Full Grand Championship Details!

The AADL-GT 2006 Grand Championships are just under two weeks away, and if you're thirsty for details about the event, you're in the right place. The Grand Championships will happen Saturday, December 16th at the Downtown Library and will consist of three events: The Clan Cup Finals at 12:00 sharp, The Wildcard Tournament starting around 12:45, and then the Grand Championship Tournament itself beginning around 2:00-3:00 depending on wildcard turnout.

The Grand Championship Prize pool WILL contain a BRAND-NEW, HARD-TO-GET Nintendo Wii! Plus, a 2gb iPod nano, and a onyx black Nintendo DS. The champion, second and third place winners get to pick from the prizes in order. The Clan Members that emerge victorious from the Clan Cup will win the first-ever limited edition Clan Cup trophies, plus a small giftcard.

The Grand Championships will be broadcast live on CTN channel 18, so be sure to bring a signed Release Form if you haven't already. We don't yet know when the broadcast will begin, but it will likely begin during the wildcard event. Hope to see you there, and read on for full details about the tournament's new structure.

OK, first off, the Clan Cup. Similar to last year, your clan's rank will determine how many rounds you have to make it through to reach the final. First, all Clans in the Clan Cup must field at least a 4-member team. Subs will be allowed, but they cannot be members of another top 8 clan, and you can't replace a present Clan Member with a sub. The prizes will go to the members of the Clan who are present at the Clan cup, so if a sub plays, they win the prize. There will be a full set of 6 prizes for the winning Clan.

The Clan Cup will work like this: First, clans 5-8 will each send two 2-player teams to a set of two co-op mario kart races on Special Cup. We'll use our normal scoring, and the two clans that score the highest total points across those two races will advance to the next round.

Clan Cup Round 2 will have two teams from each of Clans 3 and 4 (Turtle Clan and the Pocket Rockets) face the two winners of the Mario Kart Round in 2 Super Smash Bros. Team Melee Battles, 3 stock, 4 minute. We'll shuffle pairings for the second round so that you won't face the same team twice. We'll count wins, and the two Clans with the most wins will advance to the next round. Clan Standings will break any ties.

We'll then be down to 4 Clans: WAH, Bros & Co, and the two winning clans from the previous round. These four clans will first play two rounds of Super Smash Bros Team Melee, and then two rounds of Mario Kart co-op race, and we'll total the points for the clan for all four matches (with a melee loss counting for 30 points instead of the usual 10, although I'm open to debate on that issue), and the top two Clans will advance to a surprise final game.

Got that? OK. Be sure to spread the word to your clans to COME EARLY and be ready for the Clan Cup Rounds to begin right at Noon!

Moving on to the Wildcard Tournament. First, to reiterate, you are qualified for the Grand Championship Bracket if you placed 4th or better in the finals of a single 2006 regular-season event (preseason doesn't count), or if you are in the top 64 overall on the leaderboard. Otherwise, the Wildcard tournament is your only shot at making it into the Grand Championship. Here's how both the Wildcard Tournament and the Grand Championship will be different from what we've done before: We will have no single-elimination matches. All elimination will be done based on overall score, and each round will consist of at least one 4-player Kart Race and one 4-player Melee Battle. We'll have the room set up with Mario Kart on stations 1-4, not in LAN mode, and Melee on stations 5-8. Both games will use the same modified scoring:

1st place: 100 points
2nd place: 80 points
3rd place: 60 points
4th place: 50 points

So, the Wildcard Tournament will start off with a qualification round with every player getting two races and two battles. The top 32 players will move on to another round of two races and two battles, then the top 16 will move on to another round of two races and two battles, and then the top 8 will advance to the Grand Championship. Understand? The big thing here will be that unlike any previous AADL-GT event, you will be able to choose your characters and karts, all of which will be unlocked. However, there will be three rules there: Karts will be picked in season leaderboard order (we'll have the seating reflect this), but you can't pick both identical characters (i.e. no picking both koopas or both toads), and the parade and pipe karts are banned.

