Preserving Your Photographic Heritage

Photo Restoration

How can you preserve and protect precious photographs so that memories may last for future generations? Learn how to protect your personal mementos with local experts. Dianna Samuelson of the Bentley Historical Library will explain how to preserve and restore photographs, while George Borel Jr. of Huron Camera Shop will give information on what can be done digitally to repair photos. Get a head start by checking out these books on photography and some on digital preservation.

Join us Wednesday January 13, 2010: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room for Preserving Your Photographic Heritage.


I wish I could bring my parents up - there's only one known photograph of my father's original VW bug painted black and white stripes...

This sounds like a great workshop! I recently got out all the photographs I inherited from my Grandma. I LOVE them, it is so fun going through them.