More Adventures for Alice

Alice is in for more adventures this year. On March 5th Alice will return to Wonderland, this time in a live action movie directed by Tim Burton, the quirky mind behind many somewhat dark children's movies. Although Alice was ten when she had her first Adventures in Wonderland 145 years ago, Burton's Alice is 19 years old on her return. The movie promises many computer generated effects.

Burton makes a habit of casting Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in his movies. This time Depp makes his appearance as the Mad Hatter and Carter plays the Red Queen (whom Alice meets in Through the Looking Glass). The cast also boasts Anne Hathaway as the White Queen and Alan Rickman as the Caterpillar.

When you imagine Wonderland you probably think of the 1951 animated Disney version, but 2010 is not the first year in which a movie has portrayed a darker Wonderland. There was a 1966 made for television version with a decidedly Gothic spin and there was an Emmy award winning TV version in 1999, in which Alice was also portrayed by a teenager rather than a child, and which included Christopher Lloyd (as the White Knight), Martin Short (as the Mad Hatter), and Gene Wilder (as the Mock Turtle).


I'm still saddened that the briefly-rumored Sarah Michelle Gellar horror version of Alice didn't get made (based on a video game, I think I read?).

The casting for the Burton version both excites and depresses me. Alan Rickman would make it a must-see if the Caterpillar has a bigger part than in previous adaptations.

I am disappointed about that, too. The Sarah Michelle Gellar film that was supposed to be made was based on the video game American McGee's Alice. It was a PC game that came out almost ten years ago, and a film version was always "in the works" but never happened.

There is a very creepy version of the tale by Jan Svankmajer, called "Alice." It features a lot of stop-motion animation, including a taxidermic white rabbit that bleeds sawdust. Really neat to watch, but definitely not for little ones.

There will also be a video game for the new Alice movie released by Disney on March 2nd for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and PCs.

There was also the made-for-TV movie Alice on Syfy, which portrays Alice and Wonderland in different light, and perhaps also a different story. In it, Kathy Bates is the Queen of Hearts.

The cast of Syfy's Alice also boasts Colm Meaney (of Star Trek fame) as the King of Hearts and Tim Curry (who you might remember best from The Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Sounds different and interesting...