AADL-GT Season 2: Schedule, Scoring & Prizes

Super Smash Brothers: Mario
Mario, from the Nintendo GameCube game Super Smash Brothers: Melee (among others).

Here is the complete AADL-GT Season 2 Schedule:

Round 1: Saturday, August 20th, Noon - 5 PM
Round 2: Saturday, September 24th, Noon - 5 PM
Round 3: Saturday, October 22nd, Noon - 5 PM
Round 4: Saturday, November 26th, Noon - 5 PM
Grand Championships: Saturday, December 17th, Noon - 5 PM.

All events should be broadcast live on CTN. Rounds 1 - 4 will each award 4 individual prizes:

1st place: $70 giftcard
2nd place: $50 giftcard
3rd place: $30 giftcard
4th place: consolation prize

I'm working on something better than 7-year old highlighters as the consolation prize.

The Grand Championships will feature 4 individual prizes, as well a 4-person prize for the clan that wins the clan cup.

Clan Cup Winners: 4 iPod shuffles

4th Place winner: Nintendo GBA-SP
3rd Place winner: Nintendo DS
2nd Place winner: iPod
Grand Champion: Sony PSP

Stay tuned, or read on for more.

Now, as many of you know, this season, we're raising the stakes by having several levels of competition going on at the same time. Let me take a minute to explain all this a little better.

Individual and Team Competition

At a single tournament, individual and team competition and the individual prizes will be relatively straightforward. There are four events: Single-player Kart Race, Team Kart Race, Single-player Melee, and Team Melee. If you, or your team, places 4th or better in any one of these events, you are qualified for that day's SurPrize Round as an individual. The SurPrize round will not feature any team play. If your team wins or places in an event, you both get into the SurPrize Round as individuals. Also, competing in any prize round throughout the season qualifies you for the Grand Championship in December.

Throughout the season, we will also be tracking the individual leaderboard. The leaderboard will show your combined score for every match you've competed in, plus bonuses for winning events or prizes.

Clan Competition

This season, you can form a 4-player clan and work together towards the Clan Cup prize in December. Your clan score will essentially be your 4 individual scores put together, plus some clan-specific bonuses. However, in order to avoid penalizing Clans that have other commitments, you will be able to have subs for your Clan if all your Clan members can't make a tournament. Here's how Clan subs will work:

When you form your Clan, you will specify exactly 4 primary clan members. In order for your Clan to earn points at a tournament, at least 1 of your primary Clan members must be present and playing for your Clan. At registration for each tournament, you will tell us what your Clan roster is for that day. Your Clan roster is in effect only for that tournament, and must include 1 clan primary. Clan primaries cannot compete for other Clans unless their primary Clan is not rostering at that tournament. In addition to your Primaries, you can fill out your roster with any other present players who have agreed to sub for your clan. Clan subs will not be entitled to prizes unless they are subbing for the winning Clan at the Clan Cup at the Grand Championship.

Your Clan's Teams for teams events must be two of your four rostered Clan players. Your teams must be the same for both team events at a single tournament, but can obviously change throughout the season.

Your Clan score is calculated by totaling the points that your rostered members earned at each tournament, plus bonuses as appropriate. The Clan that earns the most points at a single tournament will be declared the 'Clan Champ' of that tournament, and will be eligible for the Clan Cup in December. There is no prize or bonus for your clan winning a single tournament. In addition to the 4 regular season Clan Champs, some of the highest scoring Clans over the regular season will be qualified for the clan cup, until we have 8 clans qualified. So, your Clan does not necessarily need to win a tournament to make it into the Clan Cup if you perform well all season.

Scoring Chart

Here is a table of how many points can be earned, including bonuses. Note that if you participate in a team event, your Clan gets all your team's score added to their total, and you get half your team's score added to your individual season score.

Mario Kart Single Player and Team Match Scores
1st: 100 points
2nd: 80
3rd: 60
4th: 50
5th: 40
6th: 30
7th: 20
8th: 10

Super Smash Brothers: Melee Single Player Scores
1st: 50 points
2nd: 30
3rd: 20
4th: 10

Super Smash Brothers: Melee Team Scores
Winner: 100 points
Loser: 20 points

Event Winner Single Player and Team Bonuses
1st place in an event: 400 point bonus
2nd place: 300
3rd place: 200
4th place: 100

(Don't forget, there will be an inherent bonus for making it to elimination rounds, as you'll get more matches the further you make it.)

