AADL-GT Round 4 Results: Bros & Co Triumphant!

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Ann Arbor, Michigan. A cold, grey, Saturday Afternoon in November. Surely, nothing could be as important to the sports fans of Michigan as watching Round 4 of AADL-GT 2006 Super Smash Double Dash Championship Series Live on TV! Right? Of course. However, this was this other game going on, some football game or something, so turnout at last weekend's tournaments was a bit low. All the big guns were present, though, so in the absence of any distinct power vacuum, this season's regulars mostly skated to victory through diminished ranks of hopefuls. When all was said and done, Bros & Co took their first Clan Battle victory from Turtle Clan over a spirited round of Gauntlet, setting the stage for an intense Clan Cup next month. Read on for full tournament results.

With the big game not starting until 3:30, our tournament got underway with 60 registrants for the Super Smash Single Player event and an earlier start than usual thanks to the short lines and lots of self-checked preregistrants. With 28 n00bs sucessfully culled after 3 qualifying matches, a hotly contested seeded prelim round saw 9 upsets out of 16 matches. Then, both [gtplayer:143] and [gtplayer:325] lost in the quarterfinals and [gtplayer:483] defeated Royster [gtplayer:606] in the semis. [gtplayer:483] then beat [gtplayer:197] in the semis, but lost to [gtplayer:614] in the final match to take second place, while [gtplayer:789] of the Pocket Rockets beat [gtplayer:197] to take third.

Moving on to the Super Smash Team event with 30 teams registered and our clan-centric two qual / clan standing tiebreakers format, resulting in a clan-heavy set of elimination rounds, including all of WAH's teams. The quarterfinals again saw some shakeups, as O-Fusion (the Royster Bros) defeated [gtplayer:382] and [gtplayer:895] (formerly BigTummy). [gtplayer:483] and [gtplayer:197] defeated the Foreign Exchange's [gtplayer:396] and [gtplayer:325], NIXON'S BAAAAACK of the Pocket Rockets beat BEATUSANDDIE of WAH, and underdogs SuperBurger of Black Shark Clan ([gtplayer:140] and [gtplayer:153]) defeated the relatively unknown [gtplayer:380] of Clan Crushers and [gtplayer:878]. In the semis, The Roysters beat [gtplayer:483] and [gtplayer:197] to face NIXON'S BAAAACK ([gtplayer:788] and [gtplayer:509]) in the finals, only to lose and take 2nd prize. However, Cisco and Derek then made short work of SuperBurger to take 3rd prize.

As kickoff neared, we began the Single Player Mario Kart Race event with 56 racers registered. With two quals each and 32 of the 56 moving on, that lowered the threshold of elimination significantly and allowed some less skilled players to move on only to get obliterated. Our final race included 3 members of WAH (including the increasingly multitalented #2 [gtplayer:614]) and 2 Vaccinated Monks, as well as [gtplayer:143] of Turtle Clan, [gtplayer:140] of Black Shark Clan, and the right honourable [gtplayer:325] of the Foreign Exchange. As always, anything can happen in a Mario Kart race, and #8 [gtplayer:737] and #3 [gtplayer:504] of We Are Hard took 1st and 2nd prize, while Vaccinated Monk [gtplayer:139] took 3rd prize, leaving the consolation prize (a 10-year old highlighter, we're out of tshirts) to [gtplayer:325].

With the big game underway, the Team Mario Kart Race event got rolling with 28 teams registered as everyone stuck around for one more shot at a prize. However, the mighty combination of #1 [gtplayer:143] and his brother #5 [gtplayer:146] proved unstoppable at this event once again, taking first prize in this event for the third time this season (they took 2nd in Round 2). 2nd prize went to WAH's [gtplayer:737] and [gtplayer:504], and the Vaccinated Monks' [gtplayer:139] and [gtplayer:189] took 3rd, leaving [gtplayer:154] and [gtplayer:821] to the highlighters.

