Full Grand Championship Details!

The AADL-GT 2006 Grand Championships are just under two weeks away, and if you're thirsty for details about the event, you're in the right place. The Grand Championships will happen Saturday, December 16th at the Downtown Library and will consist of three events: The Clan Cup Finals at 12:00 sharp, The Wildcard Tournament starting around 12:45, and then the Grand Championship Tournament itself beginning around 2:00-3:00 depending on wildcard turnout.

The Grand Championship Prize pool WILL contain a BRAND-NEW, HARD-TO-GET Nintendo Wii! Plus, a 2gb iPod nano, and a onyx black Nintendo DS. The champion, second and third place winners get to pick from the prizes in order. The Clan Members that emerge victorious from the Clan Cup will win the first-ever limited edition Clan Cup trophies, plus a small giftcard.

The Grand Championships will be broadcast live on CTN channel 18, so be sure to bring a signed Release Form if you haven't already. We don't yet know when the broadcast will begin, but it will likely begin during the wildcard event. Hope to see you there, and read on for full details about the tournament's new structure.

OK, first off, the Clan Cup. Similar to last year, your clan's rank will determine how many rounds you have to make it through to reach the final. First, all Clans in the Clan Cup must field at least a 4-member team. Subs will be allowed, but they cannot be members of another top 8 clan, and you can't replace a present Clan Member with a sub. The prizes will go to the members of the Clan who are present at the Clan cup, so if a sub plays, they win the prize. There will be a full set of 6 prizes for the winning Clan.

The Clan Cup will work like this: First, clans 5-8 will each send two 2-player teams to a set of two co-op mario kart races on Special Cup. We'll use our normal scoring, and the two clans that score the highest total points across those two races will advance to the next round.

Clan Cup Round 2 will have two teams from each of Clans 3 and 4 (Turtle Clan and the Pocket Rockets) face the two winners of the Mario Kart Round in 2 Super Smash Bros. Team Melee Battles, 3 stock, 4 minute. We'll shuffle pairings for the second round so that you won't face the same team twice. We'll count wins, and the two Clans with the most wins will advance to the next round. Clan Standings will break any ties.

We'll then be down to 4 Clans: WAH, Bros & Co, and the two winning clans from the previous round. These four clans will first play two rounds of Super Smash Bros Team Melee, and then two rounds of Mario Kart co-op race, and we'll total the points for the clan for all four matches (with a melee loss counting for 30 points instead of the usual 10, although I'm open to debate on that issue), and the top two Clans will advance to a surprise final game.

Got that? OK. Be sure to spread the word to your clans to COME EARLY and be ready for the Clan Cup Rounds to begin right at Noon!

Moving on to the Wildcard Tournament. First, to reiterate, you are qualified for the Grand Championship Bracket if you placed 4th or better in the finals of a single 2006 regular-season event (preseason doesn't count), or if you are in the top 64 overall on the leaderboard. Otherwise, the Wildcard tournament is your only shot at making it into the Grand Championship. Here's how both the Wildcard Tournament and the Grand Championship will be different from what we've done before: We will have no single-elimination matches. All elimination will be done based on overall score, and each round will consist of at least one 4-player Kart Race and one 4-player Melee Battle. We'll have the room set up with Mario Kart on stations 1-4, not in LAN mode, and Melee on stations 5-8. Both games will use the same modified scoring:

1st place: 100 points
2nd place: 80 points
3rd place: 60 points
4th place: 50 points

So, the Wildcard Tournament will start off with a qualification round with every player getting two races and two battles. The top 32 players will move on to another round of two races and two battles, then the top 16 will move on to another round of two races and two battles, and then the top 8 will advance to the Grand Championship. Understand? The big thing here will be that unlike any previous AADL-GT event, you will be able to choose your characters and karts, all of which will be unlocked. However, there will be three rules there: Karts will be picked in season leaderboard order (we'll have the seating reflect this), but you can't pick both identical characters (i.e. no picking both koopas or both toads), and the parade and pipe karts are banned.

We will have both Melee and Kart running simultaneously, so you'll basically have two matches on each side of the room for a given round of the tournament. We will have assigned seats for P1-P4 on the Mario Kart side of the room so that you'll have a good view of your part of the screen. This format will not only allow us to get lots of matches played quickly, but it will also make it so that a single loss won't likely knock you out.

