AADL-GT Round 3 Results: WAH wins again (thanks to Funzo's Folly?)

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The 2006 Super Smash Double Dash Championship season continued last weekend with Round 3 at the Downtown Library. Many events came down to standoffs between our top players, and with only 1 round remaining in the regular season, the competition for a precious spot in the Grand Championships is heating up. The Round 3 Clan battle was once again won by emerging supertitans We Are Hard, who handily defeated the dubiously-chosen representatives of Bro's & Co. More on that later, but first read on for full event details.

The Super Smash Single Player event got underway first with 85 competitors and 3 qualifying matches apiece. Things were immediately shaken up as [gtplayer:340] failed to make it out of qualifying, and [gtplayer:483] knocked out both Roysters, defeating [gtplayer:614] in the quarterfinals and [gtplayer:606] in the semis. [gtplayer:483] was joined in the finals by The Foreign Exchange's emerging Smash Titan [gtplayer:396], The Usual Suspect's [gtplayer:852], and the suspiciously large [gtplayer:546]. [gtplayer:483] ultimately defeated [gtplayer:546] for first prize as [gtplayer:852] snatched third from [gtplayer:396]'s grasp.

With 41 teams registered for the Super Smash Team event, and only two qualifying matches apiece, we again used that day's clan standings to break ties among teams that went 1-1. Double elimination is coming, though, so this won't go on forever... but for now, it's in your best interest to form a clan and get some melee singles scores under your belt to give you a shot at moving on despite a team loss. One amazing event of the team quals was watching the amazing [gtplayer:396], with his partner missing, single-handedly taking on, and defeating, [gtplayer:883] and [gtplayer:882], despite being defeated in his second round. The semifinals saw [gtplayer:483] and [gtplayer:340] lose to NIXON'S BAAAAAAACK ([gtplayer:788] and [gtplayer:509]), while Team Silence (The Royster Bros) of WAH defeated [gtplayer:166] and [gtplayer:168] of Bro's & Co. In the semifinals, Nixon's BAAAACK had no chance against the Roysters who took 1st place again, while [gtplayer:483] and [gtplayer:340] handily defeated the Bros & Co. team to take 3rd.

Moving on to the Mario Kart Single-Player Race event with 65 entrants. Shockingly, [gtplayer:143] failed to advance to the elimination rounds, and after a few typically brutal elimination races, we headed for a final loaded with Clan heavy hitters: [gtplayer:139] of The Vaccinated Monks, [gtplayer:166] and [gtplayer:168] of Bro's & Co, [gtplayer:382] and [gtplayer:349] of It's Called a Crew, the Right Honourable [gtplayer:325] of the Foreign Exchange, and the multitalented [gtplayer:737] of We Are Hard. Ultimately, [gtplayer:139] crossed the finish line first, followed by Black Shark Wunderkind [gtplayer:457], [gtplayer:325] taking 3rd and [gtplayer:349] taking 4th.

We began the Mario Kart Team Race on schedule with 29 teams vying for first in two qualifying races. This time, [gtplayer:143] and his brother ([gtplayer:146]) would not be deterred, and took first place in the final race, securing 1000 extra points for Turtle Clan, while second prize was taken by the nearly unstoppable team of [gtplayer:166] and [gtplayer:168]. Third prize went to WAH team BEATUSANDDIE ([gtplayer:737] and [gtplayer:504]), leaving fourth to Black Sharks [gtplayer:140] and [gtplayer:457].

With the regular events completed, the top four scoring clans of the day advanced to the Clan battle, which this round meant WAH, perennial favorite Bros & Co, It's Called a Crew, and the Vaccinated Monks on their first trip to the Clan Battle. It's Called a Crew, not Kart specialists, fell in the Mario Kart round, and the Vaccinated Monks (assisted by the Foreign Exchange) were eliminated in the Melee Round. That send Bros & Co and We Are Hard back to the final. Here's where it got interesting: After the final game was revealed to be Shadow Battle from the highly underrated Zelda Four Swords Adventure, [gtplayer:152] convinced Bros & Co that due to his Four Swords prowess, he should replace the missing [gtplayer:167]. The (semipermanent) substitution was made, only to have [gtplayer:152] asking a suspicious amount of questions about the controls for such an experienced player. [gtplayer:737] and the versatile [gtplayer:614] shut out [gtplayer:152] and [gtplayer:198] in three straight rounds, claiming the second consecutive Clan Battle Championship for WAH.