As we watched the clan scores shift throughout the day, it became clear that although WAH continued to put up big points, there were several competitors who would give them a run for their money. The Clan Battle shaped up in a very familiar way, with Bros & Co (the only clan to have made it into all 4 Clan Battles this season), Turtle Clan, WAH, and the Pocket Rockets, who were sitting 4th overall in the Clan standings but well behind Turtle Clan. The Pocket Rockets are not Kart specialists, however, and they were soundly defeated in the Kart round. In the Smash Round, a shocking turn of events saw the Roysters fall to Turtle Clan and WAH lose both their matches, knocking them out of the Clan Battle Final.

For the Final, Bros & Co faced off against Turtle Clan in a 10-minute, 10-quarter round of the arcade classic, Gauntlet. While it was close initially, Turtle Clan got stuck in the infamous Teleporter Level (level 8) and Bros & Co won their first Clan Battle. However, despite WAH's misfortune, they still finish the regular season in First Place overall, with a 5000+ point lead over Bros & Co who in turn lead Turtle Clan by about 2000. The Pocket Rockets cemented a top 4 finish, squeaking by the [gtplayer:483]-powered It's Called A Crew. However, our Clan Cup in December will start with the top 8 clans, so the Black Sharks, the Vaccinated Monks, and the Foreign Exchange will all be invited to try their hand at challenges to be named later.

So, the Grand Championships are just around the corner on 12/16, but first don't miss our Super Monkey Ball event Friday Night, 12/15, where my new Wii just might be making an appearance. Stay tuned for a post after Thanksgiving with full Grand Championships and Clan Cup details, but for now, know that any player in the top 64 as of this minute won't need to worry about the Wildcard event, you're already invited to the Grand Championship Brackets.


Will the clan cup be seeded, and if so, will it be limited to the top 8 clans meaning that TC plays BSC first?


I don't know...I hope so.

wow our clan won!! without me...
and drex teamed up wit pwnerer, howd that happen?
its good anyway
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

ack, WAH is stuck with an 8th seed that has top quality players despite thier low point totals (foreign exchange, i hear they dominated last year)

and how come no one ever wins three championships in a row (no one has done it in college football, not USC, not miami), WAH couldnt even pull it off even though we were 4000 points ahead before the clan battle started on saturday, WAH cruised at first in the team mario kart clan battle by scoring the most points. Just when it looked like WAH was going to roll after smash heavy PR was gone, turtle clan and bros and co pulled off stunning upsets in the smash round

and there ends WAH shot at winning three in a row, it must be a natural law or something (excluding the celtics amazing 14 year run in the NBA)

Ownerer and Drex teamed up cause nobody else better (me) was there =P


Hey MDidget what have you ever won in melee?

ok i agree, mdidget you're getting really cocky now, better get those vids up quick so we can really see how good you are.

Anyways im gonna try to get good at MK so i dont get killed in the grands. Winning that wii would save me $250 for my varsity jacket, and it would help if someone would host a tournament at their house before grands.........

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

I could do that...

psst...GameStop is getting 6 Wiis on Friday...

Haha sorry guys X___X

Swordmaster, the kid who has my videos is being retarded, almost as much as Monkeyman's typing is O_O, so they won't be up too soon :(

Bad Driver, Lucky_Fetus and I probably would have at the preseason if Eli hadn't have increased the number of wins to three. We were facing a fox and a luigi: Me and Fetus at high % and so were they. I fthrew fox (who didn't DI and was KOed) and Fetus fsmashed the luigi who did not look like he was coming back. We TAUNTED X____X. He misfired back onto the stage and faired me and i died and then he took out Fetus

you probably don't care but yeah, that was my first team melee event x_x

And Fetus beat me in singles as well =(

yeah i'll stop now

I'm here on Thursay ~is dabating whether to camp out Thursday night at Gamestop~ hmmmm

i always am bad and unlucky in teams.......especially on the oct tourney cuz we had to play the roysters in the quals AND first round of elims

