Youth Magazine Update -- Past and Future

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The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus, who looked both forward into the future and backward into the past. How appropriate that January's Youth Magazine Update should focus on magazines dealing with the past and the future!

Cobblestone Magazine celebrates their 30th anniversary by presenting the thirty greatest figures in American History. The list may surprise you! Kids Discover Magazine, meanwhile, devotes their entire January issue to the American Civil War.

Appleseeds Magazine looks into the future, with article on the cutting edge of speculative science -- including floating cities, paper-thin computers and vertical farms.

As for the present, that's all up to you. Carpe diem!


Fortune magazine recently featured an article about businessman John Hantz's plan to create a huge urban farm in Detroit. The magazine's illustrator imagined a super high-tech farm utilizing vertical farming and solar panels (article here).