Election Results

Unofficial election results for Washtenaw county, including canvass and precinct reports, are available through ewashtenaw.org's Election Results webpage. Ann Arbor and Michigan election results are also available from Arbor Update.


Are statewide results being updated somewhere?

The Michigan Department of State has unofficial election results for the state (and for each county), 2006 Unofficial Michigan General Election Results. The page loads a little slowly.

For the few races that I checked, these results for some reason do not include the results from Oakland County. Very few statewide races were close enough to be affected but here are the Oakland County results

CNN has a nice snapshot of the national results, America Votes 2006

For the two closest Senate races, here are the state sites with unofficial results:

As of 2:50 p.m.

Virginia, Webb (Democrat) had 7326 (0.31% of the total vote) more votes than Allen (Republican).

Montana, Tester (Democrat) had 1697 (0.47% of the total vote) more votes than Burns (Republican).

I put together a Michigan 2006 election results page that you're welcome to pull links from - it includes a link to local Washtenaw County races.

Arbor Update has a Ann Arbor and Michigan election results page up with a summary of results and links to sources plus a bunch of local discussion.

Edward Vielmetti