We will have both Melee and Kart running simultaneously, so you'll basically have two matches on each side of the room for a given round of the tournament. We will have assigned seats for P1-P4 on the Mario Kart side of the room so that you'll have a good view of your part of the screen. This format will not only allow us to get lots of matches played quickly, but it will also make it so that a single loss won't likely knock you out.

All tiebreakers will be at my discretion and may involve ancient games. Muhahahaha.

The Grands themselves will work the same way, complete with leaderboard-based character & kart choices, with each round consisting of two races and two battles for each player and score-based elimination. Semifinals and finals round may be reduced to one round of each, but I hope to avoid that. This will decrease the excitement of the final match, but it should be more fair for everyone and a better measurement of your combined skill at Super Smash and Double Dash. The Grand finals will NOT be a surprise game.

Finally, just for bragging rights, here are the bonus values for Championship victories, as the final season leaderboard will include GC scores:

Clan Cup Champion: 10000 points
Clan Cup 2nd place: 6000 points
Clan Cup 3rd place: 4000 points
Clan Cup 4th place: 2000 points

Grand Championship Winner: 5000 points
Grand Championship 2nd place: 4000 points
Grand Championship 3rd place: 3000 points
Grand Championship 4th place: 2000 points

OK, that's the deal. I'm sure you've got questions. Let's hear them, and I'll see you all a week from Saturday.


I agree with what you are saying, but I just think that instead of playing in that kart one should opt for a kart with a little more weight, such as the wario or DK kart.


my house on sunday

619 s division

2:30 pm?

saturday and friday are usually busy days but if you can't do sunday i can do one of those two

I prefer the middle weight characters so I became accustom to the short comings of the weight. Although I might take Bowser or Boo and choose the DK Kart.

Eli make the site more evil I can't break 41% (the AADL home page) on this scale.

ok, alright, i guess you guys have a good point, but i think its just my play style, i like the added challenge of having random karts, but i cant stand weird stages and items in smash, weird huh?

and pwnerer, you contradicted yourself by saying the stages arent banned because characters have advantages then you said that slower characters can't keep up, doesn't that give the faster characters an advantage (and stages with walls are banned because of the many infinites against a wall, and also for peach bombing)? just like how (in general) acceleration karts are better than speed karts.

i just realized, professional smash is about equivalent to 1v1 kart on baby park with no items, and choosing karts, thats not fun, and thats why im saying random items and stages are fun for smash, but they dont show true "technical" skill and thats why im against it

but i am also against choosing karts for mario kart, but thats just my opinion, and i know i contradicted my views on smash and mario kart, but thats just my opinion to have the most balance between funness and fairness

dibs red turtle and daisy


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Holder of the 9000th post!!!

Eli, it said i wasn't eligible for Grands so now i can't pre-register. _______________________________________________________________________________
wow you don't wavecancelshinedashtechhogguardLhop.... you suck!

lol, since swordmaster is calling things, if i had to pick, i would pick

Bowser Jr. and DK Jr. on Toad Kart (because of their beastly special items that can received easily in first place)

wow, since I posted earlier, and after reading the posts, I really get a kick out of thinking of cisco playing john D in the grands when there is only 4 people left. And the truth is that melee skill completely overshadows mkdd in the grands. It is actually really funny when you think of johns little kerby just sitting there, you know, If john just goes all out completely being a pansy the entire match he might win

I would definately choose red koopa and jr dk on train

It would be funny if John and I went 3 and 4 and he didn't get a prize for 4th again (season 1)

I can see john winning more in melee than FJW (The Worst FFA Player Ever)

lol, that would be pretty funny, and yeah, i am truly the WORST FFA player EVER, i bet you a snail sitting on a controller, would beat me, but i can give the best players at the tourney a run for their money in 1v1 (ive beaten both the savage bros 1 v 1, but they would cream me in FFA)

FjW, i can peach bomber stall on FD and other unbanned stages

It's just that on Fourside, it takes no skill, it's just peach bomber over and over again

but on FD, you have to get the timing just right which is when peach's hair flips back

plus it's banned anyway but you can use it as recovery like in my match against Juggleguy

koopa birdo all the way!