All tiebreakers will be at my discretion and may involve ancient games. Muhahahaha.

The Grands themselves will work the same way, complete with leaderboard-based character & kart choices, with each round consisting of two races and two battles for each player and score-based elimination. Semifinals and finals round may be reduced to one round of each, but I hope to avoid that. This will decrease the excitement of the final match, but it should be more fair for everyone and a better measurement of your combined skill at Super Smash and Double Dash. The Grand finals will NOT be a surprise game.

Finally, just for bragging rights, here are the bonus values for Championship victories, as the final season leaderboard will include GC scores:

Clan Cup Champion: 10000 points
Clan Cup 2nd place: 6000 points
Clan Cup 3rd place: 4000 points
Clan Cup 4th place: 2000 points

Grand Championship Winner: 5000 points
Grand Championship 2nd place: 4000 points
Grand Championship 3rd place: 3000 points
Grand Championship 4th place: 2000 points

OK, that's the deal. I'm sure you've got questions. Let's hear them, and I'll see you all a week from Saturday.


nope im gonna win it then sell it

ummm no you all fail sorry

nooo im gonna win

TP2, those are not questions until you put a "?" (question mark) after them.
For the rest of you, don't any of you have anything better to argue about? "I'm going to win the wii" "No, I'm going to win the wii" "You both are wrong, I'm going to win the wii" Guys, this is so pointless. Start talking about something useful.

"OOOOO, Happy Cheese!"-Kevin S.
"No matter how much you may suck at doing something, look cool doing it, that's all that matters."-Kevin S.

p.s. (I'm going to win the wii)

srry i already won
now all that has to happen is 4 me to just show up and w8 till the finals are over

swordmaster get there early in case we need you as a sub


Well since everybody's talking about winning here are my predictions:

Top: Balanced, or one-sided with some skill in the other game.

Shin Oroachimaru
Pickwick the Second

Middle: Everyone is either somewhat balanced or extremely one-sided.

Evil Bus Driver
Bad Driver
Mike S

Low: Don't excel in either game, have little potential but the possibility of a weak bracket might advantage them in the end.

FriedJellyWalnut (he and juggleguy are good at 1v1 but haven't done too well in FFA)
Dale W

These aren't ordered within categories, just the order I thought them up in.

My top list is my guess for who's going to take the cake. I've been playing Mario Kart a LOT lately, but I don't think a week and a half of playing can compare to people that have years of experience.

To do well in FFA smash you generally have to camp or be very skilled. I've had people team up on me in various occasions and it's not a pretty situation. Consistency is about the same as it is for Kart, I guess.

Actually, Eli, is there nothing that can be done to evade things like people taking me 3 on 1?

whoa dale w should be at the top

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

I would put dale in Middle and take out EBD
Dale is very skilled at kart, kind of like me except not as good at smash

take EBD and juggle guy or sword master(both not good at kart)out and that would be my prediction for top 16

For the clan cup mario kart co-op, do you get to decide your characters or is it random. If you get to decide will it be the top clan gets to choose there two characters first or will they switch off were top clan chooses one character then lower clan then top clan then lower clan.

The clan cup co-op is using the LAN connection so characters are random.

I guess since TP2 didn't give a response I'll assume he's not coming :(

Did u really put Dale w in low. He is one of the best kart players and does extremly well in melee quals.
Here is the Bad driver predictions
chance of making elite 8(i will exclude myself)
Dale w
Mike S
Shin rochmaru
Tru dog
Evil bus driver
Tub o lard
Ben D
blue monkey
piano black
dragoon black
Wildcard predictions
out of the 8 who make it only 2 will move into the round of 32 and 1 will move to the round of 8 only to get eaten by the best of the best
also if you think i made a mistake tell me than try to prove me wrong :)

Of the peach players, I would be above average, Im almost as good as derek, if not about equal, in kart were about equal, therefore I would rate derek as having a way better chance of making the top 8, my predictions for the top 8:

Mike S

Dale W.
>Shin ochmaru
tub o lard

All others I dont have enough information to include
the > mark represents the players most likely to succed in the top 8
And, yes, I included John because he is a complete pansy in smash
As I said before, the stronger smash players will most likely overshadow the best mkdd players, since mkdd is more luck, all the best smash players have to be just good enough to make the first cutoff

Bad Driver, why do you put me in 30% and Tub o Lard in 40%, I'm better than him.

