Glorious Food Manga!

So lately I have been obsessively enjoying the magnificent Oishinbo A La Carte manga series by Tetsu Kariya. Oishinbo has finally been translated after being hugely popular in Japan. The series depicts the adventures of culinary journalist Shirou Yamaoka and his partner (and later wife), Yuko Kurita. Each volume in the series explores a different facet of Japanese cuisine. Starting with the 1st volume Oishinbo A La Carte. Japanese cuisine, it moves on to Sake, Ramen and Gyoza, Fish, sushi & sashimi, Vegetables and the most recent volume on Rice. The exhaustive detail is fascinating and will only heighten a love for Japanese food. Another title that's now on order for aadl is Project X: Cup Noodle a fascinating account of how the Nissin corportation revolutionized portable eating with the creation of Cup 'o Noodles. Other popular manga series about food are Kitchen Princess, Mixed Vegetables, and Antique Bakery.