Full Grand Championship Details!

The AADL-GT 2006 Grand Championships are just under two weeks away, and if you're thirsty for details about the event, you're in the right place. The Grand Championships will happen Saturday, December 16th at the Downtown Library and will consist of three events: The Clan Cup Finals at 12:00 sharp, The Wildcard Tournament starting around 12:45, and then the Grand Championship Tournament itself beginning around 2:00-3:00 depending on wildcard turnout.

The Grand Championship Prize pool WILL contain a BRAND-NEW, HARD-TO-GET Nintendo Wii! Plus, a 2gb iPod nano, and a onyx black Nintendo DS. The champion, second and third place winners get to pick from the prizes in order. The Clan Members that emerge victorious from the Clan Cup will win the first-ever limited edition Clan Cup trophies, plus a small giftcard.

The Grand Championships will be broadcast live on CTN channel 18, so be sure to bring a signed Release Form if you haven't already. We don't yet know when the broadcast will begin, but it will likely begin during the wildcard event. Hope to see you there, and read on for full details about the tournament's new structure.

OK, first off, the Clan Cup. Similar to last year, your clan's rank will determine how many rounds you have to make it through to reach the final. First, all Clans in the Clan Cup must field at least a 4-member team. Subs will be allowed, but they cannot be members of another top 8 clan, and you can't replace a present Clan Member with a sub. The prizes will go to the members of the Clan who are present at the Clan cup, so if a sub plays, they win the prize. There will be a full set of 6 prizes for the winning Clan.

The Clan Cup will work like this: First, clans 5-8 will each send two 2-player teams to a set of two co-op mario kart races on Special Cup. We'll use our normal scoring, and the two clans that score the highest total points across those two races will advance to the next round.

Clan Cup Round 2 will have two teams from each of Clans 3 and 4 (Turtle Clan and the Pocket Rockets) face the two winners of the Mario Kart Round in 2 Super Smash Bros. Team Melee Battles, 3 stock, 4 minute. We'll shuffle pairings for the second round so that you won't face the same team twice. We'll count wins, and the two Clans with the most wins will advance to the next round. Clan Standings will break any ties.

We'll then be down to 4 Clans: WAH, Bros & Co, and the two winning clans from the previous round. These four clans will first play two rounds of Super Smash Bros Team Melee, and then two rounds of Mario Kart co-op race, and we'll total the points for the clan for all four matches (with a melee loss counting for 30 points instead of the usual 10, although I'm open to debate on that issue), and the top two Clans will advance to a surprise final game.

Got that? OK. Be sure to spread the word to your clans to COME EARLY and be ready for the Clan Cup Rounds to begin right at Noon!

Moving on to the Wildcard Tournament. First, to reiterate, you are qualified for the Grand Championship Bracket if you placed 4th or better in the finals of a single 2006 regular-season event (preseason doesn't count), or if you are in the top 64 overall on the leaderboard. Otherwise, the Wildcard tournament is your only shot at making it into the Grand Championship. Here's how both the Wildcard Tournament and the Grand Championship will be different from what we've done before: We will have no single-elimination matches. All elimination will be done based on overall score, and each round will consist of at least one 4-player Kart Race and one 4-player Melee Battle. We'll have the room set up with Mario Kart on stations 1-4, not in LAN mode, and Melee on stations 5-8. Both games will use the same modified scoring:

1st place: 100 points
2nd place: 80 points
3rd place: 60 points
4th place: 50 points

So, the Wildcard Tournament will start off with a qualification round with every player getting two races and two battles. The top 32 players will move on to another round of two races and two battles, then the top 16 will move on to another round of two races and two battles, and then the top 8 will advance to the Grand Championship. Understand? The big thing here will be that unlike any previous AADL-GT event, you will be able to choose your characters and karts, all of which will be unlocked. However, there will be three rules there: Karts will be picked in season leaderboard order (we'll have the seating reflect this), but you can't pick both identical characters (i.e. no picking both koopas or both toads), and the parade and pipe karts are banned.

We will have both Melee and Kart running simultaneously, so you'll basically have two matches on each side of the room for a given round of the tournament. We will have assigned seats for P1-P4 on the Mario Kart side of the room so that you'll have a good view of your part of the screen. This format will not only allow us to get lots of matches played quickly, but it will also make it so that a single loss won't likely knock you out.

All tiebreakers will be at my discretion and may involve ancient games. Muhahahaha.

The Grands themselves will work the same way, complete with leaderboard-based character & kart choices, with each round consisting of two races and two battles for each player and score-based elimination. Semifinals and finals round may be reduced to one round of each, but I hope to avoid that. This will decrease the excitement of the final match, but it should be more fair for everyone and a better measurement of your combined skill at Super Smash and Double Dash. The Grand finals will NOT be a surprise game.