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

WTH MAN. WTH. taking top 8?! after announcing it was top 4 clans?! that's cold........ me and my clan worked frivolously to secure that 4th place. all for nothing....

my b-ing aside, what happens in the clan cup? we're facing ownerer's clan if seeds kick in, and i'm not scared in the least bit. haha.

sooo yeah what is the format for clan cup? like what do we play, how do we play? all the juciy details or speculation please....

also, could someone explain the same for the singles top 64 championship? how does that work and what do we do?

please and thank you (maybe)

eli said he'd have details up after thanksgiving

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"


meet me somewhere this weekend

we must play o_o

me gusta tu pelo

there is a tie for 64th place...

ewww that comment of mdidget sounded gay

"meet me somewhere this weekend" then "i like your hair"



"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

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lol, dont be gay

wow, spam :(

haha. everyone likes my hair, they just don't express it. but MDidget, he's loud and proud. ; /

why don'tcha come to the tourney and play?

Speaking of which, Lain, what color(s) are you planning on for the Grand Championship??? (So long as it's not a secret, that is...)

Congratulations to "Bro's and Co" for winning Saturday, and congratulations to "We Are Hard" for dominating the entire season! It's been an honor and a learning experience to compete against you. Good luck in the final round!

Edit: In response to an old but unanswered comment about my clan, which I feel a certain responsibility to plug...
The Foreign Exchange really isn't a very balanced clan. DragoonBlack doesn't have Double Dash and isn't allowed to play video games very often; neither Beast From The East nor Ampshock have Gamecubes, so their only real experience with either game has been playing at friends' houses, though they're very good considering that. Flare is good at both games, but, like me, isn't exceptionally so.
We'll do well enough at the final round, though, because Finklestein and I will [insert gasp] actually have practiced a bit. We have to reclaim our honor from last year's Grand Championship debacle, a Double Dash "Shine Thief" round, where we never actually touched the Shine Sprite before the round ended.

thanks pickwick, (good luck foriegn exchange, according to seedings, you get WAH first, should be a good round) i cant wait for the grands, does anyone wanna tell me how it worked last year?

Pickwick you use to be one of the best at melee, but now you are one of the best at kart. Yeah clan cup depending on how they do it could be very awesome. I think it will come down to the big 3 WAH BNC and TC. Should be fun

idk, i think everyone has a chance, there is plenty of talent in the top eight clans, and i have a strange feeling that WAH is going to get upset by the foreign exchange (oh no, i just jinxed us, AHHHH)

BUT PLEASE, someone tell me how the grands work, so i know what to practice

Ok Mdiget u cant b bttr dan derek cuz u lost 2 luky fetus, i beat luky fetus (2x) and derek is prob about as good as me if not bttr. so... (transitive property) [gtlogo:BNC]

beating someone doesnt make you better than them for example as i have said before i have beeten mdigdet,fjw, and pickwick but they are all at at least as good as me (mdidget is beter) it just showss that you are good at playing them

Last year the seeding didn't work like that FJW. The first round was clans 5-8 then, after two eliminations, 3-6 then, another 2 eliminations, 1-4. Then for the very last part the top 2 finishers played against each other.

Last year at the grands it started with SSBM qualifications.
Everyone got about 5 matches, then the top 32 moved on
Next mario kart with top 4 from each race moving on cut it down to the top 8
followed by rootbeer tapper to get to the top 4 who played pong for the prizes

is their teams at grands?

the last time i lost to lucky_fetus was at the preseason and you lost to him the round after that

i've gotten much better since then...

thought you havent been playing since you moved


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

no team in grands but ther probly will be in the clan cup

the preseason was a long time ago and i have gotten much better by watching videos then using some of the things the next time i play.

