50th Anniversary of Tornadoes That Swept Through Milan

On Palm Sunday, April 11, 1965, tornadoes and severe weather tore through the Milan area. Considering that more than 270 lives were lost in the Midwest and 42 in Michigan, it was phenomenal that Milan reported only two injuries and no fatalities. Residents described strange clouds and whistling sounds while the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department reported a collapsed bridge and damage to several businesses. The most typical scenes were crushed cars, damaged homes and destroyed buildings. The News got a first-hand account of the damage to Coldwater from a former reporter. Cleanup began immediately but it was years before Milan fully recovered.


Tornados are fascinating. I had no idea there had been a tornado in Milan

i like tornadoes

It is fortunate that there were no fatalities

Tornadoes are very interesting, but extremely dangerous storms. Thank goodness for no fatalities!

I lived in Milan for many years and never knew this piece of history.

tornados: scary. very. yes. indeed.

good thing milan was repaired

How can I get a copy of the original article in the AA News?

We've had some near misses lately. Better warnings have saved lots of us.


Milan was very fortunate that there were no fatalities. Tornadoes can be so destructive.