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Here's a new way to get involved with our government. The White House announced today that Mon-Fri a White House senior advisor will post a blog updating progress made by the administration in a particular area. In the afternoon that same advisor will host a live video chat where you can ask anything or just see what people are talking about. This week on Tuesday, Ben Rhodes from the National Security Council weighs in on national security, on Wednesday Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will tackle the coming changes with health care reform and Friday Christina Romer who is Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers will address restoring the economy and job creation.
The entire schedule can be found here: White House Blog. It is also possible to follow the live chat on FaceBook.


The display on my monitor split Ben Rhodes' name between two lines. For a brief nanosecond, I thought it was going to be Ben Stein. Probably just as well not, though; he's lost quite a few points with me since he started doing those credit report commercials...