Look at Me

Look at Me, is a thought provoking film that explores self image and how self image is formed through family relationships. The film also explores the way fame can change people, and those around them.

The main character Lolita, Marilou Berry, is an aspiring singer who dislikes everyone who pays attention to her because she assumes they are only doing so to get to know her father.

Her father Etienne, Jean-Pierre Bacri, is a famous writer who likes to surround himself with people who want something from him. Thus reinforcing Lolita's views of why people want to be around her. Etienne gets away with treating everyone around him terribly because of his powerful literary position, and resentments soon follow him wherever he goes.

Though this film is satirical in nature, it gradually changes to show us that the main characters, although very abrasive, are human and genuine.