DDR, Mario Kart and Super Smash Tournaments: This Weekend!

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If you can pry yourself away from your new console -- or get someone to save your spot in line -- come to the Downtown Library this weekend for a series of Videogame Tournaments for all ages! First, we'll have a Dance Dance Revolution Tournament for All Ages, Friday, 11/17, from 6-8:30 PM. We'll have prizes for 1st and 2nd place in the Standard/Heavy Level, as well as a prize for the best Adult / Child Team!

We'll then proceed to the final regular season round of the Super Smash Double Dash Championship Series, Saturday, 11/18, from Noon - 5 PM. This is the last chance for a clan to qualify for the December Clan Cup and Grand Championships, unless you want to take your chances with the wildcards, so bring your best thumbs! Also, this event will be televised live on CTN channel 18, and we all know that all of Ann Arbor will be glued to their Televisions to watch this event this Saturday! Right? Anyone? Be sure to bring a release form if you haven't already.

Finally, we'll have a Kid's Kart TEAM Tournament for Grades 5 and under, Sunday, 11/19, from 1-4 PM, with prizes for the two best teams at the tournament, along with open play. Hope to see you there! Read on for more details.

Also, to answer a few old questions: we will not have a TV in the room to watch the game on saturday, but we will provide live score updates once the game starts. If we have a low turnout (which is entirely possible) you may not miss much of the game, which doesn't start until 3:30.

If you're not already marked as qualified for the Grand Championships, you can win your spot this weekend by placing 4th or better in the finals of any single event. I will also be qualifying the top 64 players on the leaderboard overall like last year to keep the wildcard event short and sweet.

The Grand Championships will be televised, but the broadcast won't start at Noon. We won't know until that week when it will start exactly, but it will probably start after the Clan Cup and the Wildcard quals. We'll see. Again, be sure to bring a signed release form if you haven't already.

The Clan Cup will involve no more than 8 Clans, and possibly less. All Clan Battle Champions are guaranteed a spot; we'll see how this weekend goes and I'll post more details about the Grands after thanksgiving.

See you this weekend! GO BLUE!


heeeey first post!!!

is a wii going to be offered as a grand championship prize?

jw, cuz if it is i wont need to buy one :p

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

no offense swordmaster, but there is no way you are gonna win grands without mario kart skills

Are you really having a tournament on game day of the biggest game in years? I'll be running home from the NU game to watch the UofM one tomorrow.

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

OMG 5th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FJW- get Rob to come...

omg 6th post!

FJW, you need to be my partner for smash, if not, our clan will loose points!

Calling for Team Smash partner Swain212 i would be willing to go with you my lowest team smash finish was semi finals. D-rex i might go with you if i cant find anyone else. but peach isnt the best team character corect me if i am wrong.
yes it is going to be broadcasted. Eli am i still invited back for commentating on live TV?(gasp). Yeah im predicting
Single melee 65 people
team melee 30 teams
single kart 40 people
team kart 18 teams

Bad Driver, you are definitely on for commentating, it will hopefully be you and Tom if Tom can make it. And yeah, it sucks to be on the same day as the biggest of all games, but we didn't have much choice. I think Mario Kart team turnout may hit a new low as players scatter home and only the hardcore clans remain. I've got an awesome Clan battle game lined up though, and with the (likely) low turnout, this could be a big break for one of the less prominent clans.

Not while I'm there

Sweet! hey FJW are you still without a team partner?
Fun suprise game hopefully we will make it this time

~corrects the wrong~

Peach is proven to be the BEST team melee character i believe

Well, if the surprise round game is a PC FPS, then Turtle Clan will win it, but I don't think that is going to happen.

swain212 also plays as peach and I'm better if that helps you decide

i can commentate maybe if tom is not there if that is ok


Let's approach this mathematically
x = MDidget's Peach
y = D Rex's Peach

forget my mathmatical approch <___< it won't post the full thing for some reason :(

It won't post the whole thing in a message

which explains why i just posted 4 comments

So Eli predicts that UofM fans would leave to watch the game...Good.
I have plenty of time to practice. I don't care about college rivaly or college football so I don't spend my time watching it and I'm athiest, so I don't "waste" my time in church. Yes. Go me. Totally awsome isn't it?
I'm a little bored right now...Well, at least the UofM game will make space for the real pros.

"OOOOO, Happy Cheese!"-Kevin S.
"No matter how much you may suck at doing something, look cool doing it, that's all that matters."-Kevin S.