So, with one round remaining, WAH has a comfortable lead over the now 2nd place Bros & Co (the only clan to have made it into every clan battle so far this season), with Turtle Clan in 3rd holding a comfortable 7000 point lead over It's Called A Crew. [gtplayer:143] remains in 1st place overall by almost 500 points with [gtplayer:146] in 3rd. Including the Savage brothers, the Royster brothers, and the Hibbs Brothers, the top 10 currently features 3 pairs of brothers, proving that there's no substitute for a highly skilled practice partner.

Next up, an all-ages DDR tournament Friday Night, 11/17, then Round 4 on Saturday, 11/18, and a Kid's Kart tournament on Sunday, 11/19. Hmm, what else is happening 11/19? Anyone? Anyone?


Um... I think I might be sick that day...

*cough* *cough*

/*== ejk ==*/

props to eli for getting the results up so fast

btw eli, it says that That other guy... hasnt qualified for the grands. but i think he is supposed to have qualified right? cause he's part of our clan.

just checking

Yeah, the 19th isn't really looking good... I might have... things... to do... or to go get.... Or something.......
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is the 19th your birthday or something eli?

I hope I qualify.....

Thank you for the results so fast. On 11/19 what is happening Elis birthday?
Also what was even more impressive about the brothers was after round 2 the top 8 had 3 pairs of brothers. So december is shaping up to be very interesting also will the grands be seeded? And do you have a possible format.
In case anyone cares i lost to 4th place in bot melee events. Also these tourtaments are much more equal skill wise I have 3rd through dominance in team kart and good skill in other events but the way im playing last year wouldnt have got me near the top5 because this year there is such a big division between kart players and melee players.
Since jerry was inelgible shouldnt he not be allowed to come back since he can knock people out even if he cant win a prize.

Almost forgot what happend to the TMC especially Sravan

idk, sravan called me and talked to me about the tourney, then he came over and i owned him.

i told him to come to round 2 and to round 3, and he said he might, but he hanst shown up to either

idk whats up with him

ok guys, i know some of you have been experiencing an error when you go to the AADL-GT website,

it says something like DB: Syntax Error

the reason behind this is that either in your bookmark or when you are typing the URL, you aren't typing the "www." before the aadl.org/aadlgt,

for some odd reason, this little thing fixed the problem, although it is kinda odd that in this day and age, you STILL have to type www to make this website work correctly

All of you should be slapped across the face several times for not knowing what's happening on the 19th of November....

Very hard.
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the celebration of faux pop sensation Milli Vanilli losing their grammy award?

god help us if we forget something of november 19th

how about the day after that Michigan is gonna celebrate its bid in the NC game at GLENDALE, AZ BABY!!

lol, i have no idea whats on the 19th

thanks eli for fixing my score

and as for the 19th.............clueless :p

if you don't know what the 19th is, you are dead to me


"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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ahhhhhh im stupid lol

what games are you guys getting right away with it?

oops sorry. i mean the remembrance of the 24 citizens slaughtered in an Iraqi city? how morbid..

Err... I was talking about Saturday the 18th, not Sunday the 19th.

Right, everybody? =)

/*== ejk ==*/



i was just wondering if we could get a trial up (like what you did with my drums) on the topic on having only 4,5,6,or7 racers not all 8 and having an empty seat or 2, instead of having another clan team race and them just doing it so we can have 8 racers.(the extra racers dont get the points from the race).

just wondering if we could get a trial up on that topic.


whatduyamean john?

