What makes an interesting work of art?

brook harris stevensbrook harris stevens

Fiber artist and EMU art professor Brooks Harris Stevens will tell you what, in her estimation, constitutes an interesting work of art as she leads a guided tour of the Art of the 2010 Ann Arbor Women Artists' Exhibit on Monday, March 1, from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Downtown Library Multi-Purpose Room. Stevens, juror for the AAWA's 2010 exhibition (which will be on display at AADL from the time of this event through April 14), will also announce the winners of this year's show.


This was a very disappointing event. It started late, the speaker was hard to hear, did not provide very much insightful feedback, and there was no guided tour which was the primary reason I attended.

It was surprising to me because generally the events are so well done. I had been there on Sunday for the presentation on Jewish music and enjoyed it so much, I emailed the presenter to thank him and posted it on my blog.

Still, it wasn't a complete loss because the art work itself was amazing! It was especially inspirational for me to see one rather elderly and frail woman who was still able to generate absolutely wonderful pieces of art. That gives me hope for myself!

Thanks for your comments - we really do appreciate them. We are sharing your concerns with the AAWA so that we both can make improvements for next year.

Thanks again.