2009 "It's All Write!" Short Story Contest

Over 200 teen writers turned in stories for the 2009 "It's All Write!" short story writing contest. Click on the titles below to read the stories or get the entire 2009 "It's All Write!" Book.

Middle School Winners:

1st Christy Choi "Stynkchro Boy" PDF Text-Only Version
2nd Christina Bartson "Four Rolls of Toilet Paper" PDF Text-Only Version
3rd Kaitlin Daida "Brothers, Calendars, and Lies" PDF Text-Only Version

High School 9th/10th Grade Winners:

1st Lexie Bartell "Day at the Museum" PDF Text-Only Version
2nd Honora Wood "Trinity" PDF Text-Only Version
3rd Kaitlin Daida "Charlie's Sleep" PDF Text-Only Version

High School 11th/12th Grade Winners:

1st Rebecca Cao "Great Beauty" PDF Text-Only Version
2nd Lindsay Fischer "The Pebble Factory" PDF Text-Only Version
3rd Michele Jobst "It" PDF Text-Only Version

2009 finalists in the three grade categories:

Middle School:

Rose Condon "Hill of Four Trees"
Caroline Elliott "'Nam"
Aglaia Ho "The Kingdom"
David Mazza "The Game"
Hank Miller "Thank You, Roy"
Sreya Modepalli "My Wind"
Arkadia Kozak Pereklita "Whisper"
Madeline Qi "Public Transportation"
Mishka Repaska "An Early Separation"
Javier Taylor "Sir Arthur"
Dana Tessmer "Hero"
Abigail Zielke "Two's Company, Three's an Angry Mob"

High School 9th/10th Grade:

Sarah Breyer "The Blue Bead"
Elinor Chambers "My Gift"
Abbie Cousino "Jake's Alley"
Aerie Em "Blue Skies"
Marin Gow "Coming Back"
Jay Hack "Linear Theory"
Nathan Liang "Memories Die Hard"
Kate Markey "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
Martha McAlister-Raeburn "The Secret Goldfish"
Kate Sears "I Am the Ocean"
Teal Speece "Rocks in the Riverbed"
Hannah Underhill "The Amethyst Bird"

High School 11th/12th Grade:

Riley Boorman "Buried Regret"
Srilatha Eadara "Zahra"
Sevde Felek "Two Bites of Pogaca"
Joseph Fishman "Joseph Daniel Fishman"
Charles Hack "A Formative Episode From the Early Life of Alastor Pelham Cavendish, Esq."
Nicole Holtzman "You Can't Be True, Dear"
Griffin Johnson "Haze"
Pablo Leon-Luna "River Scarred"
Hannah Overhiser "The Red Ink"
Mary Scott "Transient Paradise"
Shoshana Schultz-Purves "Breaking Daybreak"