John would like us to discuss the situation of the last qualifying match when we don't have an even number of players. He would like us to not pad out the bracket with extra players who get a match that doesn't count and leave the seats empty. My opinion on this is that it gives an unfair advantage to the players whose last match would count if they don't face as many opponents as others did; it makes their worst possible score higher than someone in a full race. However, we've seen some players who know that it's an extra match applying very different tactics and trying to spoil the match for other players rather than simply trying to win.

Does anyone have any opinions on this issue? It primarily applies to kart, but occasionally to melee a little bit as well.

In case you didn't see them yet, here are the new forums:

Aside from that, what about the Clan Battle for Smash?

And what about the averaging both Clan Smash and Clan Kart and eliminating two clans at once, giving them each 1500 points so that all 3,000 points are distributed and the Kart/Smash bias is eliminated in the Clan Battle.

No, Eli you are mistaken. John is saying that when someone is missing from a race (i.e. left early, dad dragged them off, etc.) that we throw in an extra player orteam so there are 8 players in each race. I somewhat agree with that also because having a 6 player match is just so different than a 8 player match. I find this very attractive if we can just draw people from the last match like we did in the last tournament.

i agree with what eli said, and i agree with what duck said, but i think that person should be someone that the filler people should be someone thats not in a clan to avoid trying to spoil another clan's chances.

and eli, the issue you mentioned really should be adressed, in the last qualifying round of cart, we have 2 teams from We Are Hard as filler teams, and since there were two bros and co teams there too, we tried our best to make sure they lose, and it turned out that the We Are Hard teams got first and second, while the bros and co teams got like 7th and 5th,

which shows that we need to have non clan affliated people as filler, but WE NEED FILLER, 6 player matches are lame

on the 19th, I will be waiting in line at GameStop at about 5 in the morning.

*Stands up* My name is Matthew and I have no life *sits down*


matt, did you preorder one? good luck getting one on launch day if you didnt

i Would disagree a 6 man match isin going to effect anything because the top players dont leave after melee(as is big reason thre are these spots) they stay for the whole deal. So really you dont lose much talent in your race and a 6th has the same idea of an 8th you need a 1st although a 6th and a 2nd might squeak u by but there really isnt that much of a difference.

One thing about this season that has made it so different than the first two seasons is equalier competion. 35 players have placed in an event there are only 72 possibile spots and if you take out the top5's 21 finals you have 50/30 or 1.66 finals a person. As well as only twice as there been repeat winners team kart and single melee (correct me if im wrong). One big reason especially in kart is there are about 20ish player that have the aptitude to win or place in kart so about 18 of them move on each time than 8 of them get to the final race where it is a luck of draw with some skill.
I just felt like sharing that.

i dont really understand what you are saying bad driver, but i do agree that this season, the power is much less unbalanced, i mean like, theres a hug difference between the first place player and like the 10th place player, and the clans, there is an almost 12000 point difference between the first and the 4th clans, we need to get more balanced

actually i was sayimg quite contrary i was saying this season things are incredibily balanced

fjw do you and mike s. want to come to my house next weekend?

Bad driver, both pickwick and I have placed 2 in single kart (3 times for me if you count preseason (hmm the preseason scores for the singles MK final race aren't entered)). Plus Lain has placed twice in team melee. Actually it looks like there have been several repeat winners. So it looks like people that have won once tend to win a second time.

Mike Song- No I forgot and was at school that day


not wining though but i think compared to previous years the winning has been a little more spread out

Can u please bring a Tv 4 the Mich-OSU game for the next tourney?

limabean, i cant come to your house, but RILEY, COME TO MATT KLOIBER'S HOUSE, WERE HAVING A BIG CLAN BATTLE/TOURNEY THERE, email him for the info and everything, or you can just go to the real forum for the info


y do the toubble monkies still exist? without joe they are nothin...
and same w/ vmc... their whole clan is duck, and bonuses...
[gtlogo:BNC] i cant go :(

My old name 'Ownerer' got merged with my newer name 'Pwnerer' so now if you look at the round four results from last year, my name is erased and it just leaves a weird gap there.

It's pretty funny.