But im coming to Ann Arbor tommorrow so someone should umm play me

wait--rootbeer tapper, drex? the hell is that?

and so the format for top 64 players is (or was) this:

top 64 played 5 matches. top 32 scores moved on.
top 32 moved on to elimination races. 4 happened, cutting it down to the top 8.
top 8 played rootbeer tapper (ftw). eliminating it to 4.
top 4. pong commenced.


and so, what happens in the clan battle? do we send two teams in smash to fight two other teams or one team or send a single guy or WHAT? and for double dash too what do we do for that.

and pickwick, i'm hoping to just restore it to blue and red again. although it seems almost impossible.

rootbeer tapper was an arcade game that was on the same disc as guantlet (the last surprise game)

I HATED that game...

cisco either you have to get everybody else to come to the gcs or e have to have subs or something

EVERYONE STOP ARGUING OVER WHO IS BETTER, just because someone beats someone DOESNT MEAN THEY ARE BETTER THAN THEM, like my 7 old brother beats me, but i can turn around and beat the roysters, is my brother better than me? no. am i better than the roysters? no.

so just saying, just because MDidget has lost to random people, doenst make him worse than anyone,

RYAN, THERE IS NO TRANSITIVE PROPERTY IN VIDEO GAMES (or sports for that matter), lets think, Oregon state beat USC this year, but they lost 42-14 to boise state, does that mean that boise state would blow out USC, no, it means that OSU played well, and USC played poorly

THERE ARE TOO MANY INTANGIBLES, the only way to see who is truly better is just to look at overall tourney performance and the amount of mindgames and tech someone possesses. I suck, simply because i do HORRIBLE at singles smash, and i suck, but i still have good tech and mindgames, but i just suck at FFA, so the conclusion is I suck, simple as that, even though i have wins over Ownerer, both the roysters, limabean, juggleguy, D-rex, Mike S., Pickwick the Second, monkeyman, lardinabox, funzo, ballooneater, Both the savage brothers, Dale W, swordmaster and lots of other people.

BUT AM I BETTER THAN THEM? No, because i suck at singles smash, so just because i beat them doesnt make me any better than they are

THEN, you have a fair argument.


That other guy.../Ballooneater

Couldnt have said it better myself

I agree with FJW, duing the qualifications, Oroachimaru and I went 1v1 for a little while and I was owning him, but I was two stocked by Omega during eliminations.


hey swordmaster, do u think next season i could be in ur clan?____________________________________________________________
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go kid with the funny name! (FjW) =P

i guess i might be able to have a tourny at my house sometime

can i come?
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Fetus is having a tourney probably sometime this weekend...and i'll be there! =o =o =o

@phonerer- yea sure, no promises though but as of now you're in(get limabean to come also), try to get a secondary though because ChrisR (kid from my clan thatll definitely be on it next season) and I play falco also.

btw: ChrisR was the falco that you played in mushroom kingdom in the first round of elims last weekend. He said he was owning you then you started running away and using items XD. I dont care though lol, id do the same thing if thats what it takes to win.

And if anyone is having a tournament over break TELL ME!!! I need to test out my l33t falco skills.....


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Fetus o_O

ummm... I belive that the big "O" is first, MDidget...


yea swordmaster, i guess i could be peach next season, that is if im in. and against Chris R i was getting sorta bored of falcos lasor so i started throwing items ( both of us were too defensive to actually come up to each other).
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and Chris R (my names Chris also!) was pretty good, id like to falco ditto him again at a better stage and if he thought i was so cheap, no items. ____________________________________________________________
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Ok guys, listen up, the roysters MIGHT be leaving next season, so that would mean that We Are Hard would have to rebuild.

Anyone interested in joining WAH, it would be good if you were balanced but we could have person who is just mario kart, or just smash.

Post if you wanna join, and we can have tryouts at the grands during free play time

riley (limabean) really wants to join. ____________________________________________________________
Sharing Is Caring

does riley wanna join WAH or the other clan, cause if he wants to join WAH, he is more than welcome, i'll definitely make note of that seeing as riley is great at smash and decent at mario kart

yea id join im getting better at cart i made it to the finals in round three but got screwed over by items and got eighth or seventh

IM interested , but im not to worried about clans considering i dont know whatgames will be played next season and how TC will shake up.

thats a good point bad driver, since next season it's most likely going to be wii games aka brawl, but that comes out at like july so ppl wont get good so fast

edit: are the roysters seniors or something, or ar they moving?