Finally, just for bragging rights, here are the bonus values for Championship victories, as the final season leaderboard will include GC scores:

Clan Cup Champion: 10000 points
Clan Cup 2nd place: 6000 points
Clan Cup 3rd place: 4000 points
Clan Cup 4th place: 2000 points

Grand Championship Winner: 5000 points
Grand Championship 2nd place: 4000 points
Grand Championship 3rd place: 3000 points
Grand Championship 4th place: 2000 points

OK, that's the deal. I'm sure you've got questions. Let's hear them, and I'll see you all a week from Saturday.


OK, based on the absence of fervent arguments to the contrary and the (to me) incomprehensible fact that many of you guys have been hoarding your gamestop giftcards all season, clan cup giftcards will be $10 to gamestop.

Tom, thanks, i've fixed the link. Now Gamefaqs can server you some ads that you won't click on.

Bad Driver (and others): OK, I am quite flexible on this issue, other than that it's got to remain a stock match. Taking a little more time than our usual 2-stock, 3-minute FFA would not be a problem since we'll have races going on on the other side of the room that will problably take a little longer. I agree that Sudden Death is not a desirable routine outcome, so what combination of stock and time limit do you guys think would minimize sudden death and camping? Does everyone like FJW's suggestion of 2-stock, 4-minute? Let's hear it. There's still time to change this detail.

Also, doors will open at 11:00.

Ugo: Scores are not cumulative across eliminations. So, each round, everyone's scores will reset. That's the way we've done it all season. And I will be glad to see Mario/Balla back, you guys were a good team.

Swordmaster: Don't worry, the Wii won't be pulled off the market, and the plaintiff in that case knows it. The question is how much is Nintendo willing to pay to make the whole thing go away. They are a fiercely litigious company, so these guys are really grabbing a tiger by the tail...

Bad Driver: Hmm, I'll have to think about course selection. My first instinct is that it should be random, but I'm not sure that's even an option, I'll have to look. My second instinct is that we go in order of tracks. My third instinct is that the 4th seed gets to pick to offset the value of the top seed, but I don't like that idea.

TP2: There will be small gamestop prizes for the Monkey Ball Tournament, and there may be some open play, but probably not Melee open play. As always, it depends on the turnout. The event will be 'decathalon' style, where all players get one shot at each of 4 games (including Banana Blitz on my Wii) and the top total scorers advance to the finals. I'll be making a post about it tomorrow (wednesday).

Pwnerer: Sorry man, that's just the downside of your fame preceding you. =)

Mdidget / FJW: We will have open plays during Winter Break, the tuesday, wednesday, and thursday after Xmas (12/26, 12/27, 12/28), from 5-8 PM, for grades 6-12. We're calling that DS Fest, so in addition to our Gamecubes, bring your DS for impromptu tournaments and suchlike. We'll also have another DS fest at Pittsfield Branch 1/2 and 1/3 from 1-4 for all ages, but with no GameCubes. Also, I just have to say how entertaining it is that one of the most active commenters on this blog lives in Chicago.

Lain: Well, it is called Melee for a reason. I want there to be as many matches for each competitor as we can so that it's easy to shake off a single loss... and that means FFA. Also, no face-punching, please.

Naked Warthog: Black Shark / Moses / California Love / Money Maker is a good guy, but he does have a bad temper and he complains a lot. He also has a tendency to make sock puppets, but you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? I do agree with "you" that "he" has a very good chance of making it to the final 32, he's done pretty well this season.

Duck: HOLY SMOKES that is amazing news. We will have to do a feature profile on the triumphant return of Sravan. Thanks for the recon!

Pwnerer: As I've said before, no GC qualifiers in the wildcard. All prequalified registrations will be deleted and regardless, 8 non prequalified players will emerge from the wildcard, that is all.

Also, no Roysters next season? What's up with that? Are they Seniors?

Hmmm...DS tourney...I guess I'll have to pwn everyone at Jump! Ultimate Stars, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendon!, Elite Beat Agents, Tetris DS, and Mario Kart...


"Naked Warthog: Black Shark / Moses / California Love / Money Maker is a good guy, but he does have a bad temper and he complains a lot. He also has a tendency to make sock puppets, but you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? I do agree with "you" that "he" has a very good chance of making it to the final 32, he's done pretty well this season."


Ballooneater, do you still play Mario Kart online?

If so, wanna play? :)

right now the Roysters say they have a more than likely chance of moving farther away than Kalamazoo (thats where they live now, they only come to AADL-GT because they heard about it in an AXIS thing because they use to live in Ann Arbor) by next year, so we really dont know, but i wouldnt count on them being here next year, they already drive 2 hours to get here, and any farther, the amount of money they win in giftcards wouldnt even be worth the gas money

but if they come back, WAH will simply drop That other guy... and Juggleguy and add D-rex and Johninabox

just think about it, if the Roysters come back, We Are HardER will be absolutely unstoppable (assuming we stick with gamecube games for another year)
1. D-rex (good at FFA, team smash, doubles and singles kart)
2. Johninabox (decent at FFA,ok at team smash, great at mario kart)
3. Omega (Royster, no further explanation needed)
4. Shin Orachimaru (Other Royster) *although i think one of the roysters might be a senior, in that case, we will just replace them with Pwnerer, resident smash king*
5. Mike S. (Decent at smash, Godly at kart)
6. FjW (sucks at FFA *but i will get better, you guys just watch*, great at teams, amazing mario kart skills)

just try and stop us

eli lets keep the melee time and stock at 2 stock and 3 minuits

it just has made the last tournaments very well managable and fun for the players in them.

