Our Visit to Tubingen

Friday August 21, 2015: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Since 1965 Ann Arbor has established six sister city relationships. Tubingen, the first community invited to be a sister city, was compared to Ann Arbor by someone who had lived in both places “like twins raised in different countries. There is the university, the students, the river, the mills.” Fifty years ago, the official charter of the Tubingen and Ann Arbor partnership was presented to City Council and visits between the two cities began immediately.

Join us for a delightful evening as members of the Ann Arbor delegation to Tubingen share colorful highlights and photos of this summer’s trip to the German sister city. Moderated by local historian Grace Shackman, the event includes several speakers, including City Council Members Graydon Krapohl and Stephen Kunselman, former City Council Member Kathy Edgren, and AADL Board President Jan Barney Newman.


I love how we have sister

I love how we have sister cities.

thats really cool whats the

thats really cool
whats the sister city
how many sister cities doesA2 have

Our Visit to Tubingen

I've never heard of this so-called sister city before now.



Sister Cities Indeed!

I visited Tübingen 4 years ago (before moving to Ann Arbor) and loved it! Ann Arbor and Tübingen are indeed very similar, and I love that they are sister cities!

Sister Cities


Ann Arbor has SIX Sister Cities, the two most active relationships being with Tubingen, Germany and Hikone, Japan. The other sisters are Belize City, Belize; Peterborough, Ontario, Canada; Juiglapa, Nicaragua; Dakar, Senegal; and Remedies, Cuba.

I am not able to attend this

I am not able to attend this presentation. Will it be filmed?

Honestly, the Tübingen-Ann

Honestly, the Tübingen-Ann Arbor connection is something incredibly special. I was an exchange student to Tübingen three years ago as part of Pioneer's group and I returned this summer for a few weeks. The celebrations in Tubingen were wonderful and welcoming and it was especially nice to see Councilman Kunselman and Pioneer's band director, David Leach, there!


sounds like a nice place to visit.