Teen/ Youth Stuff: Guides to the internet

While these books are great for youth and teens to read themselves to get some direction, they’re also great books for parents for offer up to their kids or possibly discuss together.

A Smart Girl’s Guide to the Internet: “How to connect with your friends, find what you need, and stay safe online.” Did your BFF just tell you she’s RTFL and you’re confused? This quick & easy youth book may help you. It discusses net lingo, as well as basics of e-mail, social networking, blogging, online safety, and more. This little book features a lot of images and quizzes to keep interest.

A Teen’s Guide to Creating Web Pages and Blogs: This handy book shows you how to create and beef up your Myspace and Facebook pages, build your own website with html and javascript tips, and learn ways to protect yourself with some cybersafety tips.