resources for you to utilize. Also, AADL is a SHARE Network Access Point, which means you may access the SHARE Network resources, including the Michigan Talent Bank, from any of our public computers at any AADL location; and you may also access the SHARE Network binder that's full of useful job searching tools. Just ask any of the desk staff at any location, and they'll be happy to provide you with the SHARE binder.

Additionally, AADL offers a variety of computer classes to help you improve your computer and job-searching skills, including a class called "Resume 101". You can check out our full class schedule anytime by going to, or you can call 327-4555 for more information.

I hope you find this information helpful, but if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Terry Soave
Outreach & Neighborhood Serivces

emjai smith,

Good question! The answer is simply that the program is still developing. The health care course is just the first course of several that will be offered in the future, specifically courses in all of the areas you mention. As each course becomes available, we will update that information on

Thank you for your interest, and thanks for using the AADL!

Terry Soave
Outreach & Neighborhood Services