Who are all the peach players who go to AADL?

the significant ones are mike s, d rex, dale, and lain (i think thats his name, hes on Nixon's BAAAACK)

well, your not significant

because, I have never seen u play

Yeah it's lain, FjW

i know him cause he went to Cisco's sunday night tourney =P

he has cool hair

swain, are you talking to me?


when have you been the borderline to when you're significant or not?

lots of people have seen me play

yeah mike, if anybody, MDidget has the best peach at the tourney (at least technically, and it really isnt that close), but the problem is that he hasnt been to the tourney, so we cant really judge him

I think Eli should have a tourney during winter vacation *coughSoicancomecough*

there already is one, on the AXIS calender, it says that there are three days in a row of open play during winter break, i think the dates were like 26-28th, but idk, i didnt bring the thing home,


yea, so if you arent coming to the tourney than u cant make a significant difference

Now, now guys, don't fight. Remember, the players are only making predictions. Don't be so angry if you or your friend hadn't been put high enough on a prediction table. Even I could just make one off the top of my head and all of you would go crazy (If I hadn't told you that I just thought it up randomly.)
I could make a prediction that Thatotherguy... or RJ would win the wii. Just chill out, these are only predictions.
Besides, I'm curious, who is MDigit IRL? Are you that one guy who won the retro gaming tornament?

"OOOOO, Happy Cheese!"-Kevin S.
"No matter how much you may suck at doing something, look cool doing it, that's all that matters."-Kevin S.

sweet people think i have a chance of getting in the top 4.
mdigits real name is nishant, i think he went 2 pioneer b4 he moved
thatotherguy will pwn every1 in the surprise round in the clan cup, which i dont really care bout since the shuffle is perfect 4 me and $10 duznt mean 2 much 2 me.
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

sory double

Bad driver why do you put me so low?
Dale, mike and I are about equal in kart and I'm better than both of them in smash.

I bet that I have the most points from qualification matches this season out of anyone. And since these are all basically qualification style matches, I would be the favorite

Also you have tru dog to high





cause, quite frankly, NO ONE EXCEPT YOU CARES

btw Derek, i'll give you 5 dollars for one of your non-wavebird controllers, preferably the one with the clear bottom, cause my platinum one died (the entire rubber part on the control stick is gone)

^ most intelligent post on this blog?

Nah, it was definetly this one:

no wutll happen will be as follows:
1st TP2
2nd Doomblaze
3rd D-rex/1 of roystrs
4th me/1 of roystrs
u c der r plenty more good ppl but u need 2 b balenced 2 make it dis far

oh and duk 70%?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 70?!? R U SERIOUS?!? I WUD GIVE MYSELF LIKE A 50% 2 GET IN2 DA FINAL ROUND! John has da rite idea w/ 99% oh and y is finklestein highr dan me cuz 1 i have like 1.5 his points and i cud pwn him in both mkdd and melee
oh and da lenad comin from nowere thg u complrtly rite, the rules were changed so he cud get in, den he got in a tiebreakr w/ sum1 becuz da thr person threw a match, and dey switched it 2 mario kart 4 da tiebreakr (he bttr at mkdd) den da suprize game wuz 1 dat he apparently grew up playin throughout his whole childhood. in my oppinion b4 any1 calls me luky take a look at lenaid's story
Eli y is da pipe kart and pety and boo bannd dey not even da bets charactrs lol

no need to yell mike(FJW). isn't discussing the turny what this blog is for?