SurPrize Round Winner Bonuses
1st Prize: 1000 point bonus
2nd Prize: 800
3rd Prize: 600
4th Prize: 400

Recruitment Bonuses (for Clans Only)
Recruit a new player: 101 point bonus
Recruit an entire new clan: 404 points for the players plus 400 point bonus.

Your clan must recruit all four primaries of a single clan to qualify for this bonus. New players are people who did not participate in a single season 1 GT tournament. New players can only give their recruitment bonus to a single clan.

We will track the individual leaderboard and the team leaderboard throughout the season. Clan registration and Round 1 pre-registration will begin the week of August 15th.

Oh, and one more thing: For the season, we are going to change Melee to be a 3 minute time limit, but stock two instead of three. You get one mistake, then you need to watch it! Too many matches were going to sudden death last week.

I think that should clear some things up, if you made it this far. Post your questions, and we'll see you August 20th!


YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. bonuses for getting new ppl that is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooool. under the event winners u have something called an inhearet bonus, whats that? what shop can we use the gift certificates to. so let me get this all stragtined out(i spelled that wrong). there will be 3 qualifing races for team and single mario kart. there will be 6 matches for melee and team melee but i think we should do 4 because of the time limit. so totally u could 1400 if u come in first in all of ur qualifing matches plus that inhearet bonus and if even win the event then u get it even more. if u make it into the prize round for any tournament then u will be qualified to compete in the december tournament individually right? do i get a bonus for getting ugo and balla to join? anyway hope u clear all my questions up.

Woah! Two stock melee! Okay, I can do that...

Sounds all good although I was too lazy to think about all the numbers involved in clan points. I'll just trust you to do it right.

Sounds good.

"There is no spoon." -Neo

No sravan read the Individual and Team Competition section. Oh and will we be able to choose are prizes for the finals as in first place could choose any item then second chooses one of the 3 left and so on. you know so you won't get divers in the final match.

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"

so what is basically trying to say is he doesnt want the PSP and wants the ipod or another DS. i would take the PSP and if u dont want it then sell it and buy an ipod with that money. what should i read in the individual and team compettition sections and where does it say 2 stock melee cuz i am against that.

No i don't want people to dive like i did. that if you make it to the surprize round you are in the championship. 2 stock is at the very end.

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"

Yea to spaced out to follow your talk of the tourtament set up, but duck, can your clan get the new person points, because miniblin introduced me to this whole game world what ever, and is the 20th tourtament grades6-12 again?

yes, the 20th is a grades 6-12 tournament. I'm not sure if my clan can get your points but I think miniblin should get them. I will get plenty from others hopefully and my clan has some of the best players.

"The stuff that dreams are made of."

maybe we should do no time limit at all. a 4 player 2 stock match wont take over 3 minutes unless someone pansees.

Ok, the 'inherent' bonus means that if you move on to the elimination rounds, you get more races than the people that didnt, and more chances to score points. So, there are more points inherent in making it to the elimination rounds even if you don't wind up winning the event.

As for the grand prizes, we will have 1st-4th place winners pick their prizes in order from the 4 prizes to avoid duck-style diving. =) So 1st place gets first pick of the prizes, 2nd place chooses from what's left, etc.

As for stock/time, we need to still have a time limit to keep things moving, but I'm open to hearing alternate combinations of stock and time. I think 2 stock would be pretty exciting and keep things moving, but you guys should know by now that I can be convinced otherwise by well-reasoned arguments.

actually now i think we should do 2 stock because 1 it does save time but another is that if we had extra time we could do 1v1 for the whole elimination rounds and i mean ALL OF IT. we should not have a time limit because we could get into a situation where someone is stalling and will win but we want ppl to fight each other fast. i guess the picking prizes is good but thats in december and we dont need to worry about that for a while. another suggestion is no stock at all and just a 2 minute time battle where the players are forced to fight with one another. but as eli says its his tournament and he can do whatever he wants.

"Loosey Goosey"

Wha? 2 stock?! I liked the 3 stock with the 3 minute time limit, can we keep it that way?