"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

This is why I like the GT. Most of the top players have something that makes them better known. As if someone said, "Hey remember that one guy who had___?". Someone answers "Yeah! I remember him/her. I think their name was___."

Lain has his multicolored hair.
Pickwick has his gentleman personality, and that duct tape hat.
Duck is skilled in a wide variety of retro games.
I myself have a new idea for an outfit each season.
Monkeyman has his.......illiteracy.
The entire clan of Pocket Rockets managed to get by with their names...

Go ahead, add yourself or a friend if you agree.

"OOOOO, Happy Cheese!"-Kevin S.
"No matter how much you may suck at doing something, look cool doing it, that's all that matters."-Kevin S.

hahah. 1,000,000 internets for you my friend.

im stupid

Duck is the guy with the really long hair.
Who is going Doorbusting Friday morning? You know there is nothing more fun that waiting in line at a technology store for an hour to look for insane discounts :)

FjW with his infamous ICs that suck in singles smash

and just my name, i remember in the 1st round the commentators were like, "whoa there is someone here who's name is FjW, wow thats a great name man" i still owe you guys thanks, lol

Wow i was at Gamestop when people were buying Wii's it was kind of weird because none of them looked that excited about getting a Wii? SO who here has one?

I was also at Gamestop and I felt like I was missing out. Everyone seemed so disappointed when they found out thtat they couldn't get there new Nintendo system. The only person there who seemed happy was the guy playing the PS3.


Eli, do we know what the grand prize is gonna be ???

or was i just not listining when you said it?


MDidget is actually good.

D-rex and I teamed up because we felt like it.

MDidget is in town today.

*gets mad at Lain for not putting something notable about me*


I realized that my post wasn't clear, I felt like I was missing out on something big happening.


Eli: Since I took third in the mario kart single player at some point, should I not be qualified for grands? <_<

Jlingelinas Eli rarely checks the board any more mostly because people are just debating about who is better at smash so ill awnser it for you.
You have only attended one tourtamet this season you got no event placings so therefore you are not qualified unless you are in the top 64. Also remember the pre season doesnt count towards Grand championship qualifaction.

haha. what's there to say pwnerer? you raped me in my first match against you.

it left me depressed and suicidal. but i've switched sides so to speak. i bat for the other team. i play captain falcon. and i want to face you next tourney. haha.

also, my clan is definitely looking forward to fighting you guys. it'll be magical.


go there!

also, does anyone know where I can find a copy of MKDD for less than 2 bucks? 'cause that's all I have. I can also trade you stuff for it.

and MDidget lost to my Zelda. I wasn't sandbagging with her though.

you played with mdidget yesterday?

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Pwnerer MKDD is about 15 used at game stop.

Cisco, i beat your fox!!!!!!!


I waited in line 12 hours at GameStop Thursday night...

2nd in line after JuggleGuy

GameStop only got 6, I feel sorry for anyone who arrived at 8:00pm or later and didn't get one...

"GameStop only got 6, I feel sorry for anyone who arrived at 8:00pm or later and didn't get one..."

haha, that would be me X__X

I waited in the line at about 6:45 that morning and wasn't all that upset that I didn't get one so you don't have to feel sorry for me.

I felt that waiting outside in the 20 degree weather for that long made me worthy for a Wii...

im just gonna buy one on ebay when they arent 1000 dollars

TP2 you werent even trying to get one. When i was watching people buy them i realized how much nintendo nickles and dimes people. You can get the system real cheap , but then you have to buy the regular controller the joystock controller and the classic controller. Also the PS3 looked amazing.


Melee Trivia of the Day:

What is the fastest move in SSBM?

Cisco can't answer =P

First to get it right gets a prize!!! 0_0