This is the information for the Clan Practice thing on the 28th, and I need you all to help me with the Kart ruleset, as I am oddly unfamiliar with even the one that is used at the library.

i think i can come

Hey guys from the other two clans, you should come because I really want to test out this software for tournaments, and because I'm using the 'location/crew' distribution setting and we need more than two crews to come hahaha.

That's only Smash though. And since Bros. and Co and The Turtle Clan have a lot of Kart players, it'd be nice to show support for that game there. Unfortunately, since Kart isn't a 1v1 kind of thing, my software won't work with it :(. Which means we'll keep track of things differently.

As for the prize game, we'll see. But the top 4 clans should make an effort to stay on top!

Eli was on the boards today...

But he was sneaking around! 0 posts!

1 quick thought- how are we going to do kart if I don't have LAN cables for the GameCubes???

good question, we could just do 4 player cart, with the top 2 moving on

ELI, you still havent qualified That other guy...
were gonna need him at the grands

How much do they cost?

EDIT: 4 player would also work, but then you'd have to deal with the tiny screens you get in 4 player.

Does anyone else think the Clan Battle rules could use some revision?

This would eliminate the bias and make things a little easier for no-smash/no-kart clans.

First, have all four clans play Smash and Double Dash. Then, have the clans with the two lowest cumulative score for both games be eliminated, and award each clan 1,500 points. Then, proceed as usual and have the two remaining clans play the surprise game.

In the event of a tie, use the clan's cumulative score for the day to break it.

I meant to Edit, not Reply.


I agree most whole-heartedly

That's not the point of these tournaments, though. You guys still aren't getting it. The whole point is to be good at both games, Melee and Kart. If anything, we want to eliminate no-melee/no Kart clans, and have people build balanced clans across both games.
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WAH is THE most balanced clan

But you don't have to be good at Melee to make it to the Melee round in the clan battle.

And you wouldn't have to be good at Kart to make it to the Kart round if Melee came first.

So the current system doesn't eliminate no-Melee clans, it just eliminates no-kart clans.

And of course, if someone wants to help me learn Kart I'll help him/her learn Melee.

i kan kind of help you cisco and it does eliminate non-melee clans because if they make it past kart then they will be kicked out in melee

eli, wat qualifies you in the GC's?

It's easier to get eliminated in Kart though, and also, the one that gets eliminated in Melee gets an extra 1,000 points.

And if there are people who are really good at Kart that would help. But we should practice kart sometime limabean.

Like, I could help TP2/Duck do really well in Smash if they wanted to.

GAH!!! The Grammar Polices' heads asplode after reading limabean's posts!!!!!!!!

However, I think that the clan cup should revolve around three mystery games of the loosing clans' choice.

nah cisco, if you want kart help, i'll help you, i have probably the best tech there, but if you want like kart mindgames, mike s can help you with that, but pure tech, i can handle that, in return, you can help me get a secondary for smash

SAY SOMETHING IF YOU ARE COMING TO THE Practice thing on the 28th of October.


Hey guys,

If you plan on coming to the practice battle at That other guy.../ballooneater's house, PLEASE POST A REPLY. Contrary to what we said earlier, EVERYONE is invited. We will have SSBM, and MKDD, and a mystery game. If everyone can bring $5 to the battle, we can have monetary prize too, if no one brings money, there will still be a prize (but its a secret right now). I will post the rules here. So far we have about 7-10 people.

Heres the contact information:

12PM to 5PM on October 28th, 2006
2854 Chaseway Ct. (Fleming Creek Phase 2) on the corner of Dixboro and Plymouth
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone number: 734-665-3906

Bring your own controller.

Ownerer will have special tourney software that we will use for smash (We will decide on AADL-GT rules, or official rules). Anyone have any ideas for a mario kart ruleset, or should we just use the one they have at the library (BTW, we are trying to get a LAN adapter for the gamecube, if we can't we will just figure it out.

End Edit**

Ballooneater's parents are so nice, we should thank them for letting us come to their house.