I have no explanation for my brother's unique choice of grammar, Altough he does it on purpose just to piss you guys off

Derek, Monkeydude is your brother? X___X

EBD, i think Ed pointed you out to me once X__X


i still find the percentage things sad. truly sad.

on a side note i enjoy being a notable peach. :D

well when i first started i was playing roy (as a brain dead super noob)

then i found peach and was drawn into it all.

now i'm into captain falcon. he's propelled my game so much further. now i can shffl and actually USE it in battle, wavedash to my advantage, and all that.

what ticks me off though is that there's no 1 vs 1 play in the championships. wtf! all this work for nothing...

well, i do think eli should make a last-minute reconsideration as to how the tourney works.

why doesn't he just make it 1 on 1 matches, but the person who loses just gets less points? and we have like 3-5 matches? -_- honestly we're going to see so many peaches in the championships just float-stalling around. and then i'll punch them in the face. and you don't want me to punch people in the face.

d-rex and john in a box are at 90% not 50%

i think d-rex and monkeyman shd both be at like "75%" instead of me since theyve both lost bout 3 melee quals this season...
and theyre better/as good at mk respectivly as me
but hey, well all c wen the time comes
and our clan gets 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!!!
nah prob not
but that wud b sweet
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

yeah derek, discussing the tourney is exactly what this blog is for, but
the blog isnt for arguing over who is a better player, or who has a higher percentage of winning, thats just dumb, because thats just arguing for the sake of arguing, because no one can give any supporting evidence except for "oh, well, he did well at this tourney, so that means that he has a higher chance of winning", no thats not true, because in the month that has past, people have made many changes in their play style, and all of that is not accounted for. Therefore, none of you have any real argument why you are better, and none of you know everyone else's practice regimen (or lack thereof), so none of you should be trying to turn the chances of someone winning into a percent, just worry about yourself. Try you best to win, but please don't judge other people

BUT, on the other hand, if you want to criticize Monkeyman's grammar, then by all means, be my guest.


hahahaha mike, they are video games, you sound really retarded
lol its like the BCS standings
but the field, is merely a TV screen

and mdidget, are u coming to the grands?

Supporting evidence: I have the most points from qualification matches this season

Yes monkeyman is my brother
The percentage thing is kind stupid
And yes I can probably sell you a controller.

and yes the c-stick is probabally dead on dereks contoller

and now I will prepare to watch another amazing full fun-packed episode of Family Guy!

No im not going to the grands because i have zero points X__X

derek i still got your 2 controlers

some 1 from bros and co. will win the wii

Hi, I am in California Love's(or now Money Maker's) Clan. I looked at all these posts and saw that u guys did not mention him, i think he might do ok, what do u guys think? I havent been there alot but i will be there next Sat and i think MM will do ok. he is #21, that's pretty good.

he not bad, but he is not prize material

And he's going to lose the Wii to johninabox.

I can win If I try

I don't think he will lose

yup he will

@bad driver- you have me at 60% and 40% chances of winning, which one is it?

-"cause my platinum one died (the entire rubber part on the control stick is gone)"

2 of my controllers are like that lol

-also im coming at 11:00 so anyone who wants to play/mm me come early too.
-as for moneymaker, when i played him 1 v 1 he stepped on his own motion sensor and lost, he also has a quick temper

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Oh yeah, so I talked to Sravan today and he's coming this Saturday.

yea money maker has real quick temper, he likes 2 throw controllers
will sravan b entering wildcard then?
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

WTFOMGBBQ Sravan?!?!?!? WHOA! Didn't see that one coming, he's going to freakin' pwn the wildcard tournament. Sorry for anyone else who was planning to qualify, there's essentially one less spot to qualify into.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!

lol, watch Sravan win the whole thing, but times have changed, this year there are a lot of elite smashers (and karters for that matter), but still, Sravan has gotta be up there, but he may be a bit rusty, i played him like 2 months ago and i owned him pretty handily in smash

I'm joining the Wildcard.

Does that mean that's one less spot people can't qualify for?

who is sravan?

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

can we join the wildcard so we can warm up? or no cuz if every1 duz it itll defeat the point?
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

No, if you're already qualified for the Grands, you can't join into the Wildcard. That's the opposite of the whole point, guys. Come on, at least let the people who haven't qualified yet have a chance.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!

i shal be there at 11 too

Sravans return! that will be very very interesting

the hell is Sravan?

i'll eat his children

now that the grands are almost upon us, time to talk about next season, with the likely absence of the Roysters, We Are Hard is going to rebuild, so far the clan for next year will be:

Clan Name: "We Are HardER"
2. D-rex
3. Johninabox
4. Mike S
5. (Hopefully Pwenrer)
6. We need someone else, anyone else wanna join, from the looks of things, this clan is gonna own.

dale w
or matt k.

pwenrer will you join our clan next year??????

plz we need you your soooo good

oh, nobody begs for me to be in their clan :(

Ultimate Clan:


I stole that from someone X__X guess!

