Picking the 2007 Newbery Winner

The winner of the 2007 Newbery Medal will be announced in January. It's always fun to run your own competition and see if you can spot the winner and honor titles.
Some bookstores and libraries run Mock Newbery contests. These provide good reading lists that can start you on your way. Here are three good lists from three different Mock Newberys. Happy reading!!



Well with all due respect, I will add myself to the list of contenders. My name is Michael Bialys. I have recenlty released my debut novel entitled, The Chronicles of the Virago," ISBN: 1-4241-3365-3. It is a contemporary fantasy fiction novel which Chronicles the adventures of 12 year old Makenna Gold.

It is among the books currently being considered for the Newbery. My vote is that it is a strong contender!

Chronicles of the Virago, The: Book 1 The Novus
Michael K. Bialys
Makenna Grace Gold is just your average twelve-year-old girl, who just happens to have been recruited by three faeries to protect the future of the world. Makenna must now battle the forces of Evil who seek to destroy her baby twin brother and sister. The twins are a gift from above who will eventually lead our world into its next evolutionary age of hope and enlightenment. Evil will stop at nothing to destroy the babies.

Makenna, along with three faeries and a wisecracking earthworm named Fluffy, are the only things that stand between the Earth’s future or its utter destruction. Can Makenna, who admittedly is not even that good in gym class, follow in the footsteps of her predecessors, King Arthur and David of the Hebrews? Can a twelve-year-old girl who’s never had a fight in her life succeed as the Defender of Defenders, the Protector of Protectors, “The Virago”?