Trouble Monkey Clan
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I was originally skeptical about 2 stock. But I've been playing it this afternoon, and I really like it. I think 2 stock, 3 minutes is a great way to play. Me and my brother played for a while and only went to Sudden Death once. The matches were very exciting too. I like 2 stock.

"There is no spoon." -Neo

I don't own melee or mario cart, I was barrowing them from miniblin, so how much do, you guys think they would cost?
And if I am not in a clan, can I still try for the big prizes in december, like the psp?

Muffincat, I think both games can be had for $30 new each, less than that for used copies. Being in a clan only gets you a shot at the 4 iPod shuffles. All the other prizes are for individuals only, no clans required.

thanks eli!

can we just kill the time limit and have 2 stock. the ipod for the individual prize is it a shuffle or a mini. im not so sure about giving clan points for the prize round i think that the prize round should be all individual. i think mario kart is 40 instead of 30. last melee was 30 but i bet it dropped to 25 or 20.

"Loosey Goosey"

maybe we should increase the melee score for the clans to about 100 like it was in july. just have the points that u got for piliminary rounds in july as ur clan scoring.

"Loosey Goosey"

yeah that would be pretty cool..well i am looking for a clan and i am a beast at Mele can beat sravan some times but suck at double dash anybody that is really good at mario kart here that needs a clan! well hope there are some ppl. C ya


We need the time limit. No time limit means people can postpone indefinitely and not have to worry about the unpredictability of sudden death.

The reason it isn't 100 is because odds are we will have twice as many melee matches as double dash matches. So for clans (which is what the points are for) it would weigh it unfairly to melee if they were scored at 100 points. Eli did the math right don't bother trying to change it.


Edited 9/8/05 just because I could.

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Eli, are you sure the price is $30? I saw a super smash bros. for $25 at gamestop and i didn't look for mario kart.

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i guess u are right duck. we should just do a 2 minute time limit without any stock so ppl have to kill other ppl to win. eli do i get a bonus for brining ugo to axis. if he makes a clan will i get the clan bonus too?

"Loosey Goosey"

and i have a question for Eli...is the 2nd prize i-pod a shuffle or a mini

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in the clan cup in december what will the events be. it will mostly be mario kart and melee right. no suprise right. same with individual no suprise right.

"Lo osey Goosey"

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"Loosey Goosey"

You only get the clan bonus if your clan refers every member in a clan
I think.

Would you look at that it's Thu, 08/25/2005 - 7:23pm And I can still edit this comment.

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"

Well i think we should do 2 stock no 3 min time limit, that way the rounds will go faster since you only have 2 lives and there's the time limit.

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"What we've got here is failure to communicate."

What was that Galen. 2 stock with the time limit or without the time limit.

i think it was 2 stock with a 3 minute time limit.

"Loosey Goosey"

2 stock with a 3 minute time limit is the way it is, which I really like.

"There is no spoon." -Neo

I know i will probably kick myself for saying this later, but, i don't think that the SurPrize round should have so many points involved. I say this because it is a random game and say one clan wins everything and then loses in the surprize round, they would not be the clan champ of that tournament even though they kinda were. And then there could be a clan that barely got by due to luck and they by chance were addicted to the surprize round game and won it, it would make people mad. arrrgh. yeah. thats what people would say. arrrrgh.

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yes i agree with joe the suprise round should consist with less or no points towards the clan cup. take july for example the game was madden which half the people didnt know how to play yet even heard of it before.

"Loosey Goosey"

No Joe and Sravan you’re wrong. If say a single clan was to sweep a tournament placing 1st in every event but failed the SurPrize round they would only be 460 points below another clan that received 2nd place in every event but took the 1st in the SurPrize round. Now if the other clan only placed 3rds in each event but still won the SurPrize round your clan would win by 20 points. Now this is in the case that your clan doesn't place in the SurPrize round at all so if your were to have anyone win a prize you would either make it really close or even surpass them in points.

Of course this isn't including the points you accumulate at the qualification and elimination rounds. Plus the odds are stacked against anyone clan sweeping.

Those large points are evened out by the Event Winner points.
Plus I estimate that per tournament Eli will hand out between 29,000 and 35,000 points. Now it is impossible to earn all said points. A single person or team can only earn 1000 points per event which happens to be equal to the SurPrize top points. A clan at most could get 12-13,000 points but they would have to slaughter everyone.