Bad Driver, I think that I am going to HAVE to be FJW's partner for melee(if juggleguy doesnt show), in order for our clan not to loose points. We would just need a partner for that other guy...

Derek, see that I have won team smash, and understand I'm a good team player

Mdidget, who are you?

Bad Driver, in smash who do u play as?

I'm not saying you're bad, I'm saying that I'm I'm better
Bad driver plays as link
Mike we could be partners with each other if he doesn't pick either of us or you don't need to be FJW's partner


Mike S. I will go with you so jsut meet me at the tourtament so we can register there. OK?

mabye, but we need to ask FJW

MIKE, you dont get it



SO swain212, stop asking for a partner, the WAH teams are as follows:

BEATUSANDDIE (FjW, Juggleguy-hes coming for the smash part)
Team Silence (Shin Orachimaru, Protofalco)
The Hardest of the Hard (Mike S., That other guy...)


and our mario kart teams are as follows:

Team Silence (The Roysters)

ok, thank you for verifying that robin is coming

Bad driver be with me for smash!!!!!!!!!!!!

to settle the argument between d-rex and swain212

the better peach is me if i played as peach

time 4 a Q and A
Q: Is their any other kirby's out their that can match my skills?????


lol, Q: is there any other ICs (at least within 30 mins of driving, lol) that even come CLOSE to me???
A: No way


mike we will own you guys today in your NOSES

FJW + icy's = infinite grab



How about you guys beat the roysters and then we see who owns who



mike can desync the icicles as if it was an attack made for the game

we are replacing Juggleguy because we feel we need more Mario kart talent

after contemplating and meeting with the other members of WAH, WE NEED SOMEONE ELSE TO BE IN OUR CLAN, that person would be my smash partner and That other guy...'s mario kart partner, it would be preferred that you are very good at smash and mario kart and you have more points than Juggleguy, but we could do tryouts and see who is the best during the clan battle today

ANYONE WANNA BE IN WAH, then talk to me at the tourney (IM WEARING A PINK SHIRT, you wont miss me, lol)

IN THE EYE, JOHN, IN THE EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we'll attack your weakpoint for massive damage!!!!

but seriously, I need a partner for MK:DD

AFTER more contemplating, we will stop the new member search for now, but you can still talk to me.

D-rex im just going to use someone in my clan most likely, but we will have an extra person if you want him.

why would you want to be partner with mike but not me
we play almost exactly the same way but i'm better.

yeah, they play exactly the same way, i play both of them alot, and i use the exact same strategy to beat them. (LOL, its called shield-grabbing)

but d-rex is slightly better, because he has better mind games than mike, but they play EXACTLY the same way, they use the exact same moves in the same situations.

but derek i think the reason is that you play on BNC and mike plays on WAH

if you are talkin about next season FJW i'll think about joining if thats ok

sure, we can think about it

next season the core of WAH is gonna be intact (Roysters, That other guy... FjW, and Robin and Mike S.)

the only change we will make is if someone better shows up and wants to join us

but you guys are in first and mike is battling him on the leaderboard

im about to leave


my peach is the best <___<


"the only change we will make is if someone better shows up and wants to join us"


Does getting a 4th in team Kart qulify u for the Grands?

Well, despite the sad score so far (which is about to change), the good thing is that NU beat Illinois today (Go cats!). Anyways, how was the attendance?

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

I can't believe that both U of M and WAH lost...

the good guys just aren't coming throught today

its a sign of the apocalypse,

I wonder who has won the most money this season?

and the forumer blog is pretty much dying...

D-rex i guess i was wrong. Snowman you are in. Daniel as for attendance in the upper 50's for all events. I thought a lot of people would leave after melee but they didn't. Also really only the regulars came.
That suprise game was weird and we got stuck on the same level in practice and in the real thing.

what was the suprise game?

Gautlet. Also Eli how come when i get 4th i get a t-shirt and now you are GIVING OUT 10 YEAR OLD HIGH LIGHTERS?

i got a post-it note for getting third in smash in a freeplay tourney X___X

Ive never gotten 4th

4th in melee= best peach
bros and co destroyed in the clan battle

Ive got $95 in gift cards anyone interested?
I'll sell them for $90

haha. ahhhh the team win. that was good. that was really good.

and i love how our pink luigi main-er (Hung Lo) got to third in singles. pretty gratifying.

i was kinda of annoyed getting beaten by dale w. i got such a bad stage. MUSHROOM KINGDOM II. it advantaged peach too much. (i.e., i'f i'm anywhere EXCEPT the middle ground, i'm dead to her forward throw.) very frustrating. i could have beaten him on any other stage..... haha.

but we made it to clan championships, and all that jazz. so yeah!

my captain falcon > you

my smash team > zeus

betta rekkanize!

