For a deliciously scary time....

Vincent PriceVincent Price

In honor of Halloween, why not check out a Vincent Price movie from our collection? The Fly is always a good choice.
There is also the Edgar Allan Poe Audio Collection narrated by Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone.
If you’re not in the mood for a good scare, why not try a gourmet cookbook?
Many people equate Vincent Price with camp horror classics, but few know that he was also a gourmet. In 1965, he and his wife published "A Treasury of Great Recipes". This book contains 456 pages of wonderfully delicious recipes, most containing at least 1 stick of butter. Unfortunately, this great book is out of print, but available used through amazon.


In Wednesday's New York Times Dining In section (November 1), one of the front page articles is Kitchen Classics, In the Eye of the Beholder. The Price cookbook gets a paragraph:

"At, the perennial best-selling cookbook is "A Treasury of Great Recipes," first published in 1965 by Vincent and Mary Price (yes, that Vincent Price). It's a padded, imitation leather, gilt-stamped collection of luxurious recipes from the world's past pleasure palaces, most of them long gone - like chicken in Champagne sauce from Le Pavilion in Manhattan, which closed in 1972."

Another most-wanted cookbook is the elusive "Cooking for You Alone" by Johnny Mathis.