I told you once already Eli did the math right so stop trying to change it.

"Elementary, my dear Watson."
Striker: "Surely you can't be serious."
Rumack: "I am serious…and don't call me Shirley."

Oh and Madden was only done because of certain people wanting it the rest of the games should be simpler and easier to play. So stop whinning about the SurPrize round game.

it is good that the surprise round is worth a lot, caus to win clan cup u should be able to play all games and be ready for the un suspected..and no offense Sravan and Galen but the only reason were complaingin is caus u guys did bad in the pre-season tournament surprise game

galen did good he got 4th and im not complaining. duck i can't belive u figured all that out that must have taken a lot of ur time. y isnt the team melee points 50 and 10 instead of 100 and 20. u play the same # of games in team melee as in single melee. wait actually i dont think u do cuz there will be 1/2 as many entries or teams then total players so yea i guess 100 is good. i still think the prize round should be lowered. duck since u know everything what events will be in the clan cup in december?

"Loosey Goosey"

The reason it is 100 is because you have to split it between two people and at the end f you do perfect you get 1000 points for your clan just like the other events and really the SurPrize round is worth less then the other events because only the best will be playing it so less people are really competing.

To my knowledge the clan cup it every event (except SurPrize round) in an elimination round fashion only at the end you compare which clan accumulated the most points, But I don't know if that is right. Eli please correct me if I'm wrong.

"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

Oh and it only took me a little while to calculate everything.

u mean we play melee and mkdd against other clans and get points based on the point system that eli said and whoever has the most poitns wins right.

"Loosey Goosey"

if there are 4 clans in the final clan cup then we do a 4 player mario kart match and a 4 player melee match but we can do 1v1 too. BTW all elimination rounds will be 1v1 from now on right? we did a free for all in july because we were running out of time.

"Loosey Goosey"

Yeah, but I'm not that sure. There are many ways to do it.

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"

ok..duck do u have a clan caus i need 1 more member and i need somebody that is best in Double Dahs not Mele or both but mostly Double Dash

I'm pretty sure Duck is already in the Vaccinated monks clan with Tom and Leinad and some other person we haven't met.

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ducks got 2 much time on his hands to be finguring out these things. stop making sravan and i sound stupid. i just got back from dukes of hazzard. yeah it was good. and you know what duck? SOME PEOPLE LIKE THEIR CUCUMBERS BETTER PICKLED. so according to newtons laws of physics, your goin down on the 20th. What? whos smart now?

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oh yeah and heres a riddle: Why did the soccer bear go to the Red Wings game?

and what is your excuse for being up so late galen?

I always stay up that late during the summer. One day i stayed up till 5:30 am :D.

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YES THATS THE SPIRIT JOE. i stayed up until 2 yesterday and i just woke up. i've been drinking too much mountain dew. the best part of dukes of hazzard is JESSICA SIMPSON BABY. u watched the midnight show joe? "Loosey Goosey"

many u guys don't kno how to stay up..the other day i didn't go to sleep at all and stayed up the whole night and then had to go to church

thats cuz u had a sleepover and a friend made u stay up all night.

"Loosey Goosey"

I stayed up untill 7:30am once, wow what a sleep over,
But anyway, don't try and change the rules, they're there so deal with them, I come on today, and there is like a million new posts, come on discussing the rules wont change them.]
Hi duck
glad you got my email about your girlfriend.

" That means we'll have to go BACK TO THE FUTURE!"

when i kept on saying we should do 1v1 he changed the playoffs to 1v1 when he used to have it as 4 player FFA

"Loosey Goosey"

yay i get a bonus for ugo and 2 other members in his clan that i told him about. to my understanding there are the troublemonkey clan, vaccinated monks, turtleclan, mini blin's clan, muffincat's clan, the gamerz(ugo's clan), john durski and his clan, and the noobz(flar's clan). thats8 clans so far and it is not possible for all of our clans to make it in so its gonna be a brutal competition.

"Loosey Goosey"

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yay thats the layout i wanted

"Loosey Goosey"

I don't have a clan, I am a lone catdemon out on my own no clan to protect me, and when winter comes, will I have enough food to survive, who knows! Maybe I'll be eaten!!!!

I guess complaining about the rules work afterall Sravan, sorry I was mean.

