Coming Out in the Movies

Coming Out Day 2009Coming Out Day 2009The week of October 4-12 is National Coming Out Week. LGBT visibility and acceptance has changed drastically over the course of cinematic history and is still changing today. Need proof? Check out these documentaries. The Celluloid Closet uses clips and anecdotes from over 120 films to show the changing social climate towards homosexuals in the movies. Fabulous! The Story Of Queer Cinema provides an overview of the history of gay and lesbian cinema of the past 50 years.

There have been many great films telling the stories of people coming out of the closet and facing their sexuality with honesty and courage. Here are a few of my favorites.
Beautiful Thing - teenage love in England.
Big Eden - city dweller readjusts to small town life.
Transamerica - a road trip full of discoveries.

For real life Coming Out stories, try these documentaries on for size.
A Jihad for Love - Islam like you've never seen it.
Being Gay: Coming Out in the 21st Century - a look at people's first steps.
Just Call Me Kade - transitioning as a teen.
Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World - a glimpse of an emerging global movement.


Great movie suggestions Peter!

One of my favorite movies about a boy coming to terms with his sexuality, (apparently I've seen a lot) is the British film Get Real starring Ben Silverstone. When I attended State, the RHA (Resident Housing Assoication) sponcered a movie channel, Channel 12, which showcased student, independent and lower budget films. It was through Channel 12 that I discovered this film and now even own it. It's a great movie about a young man Steve, in a British prep school, as he struggles with coming out and falling in love with the class jock, John who surprsiingly reciprocates his feelings.

Another film I absolutely love and of course own is the comedy But I'm a Cheerleader, starring Natasha Lyonne, Clea Duvall and Rupaul. Megan (Lyonne) is an all-American girl. She's a cheerleader, she has a boyfriend, etc. But she doesn't like kissing her boyfriend very much. And she's pretty touchy with her cheerleader friends. And she only has pictures of girls up in her locker. Her parents and friends send her off to "sexual redirection" school, full of admittedly homosexual misfits, where she ends up falling in love with Graham (Duvall).

The final movie I'd recommend it the comedy Saved! starring Jenna Malone, Mandy Moore, Patrick Fugit and Macauly Culkin. Saved! is about a Christian girl named Mary (Malone) who tries to find somewhere to fit in after inadvertently getting pregnant trying to “save” her gay boyfriend. It's a very funny film! Fortunately for us, the library does own this film! Happy watching!

I had the opportunity to see this movie "Beautiful Thing " and I loved.

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