WOW i gonna watch us pwn u all next weekend, when we sweep the prize board, and win the clan cup, defending ouur title. u just watch and c...[gtlogo:BNC]

rising pound > peach bomber as a recovery


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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d-rex that would be funny and i would not mind if it turned out that way.

to bad it wont because either you or i or ryan or arjan will win the wii

alex and julian dont have much of a chance

thay are doing it cause we are

go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!

spam n it up

It's pretty hard to Rising pound consistantly...

ryan y dont i have a clan symble next to my name?

go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!go johninabox!!!!!!!!!!!!

wouldn't it be funny if Cisco won the Wii so i could go over to his house to play it all day while Bros. and Co. have a Gamecube? =P

my predictions:Benny F (last place 10 points) practices 17 hours a day and sweeps wild card and comes back to cream us all for the wiin!!!!! come on benny you can do it


u gotta type gtlogo:BNC but da hole thg in [ ][gtlogo:BNC]
look MDiget y do u even post on dis bolg if u dont come 2 da tounies?

nah im kool it b 2 much work anyway



ryan if you win the wii or derek does you have to beat him in the first game of wii sports you play together

where is arjan and julian in the pic.?

peace out im going to bed ;)

c ya [gtlogo:BNC]

i can rising pound consistently.....tis easy


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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Because ill come to one when Eli decides to have one when im in ann arbor =P

and so i can argue with you...

Swordmaster, you must show me

and me likes Artemis Fowl :)

what happened to the D'arvit? :(

What is the monkeyball tourtament?

monkeyball tournament...when???

anyone here play gears of war or COD on live??


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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1. Will there be any 1v1 smash during the entire tournament?

2. What do you do if there are two 0-point players at the same station in MKDD?

there will be no zero point players because you have to qualify and there will be no 1 v 1 smash

@swordmaster- I have my friend's 360, but am only online in Halo 2
my GamerTag is ballooneater

It says I'm not qualified for the grands....am I?

wait..... $10 and a trophy for each....

that doesn't sound very enticing.....

what happened to the ipod shuffles that were given out last year?

the prizes this year don't even seem worth fighting for...

Well then what if they have the same score?

OK, FJW, I'm right there with you on the random Kart issue. Please know that I'm not introducing this as a new regular season event format. It's more about having Kart matches and Melee matches have the same points during a combined Kart / Melee Championship event... something that's very hard to make fair if one game has 8 players and the other has 4. So, the kart choosing is more a side effect of moving to standalone matches than it is a purposeful rule change. That said, I think it will be interesting to see how it shakes things up. I am still planning on the regular season format that we had this year continuing with Kart LAN mode and hopefully SSBB if it looks like it will come out in time. We'll talk more about that at the planning meeting.

However, many of you may wish to take a look at this extremely well-done Double Dash Kart Guide (scroll down) to help you make an informed choice. Note that the author agrees that there is no best Kart; it depends on your driving style, as Duck said. I think we'll see lots of Toad Karts driven by losers and a wider variety of Karts driven by the winners.

Those of you who qualified based on the leaderboard and not an event finish are now properly marked as qualified, sorry. Try to register for the GC again, it should work.

Johninabox (or all clan members), you can have your clan symbol show up by your posts by entering gtlogo:BNC (in the case of Bros & Co, let me know if you don't know your code) inside of [ ] in your post. If you put this in your signature on the edit tab of your my account page, it will be automatically added to every post. Let me know if you have other questions about this... it's not hard.

The Monkeyball tournament will be the night before the grands. It's all ages, and will be octathalon-style, although problably with only 4 games. You'll play each of four monkeyball minigames (including one from Banana Blitz!) and your total score will be recorded. The top scorers will then move on to elimination in a series of Monkey Ball minigames of my choosing. And I think you all know how much I love Monkey Target.

Pwnerer: Bad Driver is right. There will be no 1v1 at the grands this year, and if there are rookies in the wildcard, their seating will be randomly below any previous players in their first match, and then based on their score as they go.