Sincerely yours clanless muffin

why do I always start off the second page?

no problem. i never have started a new page before.

"Loosey Goosey"

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Me neither, but I made $1000 dollars today, so it's all good.

"There is no spoon." -Neo

Leinad wrote:
"Me neither, but I made $1000 dollars today, so it's all good."

What, did you sell a bunch of Reebok stock? =P

DOH! All those recent replies were replies to Mr. Pottymouth's post, so when I deleted Sravan's post at his request, all the replies to it deleted too, so that little piece of AADL-GT history is inadvertently (I swear!) gone forever.

The gist: Sravan, mystified by Leinad's income potential, lost control of his fingers and posted some naughty, naughty words. I threatened the merest possibility of docking clans points for such behavior, and Sravan asked me to delete the post. It took several replies with it. Sorry!

Green, 42 posts and I'm only gone 15 hours. Sravan you only get the points if you yourself (or clan mate) convince (threaten/kidnap) the person into coming. I would rule that telling someone in another to talk to someone means they get the points.

Oh and you guys are pathetic. Talking about how late you stayed up. If you don't know how to stay awake properly by now you hopeless.

Batman Begins is a good film. War of the worlds is Purple barf. While it had a few things right the science it doesn't make sense and practically no one with a brain existed in that movie.

And Congratulation on the $1041.56 Dan, I no long smell like beer. Do you know if Amy got her shot glass.

"DOH! All those recent replies were replies to Mr. Pottymouth's post, so when I deleted Sravan's post at his request, all the replies to it deleted too, so that little piece of AADL-GT history is inadvertently (I swear!) gone forever." Nice it took out 6 Posts. It was only the Aim and phone number stuff that got deleted thou.

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"

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the posts on this blog were the ones that ugo said about him getting the bonus etc and crazy windmill about the rebok stock. anyway i got startled when i saw 1000$. must be the caffeene that i have been drinking lately so i stay up till 2am and wake up at 12pm(except today!).

since this got deleted i saw dukes of hazzard last night and Jessica Simpson is HAWT

"Loosey Goosey"

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how... did... you... make... 1000... dollars...???!?!?!
tommorows my birthday. so telling me will be my present from you leinad. and sravan, don't ever never say things like f*&^ or b$#? or any other word that needs &*(%)%^?$! symbols to edit it. and why was duck drinking beer? huh? dont make me tell your daddy. and do you play hockey duck? and lastly, i've stayed up for 28 hours straight. dereks got caffeine pills at his house.

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wtf. caffeine pills? sweet iu want some!jk. anyway joe i wont curse anymore but i can use acronyms right? practice up on ur melee and mkdd skillz so we can sweep the august tournament. lol duck was drinking beer. joe wont u die or get like a huge mood swing if u stay up for 28hours straight especially by taking the pills. joe we are getting 505 bonus points plus another 400 cuz im getting a clan to sign up(not ugos). one more thing jessica simpson is HAWT

"Loosey Goosey"

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also i think galen can help me on this one. if u have ever played halo1 on the level where u rescue the captian from the coventant ship and u have to escape. the part where the person says that she can't pick u up and u have to go to a life pod about 100m away. this maybe cuz my computer is really laggy when i play halo but after like 10 seconds the captian dies and u have to restart the checkpoint. any one have any tips?

"When politicians take viagra they grow taller"

"And Congratulation on the $1041.56 Dan, I no long smell like beer. Do you know if Amy got her shot glass."

The plot thickens...


"There is no spoon." -Neo

Have you started showing the videos at Quality 16?

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"

duck whats ur clan logo?

"When politicians take viagra they grow taller"

Oh hey, do we have one yet?

We need one. Perhaps our "secret new member" can draw one he's a good artist. Or Duck can computer magic one. Unless we alreayd have one and I just forgot. I don't know.

"There is no spoon." -Neo

We don't have one and I don't have the right software to alter images, not even a scanner. I might find a good Image thou.

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"

just get one off the web. i just saw wedding crashers and it was sooooooooooooooooo funny but i dont want to ruin it. yes eli when is the axis things gonna be in quality 16?

"When politicians take viagra they grow taller"

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is there any multiplayer in paper mario? also can we not have the sega games for the suprise round even though no one plays it and it would be a suprise testing ur real gaming skill.