Mike everyone is trying to sell their gift certificates because with the current format you can build up a steady cash flow and get about $100. I personally have 85 i think. Francisco has a lot. Good tourtament i thougt, I thought a lot more people would leave after melee, but really only the die heart players were at the tourament in the first place.

anyone wanna buy my giftcards, i have exactly $100 of them

non-float cancelling peach = worst peach, Derek

i didn't even go, but i would've gotten that forth

lain, MKII is banned in REAL tournies anyhow

I do float cancel = best peach

i think i broke the record for worst performance in smash by a player ranked 8th

i got all 4th places in all three of my qualifiers, now i could think of all sorts of excuses, but i'll just give one...

i suck

I'd think about buying the gift cards, but for a little bit less.



Derek explain to me what a float cancel is = considered for 2nd place peach after me

ok guys give me results

edit: i just looked at the results thingy and it says that oroachimaru beat pwnerer??? howd that happen??

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

yea i might buy them

i played a Wii today for five hours


The answer is....items =(

the roysters have at least a 50% chance to beat cisco every time they play, omega (formerly protofalco) beat cisco 3 out of 4 times (twice against falco, once against fox) and shin oroachimaru can beat him too, but not as often, so the top three at the tourney (cisco and the roysters) are all very close in skill

BUT, the roysters have the one thing cisco lacks, they are good at mario kart too...

exite truck and wii sports are really fun

shin didnt win because of items, Mdidget, you dont even know how good he is, Omega, his brother, probabally should have beaten cisco. But Cisco memorized his attacks before the match. It is actually shocking how useless the items are to those guys. In my opinion the singles smash leaderboard should be:
1) Omega
2) Pwnerer
3) Shin

srry cisco, but Omega is really really good.

cisco said he got hit by a scizor which gave the match to shin

anyways im not gonna argue with your rankings cuz i beat omega 8)

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

Yeah when i played him i put up more of a fight than agnaist doomblaze. How do u memorize someones attacks?

its easy, especially if they dont have mind games......


say im playing you, and since i know you like to grab then down throw then up b with link i can fake you out and have you grab and miss me which will leave you for an open attack while your link puts his hookshot back. Or fake you out so youd do your up b which would leave a link very vulnerable if missed, especially for a jiggly rest :p

anyways, does omega have mind games? he didnt when i played him, all he kept doing was shl to dair, nair, or f smash

"STD at my house on friday!!!!"

"why would i want your std?"

WOW dat wut a beastly camping trip but i wish i wuz at the tourney, MDiget plz stop the whole im the best peach thg its gettin rly annoyin if u dat good den u should come and win...
can some1 plz fill me in on who wun wut?
oh and wut wuz da suprize game

the roysters have become seriously amazing now, like 2 months ago, they didnt even know about smashboards.com, then we told them about it, and with their massive amounts of free time, they have become truly amazing

as for the winners

Singles Smash: Shin Oroachimaru vs. Pwnerer (With Shin winning)
Doubles Smash: O-fusion (Roysters) vs. Nixon's Baaaaaack (Nixon won)
Singles Mario kart: 1st-FRIEDjellyWALNUT, 2nd-Mike S.
Doubles Mario kart: 1st TP2 and his bro, 2nd-BEATUSANDDIE(FjW, and Mike S.)

not bad, WAH finished in the top 2 in every event and took first and second in singles mario kart

the clan battle was WAH, BNC, Turtles, and Pocket Rockets.

PR was done after kart
BNC and Turtles advanced in the smash round after the turtles upsetted O-fusion (Royters) in smash and BNC upset BEATUSANDDIE (FjW, Juggleguy) in smash
the mystery game was guantlet and i believe BNC won

So the final standings were

2nd-Turtle Clan
4th-Pocket Rockets

Swain, they're both REALLY good with items...

How do I "memorize" his attacks? Do you mean to say that I got used to the play-style of his Falco and it ended up beating him? Yeah, maybe. That means I've got plenty more skill than him, though. As for Shin, he definitely got lucky with the items. Omega has really good technical skill, but he's really predictable. The biggest problem I had was that since he had such good tech he could take advantage of items much better than I could, and it seemed as if he was used to having them around. Same with Shin, except the poke balls he got really ended up doing me in.

Omega is better than Shin, I agree.

Monkeyman, care to pay for the gas and do my h/w so i can come to there tourneies?

i want to play shin