Comic Artists Forum-Sunday, January 3

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If you’re a beginning or experienced comics/graphic novel artist looking to hone your skills while mingling with other artists, join the next Comic Artists Forum on Sunday, January 3 at the Malletts Creek Branch. The first forum participants set a goal to create a short comic book/graphic novel by early April. Those who reach this goal will be able to sell their work at the Kids Read Comics Convention in Dearborn June 12-13.

Basic supplies (paper, pencils/pens, rulers, erasers) will be provided. Bring ideas for your characters and a short description of the story line. Need help? Go online and visit Art and Story: Talking Shop with Comics Creators Mark Rudolph and Jerzy Drozd. (Dino reprinted by permission of Jerzy Drozd.)

Sunday, January 3 | 1-3 PM | Malletts Creek | Guest Artist-Jerzy Drozd | Grades 6-Adult


I attended the first forum. It was great. It was really cool to see that there are so many other people in the Ann Arbor area interested in comics and in making their own. It was a nice informal/relaxing setting but we also did a few exercises and agreed on a goal of making our own comic by April and set some steps to work toward that end. For those that missed the first meeting, this podcast Art & Story – Your Comic From The Ground Up, Pt 1 by the speaker would be the one to listen to before the January 3rd meeting. I plan on attending the whole series.

You have obviously checked out the offerings at the Art & Story web site. Thanks for suggesting this specific podcast. See you Sunday!