"When politicians take viagra they grow taller"

hey muffincan or w/e i need 1 mroe person in m clan and i was wondering if your better at mele or double dahs and how good u did in the tournament, and Eli i have a question who got broadcasted on Quality 16, and is it on yet

and has any 1 here played neopets before, and if u have just put your sn and pass on here, so i can chck out your account!

Ok, Sravan the levle you are talking about is the Truthe and Reconsiliation (I spelled that wrong probably), be sure to keep your sniper rifle, it come in extremely handy. Other than that i dont have any tips. The captain is extremely stupid and will rush out like an idiot so just kill w/e gets in you way. Also there is no multiplayer for Paper Mario.

Duck were you really drinking beer?

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k thanx

"When politicians take viagra they grow taller"


"When politicians take viagra they grow taller"

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what are u like 15?

"When politicians take viagra they grow taller"

I was not drinking beer, but I did smell like beer for a short period of time.

"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"

and y is that?

"When politicians take viagra they grow taller"

hey sravan how do u get that thing like a icon?..and guess what i finally have got a clan, Me(Ugo),Mario(Balla), Rod(first time but can beat sravan in mele), and Thomas(first time but can beat Rod in Mele, and beat Rod in Mario kart, which he's a beast in), Now the question is what should our clan be called? And if u think my clan is stacked please write it in here, caus we are...lol!

my birthdays today. and ugos clan is garbage.

Okaay, we'll see u at the championship (if your clan can make it)

dont worry we will. thomas isnt in ur clan u didnt even ask him. i guess we will be the only clan with a logo.

"When politicians take viagra they grow taller"

Trouble Monkey Clan
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Ugo, you can get a logo off the internet buy searching on Google, yahoo, Jeeves etc. or you can draw your own.

Happy Birthday Joe.

i played CS today and i did a mode where all bots were aginst em and they all had knives. it was really fun.

"When politicians take viagra they grow taller"

hey dewds, this = tom. im srry ugo, with some info from some anonymous sources weve decided 2 kinda split up teh clan, rod and i, since wed b ownage at this thing, and thusly we've decided 2 start our own clan.we dont have a clan name, nor do we have enuf members, since were basically under contruction. again, srry.


nvrm, we have a clan name lmao. we r teh Clan WtfpwnzOrsCRY!11/?!/1

logo?!?!/1/1 http://canadia8.tripod.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/rofl.pwnt-spray.gif

Too... Many... Numbers...

Oh well. Like Leinad, I will let you figure all of the number-ish stuff out, then just come complain to you when it doesn't turn out that my team and I win. Just kidding. Maybe.

*sniff* no 7-year-old highlighters!??! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

Also, you need to remember that Leinad and I won't be there for the first Tourney, so we won't be able to do commentary. I don't particularly care who it is. If it was me, though, I wouldn't pick Sravan, on the basis that he is Sravan. That's justification enough for me. Or Galen, either. He gets on camera enough already.

Ummm... yeah, that's it. Except that I think that the iPod shuffle is a worthless piece of *FCC'D!!!!* and shouldn't be offered as a prize. But, I honestly can't think of anything better, and it would be nice to hold the few songs that I buy off of iTunes that can't be converted to MP3s. Stupid Apple ACC Protected format... *grumble*

Also, for the two of you who care, Amy hasn't gotten her shot glass yet. I still have it, and I haven't seen or talked to her since the day we got it. I, however, have put mine to good use. Heheh, if you know what I mean.

DISCLAIMER: Alcohol is bad, mmkay.

"It's time we saw a miracle / It's time for something Biblical / To pull us through..."

Well what a dumb name I'll just abbreviate it to clan Stupid since it is impossible to pronounce. Oh and if you think your going own everyone you must be a complete moron.

"Loosey Goosey"

What the frick, why aren't u gunna be in my clan tom, and i better hope srvan isn't that little birdie

No, no, no, Mr. Sravanni. Team Stupid would have nothing to do with the overall action of obliterating the competition. There we had to choose a name that said 'ph43r u5' so we though "What better way to instate fear than to beat someone senseless?" So Team Wtfpwn was created.

Can't Wait to Destroy You at the Tournament!

Your friend,

P.S. I talked waaaaaay too much crap in that -.-