It's All Write! Short Story Writing Contest

It's All Write!
Short Story Writing Contest
First Place $250
Second Place $150
Third Place $100
First, Second and Third Place prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Grades 6-8, Grades 9-10, and Grades 11-12

Submissions accepted Monday, January 22, 2007 through Monday, March 19, 2007

So, now's the time to finish up that story you've been working on. If you need some inspiration, I'd start with any short story collection edited by Don Gallo. Destination Unexpected includes a story by Ron Koertge who is the speaker at this year's Awards Program.
Click here for the complete guidelines.
Good Luck!


What excactly are you guys looking for?

I hope this means you're interested!
The teen librarian's aren't judges, but we recruit published authors each year to judge. Different judges each year. No specific theme is required. You have several months yet to become inspired; the contest deadline is March 19th. I'd read a handful of short stories if you're not settled on an idea right now. Running the story by friends to critique might be a good idea too. Good Luck!

Is it okay if the story is slightly longer than ten pages?

Also, is it okay if the story has some religious themes? I have a good idea for a story in mind, and the story would be more effective if I had some slightly religious stuff in there.

"slightly"? I would say a couple sentences would be ok, but not more. We try not to have too many guidelines, so we stick by the ones we post. It's minimum of #5 and maximum of #10.
Good Luck!

No specific theme is required, so whatever fits your story is acceptable.

Sounds like an interesting contest. If I find the time, I might think about writing something...the prizes look awesome.

Hmmmmm....English class short story due at the same time as this.....

coincidence? I think not.

okay i might want to enter but do you get points taken off for spelling and grammar mistakes?

I'd edit it for you...for free LOL

If you write a dedication page does it count as 1 of your pages?

I'm sad I didn't get to write a story for this.

I may be wrong, but I thought you were a 'finalist' last year??
You still have the week-end. :)
You know you can submit a story that's been in the works. You don't have to write a specific story for this specific contest. You just can't have submitted the story to another contest.
So, dig out one of your favorites, or one that just needs some editing, and send it in by Monday, March 19th, at 9pm.

The guidelines say, "5 minimum, 10 maximum"
Just how long is your 'dedication'?

No I didn't even submit. Leinad was a finalist.

Does a hefty library card fine decrease our chances....?

good luck