Celebrate with AADL!

AADL received two recognitions this past week confirming that the presence of a strong and vital public library is important in our community. Once again your direct feedback to the International City and County/Management Association (ICMA) and the National Research Center (NRC) resulted in an award for Excellence for the AADL. The award honors jurisdictions nationwide with the highest rated services among all those surveyed. To win for Excellence, the rating for service quality must be one of the top three among all eligible jurisdictions and must reside in the top 10 percent among the over 500 jurisdictions in the NRC database of citizen surveys.

In addition, the AADL also received a ranking of 5 Stars from Library Journal. This ranking is based on data submitted each year to the Institute of Museum and Library Services. 98 public libraries in the US reported in our budget category of 10M-29M, and AADL was ranked in the top 10. We are the only 5 star ranked library system in Michigan, and we wish to congratulate the public library in Canton, MI for receiving a 3 star rank in their budget category. The rankings are based on: circulation transactions per capita, including checkouts and renewals; visits to library buildings per capita; computer sessions per capita; and program attendance per capita.

The Board and staff of AADL thank you for both of these recognitions. Awards that are generated by those who are paying for library services, and that are unsolicited by the AADL, are the very best!



Congratulations! Way to go, AADL.

Nicely done! It's hard to keep up with all your awards. What a wonderful "problem" to have with our terrific public library!

Congratulations on the AADL's recognition and 5 Star ranking in Library Journal! Your service outputs are amazing. Kudos to your Library Board, Administration and Staff. Clearly your community receives top quality library service and values that service through their usage and support.

From a neighbour across the border ...

Susanna Hubbard Krimmer
CEO & Chief Librarian
London Public Library
London, Ontario Canada

Thank you all for your kind words. We are pleased!


Great job, aadl! Thanks for being so awesome!


This must be very exciting for you guys!! I give you my congrats and I know that AADL will continue to be a wonderful place!

I'm glad the AADL is getting the recognition it deserves!

Nice job!