The Rugged Manly Art of Knitting: Some titles you may not know about.

Rosey GrierRosey Grier

Wonder of wonders, you can still get Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men on MelCat. For those of us in the boy knitting community, this is an iconic title, but I figured it had been banished to the realm of triumphant find on eBay or the local rummage sale.

Fortunately, others have picked up the mantle of fiber arts books for men. Knitting with Balls is all about men who knit and even gives some of the history of men knitting. Sailors and soldiers once had to learn how to knit just to make things like nets and socks.

The current grand dame of knitting herself Debbie Stoller even got on the bandwagon and wrote Son of Stitch and Bitch.

On February 21st, we will host The Rugged Manly Art of Knitting at the Pittsfield Branch Library from 2 to 3:30. Men of all experience levels are welcome. We will provide yarn and needles, and a couple of the guys on staff will be there to show you simple projects. I've put the word out in the knitting community here in Ann Arbor, and I think some experience knitting guys will also emerge from their yarn stashes and show up for knitting fun. It should be a good time. And for further proof of the legacy of men's knitting, here are pictures of Franklin Roosevelt and Cary Grant knitting.

FDR KnittingFDR Knitting

Cary Grant KnittingCary Grant Knitting


Could a girl come to the knitting thing?


Rosey Grier seems to be such an interesting fellow. I had no idea about the needlepoint book, but his song "It's Alright to Cry" on Free to Be You and Me was one of my favorites as a child.

This sounds great! Have fun!

I'm excited to read this site. My father is interested in knitting. When I was small, he knit sweater, shocks, cap and so many clothes for me. He was very active in knitting, I used to be very happy when he gave me nice clothes. Still, my father wants knitting. So, I want to tell him about Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men. Hope, he will be happy to know about it.

Sounds fun.