Lain, I know the Clan prize is underwhelming this year, but like I said, with every event having so much more prizes handed out each month ($360 per regular season round as compared to $150 per round in seasons 1 and 2), it had to come from somewhere. I think the whole Clan season has been more about glory than material gain, though. I hope to have better Clan prizes next season but I can't make any promises. That said, if you're only getting a $10 giftcard, would you still want it for gamestop? Or would you prefer Target or Best Buy? I didn't buy them yet, so there's still time.

I would rather have it to best buy

I think GameStop is best because most of the people in top clans already have GameStop giftcards, so a $10 dollar one is a nice complement. Besides, you can't buy much of anything at Best Buy for $10.


i agree with tp2, id prefer gamestop........even though im not in the clan cup XD


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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Naughty Eli, you linked directly to the Kart FAQ. That's a GameFAQs no-no.

Here's a link to the FAQ page... Scroll down and click on the Kart FAQ under "In-depth FAQs".

"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
5000th comment poster!

This might be late, but i would prefer the melee tourtament be time 2 or 3 minutes because this would allow the player with the most kills to win and not the best camper. Also i would want gamestop because i already have a sizable sum towards gamestop so that would just add on
Also in kart can the top seed pick the course or will it be random

i ENTIRELY AGREE WITH Bad Driver, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, increase the time limit in a stock match, or just change it to time rules, so i can actually use my main (ICs) without really worrying about sudden death (which is really the main reason why i dont use ICs in FFA, and also the reason why ive been sucking in FFA smash at these tournies)

CHANGE IT (in reality, the time limit is *supposed* to be at least twice the amount of stock, so 2 stock would be at least 4 minutes)

and if you do time, then yeah, as BD said, 2 or 3 minutes would be a great amount

but i think the best would be a 2 stock match, with 4 time limit, since there is less people, we can afford to have this


2 minutes is good enough

and leave mk as it is..........that way i can screenlook lol


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

I agree with FJW about the time limit, I find that Sudden Death often goes to the player with the fastest character (not me) and not to the most skilled person.

time doesnt elimniate sudden death

When do doors open?

i know it doesnt, it just makes it less likely, because campers easily get into sudden death with stock and low time limit, but they will have a hard time getting to sudden death when it is 2 minutes

Hey guys im coming to the wildcard I was here for season 1 wildcard and lost a tiebreaker. Any advice?

first, you have approximately 172 hours to be insanely good at viedo games mkdd and ssbm. I would not recommend you play for all 172 hours straight. I would suggest you do not play for more than seven hours at one time, If you get a sezure while playing at home or at the tounament (because you run high risk of being completely blown away at the grand championships), you should probabally conatct you phasician immediatly.

Second, it is going to be almost impossible to make qualify in the wildcard because every other person in the world that wants to win a wii, and didnt previously go to the regular season tournaments, is going to be competing against you.

so, good-luck P-dizzle!

Yeah p dizzle who ever you are good luck. Wait do i know you?

u guyz if they do dat format just play sum 1 fast dont complain, say if sum 1 sayz sumthing is cheap like peach down cstick den y dont dey do it all the time?[gtlogo:BNC]

who is p-dizzle?

im gonna win the wii

go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!

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a new competior

12:11 wru? nvm com. slow ;)
fixd it


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Why do I get the feeling that p-dizzle is just another profile that someone made to pointlessly have another alias on this website? Like bonerer? i don't know who that was but the name wasn't funny, it just showed how immature some people get. Though, if this post may have a chance of being wrong and p-dizzle is a new competitor, then welcome to the AADL-GT, p-dizzle. I wish you luck in the wildcard.
Also eli, I'm just wondering, why havn't the mods switched the library's time out of Daylight Savings Time? It says I'm posting this at almost 12:30. My watch says 11:30. If you have the power to fix this, I'm just letting you know.

"OOOOO, Happy Cheese!"-Kevin S.
"No matter how much you may suck at doing something, look cool doing it, that's all that matters."-Kevin S.

ohhh lol my com. was right hehehe

ill set it back

go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!go john in a box !!!!!!!!!!

