Bahumbugs Beware: Local Holiday Events!

Missed out on this year’s earlier-than-usual Children’s Holiday parade? Not to worry--there are plenty of holiday traditions left to enjoy. Though a certain someone shudders every time I play another Christmas CD, there’s only so much time to enjoy the festive mood before January sets in (blah), so why not enjoy? First up, Kerrytown’s own Tree Lighting Ceremony, Sunday, November 26 at 5p.m. Followed by the 60th Annual Greens Market at the Women’s City Club on Thursday the 30th. Finally, head downtown on December 1st for the biannual tradition, Midnight Madness—stores open late, legendary Le Dog soup at night, and sales galore—what could be better?


Thanks for the tips. I think that the night-time, before Thanksgiving, parade-like event was one of the worst ideas I've ever heard. Parking is tough on Friday nights anyway, and that weekend will be a home Ohio State game every second year! We didn't go, and our family attends the Christmas parade every year, and then goes out to lunch at Kai Garden. We'll see what's happening in Kerrytown Sunday night.

Thanks for commenting! Was Kerrytown worth attending?

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