hi mike

ignore this

huh? um, Hi derek...

btw, the controllers work fine, thanks a lot


at BD, WAH was originally an all Huron Clan, then the roysters came along, plus we need Johninabox for his hilarious antics and for his Kirby, plus me, mike s, derek, and john have been friends for a long time, but yeah, we could definitely use pwnerer, but i think we would have to have John over him, sry cisco!

but guys dont fret, there is a very good chance the roysters are gone, so cisco would still be in our clan anyway

you would cut pwner for johninabox!

Next year, TC (at least at the tournaments) will be an HHS clan.

So speaking of clans who will win the clan cup?!? With wah losing Mike S. a powerful force in team melee and team kart could this knock them our of contention for what many would have predicted at the beggining of the season a bros and cos vs TC match up. Here are some facts to look at everytime TC has made it to the clan cup they made it to the finals. The BNC made it to the clan cup each time and Wah has the most clan cup wins with 2. You can't count out any of the others such as Forien exchange who could shock pocket rockets or TC. Much to consider

Black Shark / Moses / California Love / Money Maker is a good guy, but he does have a bad temper and he complains a lot. He also has a tendency to make sock puppets, but you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? I do agree with "you" that "he" has a very good chance of making it to the final 32, he's done pretty well this season.

haha that made me lol

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

damn, u made another counter to yet another sockpuppet scheme, how do u always recognize its me? yes im short tempered, but *eli edited out the crap I say and* i try to stay calm, but obviously it doesnt work. And i probably be tense when i play this Sat. as i will have to win this wii, or else *eli will have to again edit out the dumb and inappropriate stuff I continue to spew.*

lol, mike s is a force in team smash and team kart, team kart definitely, but we've never used him in team smash in a clan battle, we always use the roysters, and FjW with Juggleguy

plus, we already have a sub in case he cant make it, but he said he would try to make it just for the clan cup, so we dont know yet

dont write off WAH yet, one person wont make that big of a difference

MDidget- No, my router is configured for WEP encryption and the DS only supports WPA...or the other way around.

its the other way around

ok, it is confirmed, Mike S' mom just called me, Mike S. is not attending the grands, so we already have sub in mind, but if someone else would like to sub, please speak up

i wanna sub if you can fly me over :)

Don't think about the cost of the plane ticket, think of the glorious Wii you will be playing after i use my amazing melee skillz =o

except you being a sub wont help my chances at a wii

Less than 4 days wow! This is my fist grand in over 2 years!

haha fine, $10 and a trophy

and ill throw my melee match against you =P

Itll be my first grands ever!!!

i should be like rookie of the year lol

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

since wen r JIAB and D rex goin 2 WAh??? [gtlogo:BNC]

Since they agreed to I suppose.

If the Roysters return, I'm joining Bros and Co if they let me.

this forum is averaging about 40 posts a day i think that might be a record. When Tom made the 5000th comment i predicted that right before the grands there would be 10,000 posts looks like i will be off by about 3 or 4 hundred.
So who here who knows who sravan was is even giving him a chance?

Wow that's right I'm one of the few that have been in both previous GCs (not many of us left is there). If I place in this one I'll have placed in every GC I could. Ha ha ha that would be funny, this year would be just as much of a fluke as the last two years if that happened. If I get to the top 16 I'll be happy, any farther and I'll be surprised.

I say Sravan has a decent shot if he hasn't lost his touch. I wonder if I can get Joe and Galen to show up, then it'd be a tournament (not to mention a stacked wildcard event). Alas Joe wouldn't have a chance to break the LAN though.

All of bros and co except doomblaze has been in both GC
I got 3rd overall the first year and 7th overall in the second(last year)
john got 4th but no prize the first year
Ryan(monkeyman) got 3rd last year
I make no promises for next year's clans

3ooth post

ICAC is going to win clan cup with there mad subing skilz

go bro's and co.

also i forgot to ask but does any 1 play HABBO HOTEL ?

go john in a box !!!!!!!

WTF is that?

hey, I dont remember saying that stuff in my last post and i didnt usr thoe *'s

LOL i have a habbo acount but ive only used it once

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Uh, yeah, California Love, I edited your post. I only do this in extreme situations. Please knock it off.

Noah, it's called an ipcheck. Use a proxy if you really want to promote yourself on a library's blog.

Heh, it doesn't take such advanced techniques to spot his puppets.... it's pretty obvious, really.

very obvious why would someone go on talking about him that exstensively?

habbo is the most koolest online game ever

But WHAT IS IT????

It's a chat room.


10 more hours

I always thought that there was a thing called IRC for online chatting, but maybe I'm wrong...

Yes there is. IRC

That was sarcasm...