EVERYONE, we need one (or possibly 2) more members for clan "We Are HardER", you all wanna join us, we are gonna own next year!!

nah, you and cisco dont have nearly enough mario kart, and most clan points come from mario kart, idk, replace MDidget with someone that is good at kart and decent at smash like D-rex

It would be awesome if the "Noise Machines" rebanded together....those were the days...

matt we could really use you as the 6th person in we are harder if we cant find anyone

convince robin to come to the grands, he said he isnt coming

no everyone join my clan!

"We Are Hardest"

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Bros and cos is breaking up! this play big time to TCs advantage

no not really, BNC isnt breaking up, We Are Hard just took their best people, and added them to our clan, so We Are Hard is still going to be the best clan, it will just be slightly weaker because its really hard to replace two gaming Gods such as the Roysters

We Are HardER will still dominate, just not as much (but who knows, what if a new clan forms, and they dominate like We Are Hard did this year, we never know)

I'm in.

I also play Kart now.

I think We Are Hard will be BETTER this coming year, despite the loss of the Roysters.

The Roysters were your Smash engine, and only very late into things did they start playing kart decently. But without them around, there's pretty much nobody to get in my way and we'll still dominate SSBM. Although someone might come along and take their place (i.e. someone gets that good that fast) it's unlikely because I taught them advanced techs in February, and it took them this long to include them into their game and actually begin to challenge me. If someone argues items out of the equation, then we'll surely annihalate in Smash. Personally I'd put items on Mid for the FFAs, then turn them off when we get to 1v1.

Problem is, I have no teammate. I could team with D-rex...

Y r u guys so hard on Money Maker, what has he ever done to u guys? And I think he will at least make it to the final 32.

yes we are hardER will be
john in a box
miks s
and 1 more person

yea we got pwnerer he is so good

gooo john and a box

our name should be john and a box and friends but we are hardER is cooler

pwnerer, if you can get someone that is good at both games say limabean, then we would be all set

smash teams would be (FjW, D-rex), (Mike S. Johninabox), (Pwnerer and Limabean)
kart teams would be (FjW, Mike S), (D-rex, Johninabox), (Pwnerer and Limabean)

and cisco, i think you are right, the way you put it makes a lot of sense, We Are HardER will be better than We Are Hard

So Limabean, join We Are HardER, and dominate with us, because we will definitely dominate

so if things all work out, We Are HardER will basically be a combo of WAH, BNC and ICC, sweet thats three of the top 5 clans (ICC should be fourth, but no one ever shows for their clan)

hello im joining remember

None of this is until next season
And I don't belive this to be to the turtle clan's advantage, It would only make the best better
the rules and/or clan format may change next year...

Mike S, D-rex, PWnerer, FJW = 4 of top 6 (minus roysters)

yeah, there might be 8 people :o

and i might miraculously move back to ann arbor :o


5:30 in the morning -_-

my clan is going to go down in flames in mario kart. puahaha

as for team smash you might as well let me punch you in the face

D-rex the reason this helps TC is because this really washes up BNC losing D-rex and johninabox 2 top 4 scores and ICAC is gone so it is basicially TC vs. WAH and the way the clan cup is set up it doesnt matter how good you are at the games if you are in the top 2 than it is just the best gamer or whoever owns the game.

Sooooooo....I guess I'll be forming a new clan, too...anyone want to join??

I am not able to compete at the grand championships, im sure a great loss is felt by my teammates and i am deeply saddened by this turn of events

this, meaning We Are Hard will need another Kart Mate which can match my item co-op skills, which sadly, is nobody. so this post is perminant: FJW NEEDS A PARTNER FOR CO-OP kart!!!!!!!

Really, swain212, my life will go on just the same.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!

We will inevitably fail without you, Mike...

i told you matt, you jinxed us, and juggleguy probably isnt coming either

Mike we will have to have a backseat competion