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im gonna win the wii

hey Eli, i have 1 more question..In the grands themself, lets say theres gunna be about 64 ppl in because some people won't make it, the top 32 scores will advance, i understand that part..but then as you are advancing to the next round do u keep your score from the beggining, or at every round (finals, semis, quarters) you start back at 0 pts, and then the top so and so players make it from the bracket..i think that thats how we you should do it but thats just me.

Hmm.... Duck, the blog may not yet be evil, but Monkeyman's longish recent post (the one beginning, "no wutll happen will be as follows...") is, in fact, quite demonic, with an evilness of 87%.

Francisco, I'm busy from 1:00 to about 8:00 tomorrow, I think, so I won't be able to make it. I grant you, in my absence, the legendary Pickwickian Triforce of Racing; use it well, and take no survivors.

E.B.D. P-dizzle was at my house last night:) Dont worry he isnt a fake. I am bringing a couple new faces and a couple that have only been to one or tournies. You guys havent noticed the clock is an hour off because it has been for awhile

New faces? (o)_0
What happened to your old one???

im gonna win the wii

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hey i'm bringing mario..aka balla, i think he hasn't come since last year, where he won the preseason tourney

@monkeyman's post way up there

THATS THE WHOLE POINT, we should make the time limit higher, BECAUSE NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO PLAY A FAST CHARACTER *cough*Sheik*cough*, increasing the time will increase the variety of used characters, and to make sure it isnt just shiek, fox, marth, and peach (these four are by far the most commonly used people at the tourney, except for all the noob roys)

not alota ppl play peach

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

yeah, a lot of people play peach now, especially at the top

Peach is a good character for avvoiding battle by just flying around. The sad thing is that will work at this tourtament.


"The complaint demands that Nintendo be enjoined and restrained from further infringing on the patent, presumably by taking the Wii off the market."

Noooooooooo............Must win that Wii

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

meh, the same thing happened with the PS3's boomerang controller, and Sony got rid of it, uh oh, is the Wii mote gone? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

If they lose the lawsuit then they'll have to pay royalties. I don't think that this other company is going to pass up a royalty on each controller because they will probably sell at least a few million of them, which means that the plaintiff could stand to make a lot of money.


ok guys, if any of you were wondering what john was smoking when he said he knew all these sweet glitches, here is an actualy video of one on youtube

its on bowser castle, if you get hit by a blue shell in the correct place, it puts you ahead almost a hole lap (you have to see it believe it, its sick)


A lot of people play Peach, just not very well X___X

nope i know them all

fjw i know 1 glitch you dont

it goes like thix
first you have to jump with kirby
then i suck you up
then you lose and i win
like at matt's house when i beat you twice in a row
4 stock

that's not a glitch

that's just CHEATING

It's not cheating, It's "John's Uber-1337 move"
I hope that someone wins the Wii who actualy deverves it...not someone who'll just sell it again.

lol thats the only way i play with kirby whenever i use him

and that mk glitch is sweet


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!

If you win though, you could sell it, then wait a few months and buy two.


here is my list of people i would like to win the wii
2 tp2
3 dale
4 pickwick
5 tru dog

Eli can we please have course selection for top seed. You could make it in each round the first race you do mushroom than flower etc. so each round you get a variety of cups and people can choose there karts accordingly

About the Monkey Ball tournament, two questions will be asked by me.

Will there be prizes.

Will there be open play.


im guessing yes and yes

I like that idea Bad Driver.

im gonna sell wii as soon as i win it ?

ok you wanna buy it?

also that is a good idea bad driver

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im gonna win the wii and then sell it

also the glitch in kart where i jump 3/4 of a lap ahead and finise befor the staff gost makes the final 3 turns

If I win the Wii I'm selling it too.

And with the money, I'm buying lots of niceeee thiiings.

good idea

does that mean no wii party at your house after you win it Cisco?

no itll be at my house after I win it

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Holder of the 9000th post!!!