PEOPLE FROM Turtle Clan and Bros. and Co. YOU GUYS NEED TO COME, YOU ALL LIVE CLOSE (like within 5 mins driving, matt lives in Fleming Creek), SO COME!

List of people who said they are gonna come (Note the lack of mario kart players, *cough*Turtleperson2, you need to come*cough*:

That other guy.../ballooneater
Mike S/swain212
Various little brothers...

i can go for sure

FRIEND 1 of Swordmaster

to the list of ppl coming

sigh, neither me nor ryan can come... o well
and does any1 have more then 18 team melee wins?
wow, d-rex has 18 kart wins...
18 good #, shows ur skilled!
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:BNC]

we have thirteen and have only been to three tourneys, beat that


FOR THE TOURNEY AT MATT'S HOUSE, PLEASE BRING $5 for singles smash, and 5 more (per person) for teams, we have lots of people now, so expect first place to be around 90-100 dollars

I have 43 wins in Singles, and 16 in teams.

HEY GUYS, guess who else made an account on the new boards.


does this imply that they are gonna make the new boards official, now that eli and ejk both have accounts, hmmmmmmm


btw, EVERYONE NEED TO BRING at least 5 dollars for the tourney, but you should bring 10

COME, we worked hard on planning this and getting tvs, gcs, etc.

Sorry Mike, but seeing as this tourney is at my house, I think that it is only fair to say that no money is required for participation, there will be a separate "money match" for those who want to.

*sigh* ok whatever, but the money will make it much more fun, oh well, i guess, bring money if you wanna

can i not bring money and just not win anything

i guess, but please bring money, it would make it more fun and make people try harder, you can just bring the money and decide whether you want to use it there

FJW i like how u decided how the tourtament was going to go without even asking Matt :). I doubt i will go neither will anyone in TC. Also why would you need 5 hour to do this tha is alot of time unless you only have one tv. So if you were doing kart havea random 3 or 4 qualifaction than if htere are 16 people ish there have 8 move on to a best of 3 4 person races. So people would be divided with seeds 1,2,7,8 on one station and 3,4,5,6 on another to do 3 races and top4 move on to sudden death. Co-op if you do it have each team do a cup with another team and overall top grandprix scores do another cup than a one on one finale. Just my idea

lol yeah,

but i live your idea for mario kart, but we really only had mario kart so turtle clan would come, so it might just end up being a smash tourney if the TURTLES DONT COME!!

i want to play kart

the grands should be good this year, how does it work?(i qualified last season but forgot to go)

lol, nice bean.

i have no idea how they work, i think major tom was trying to explain it to me, but i didnt really get it.

and if enough people wanna play kart, we'll play

and bean, i can help you out with your cart tech



If I can come, I'd also like to play Kart.

But what is "Kart tech"...?

just technique,

tech isnt actually anything, but "teching" in smash is pressing l, r or z when you hit the ground after getting hit

Kart example of tech is mini turbos

and dodging red shells, blue shells, etc

I bet half the people at these tournies don't know how to tech in melee =(

ok, i think we have enough people who say they wanna play kart, so out of the 5 hours or so, 2.5 hours for smash, 1.5 hours for kart, 15 mins mystery game, 45 mins of free play


How many people really want to play Kart?


pickwick if he comes, ummmm, that other guy, UMMMMMMMM, idk

i dont care if we play cart or not, i would actually prefer an all smash tourney, but i guess we cant just shun the people that want to play cart, so we'll see


but we will have a seperate smash only event for those who did bring money

and the smash only event will be awesome.

If you don't know how to tech in Smash..........
I mean, even I know how to do that


r the royster bros coming or not? we need a definite answer because we need to know apporoximately how many tvs and stuff we are gonna need

and cisco, besides bringing a tv, can you bring your GC too?

i can tech, bomb tech, wall tech, etc...

bomb tech?

ive never heard of this, maybe its cause i play ICs

It's when you eat a bomb and your head asplodes...LOL

it is only for link, it's where you are up against a ceiling and you throw the bomb up and tech off the ceiling i think it is just so you can get your up b

also i can bomb dash like a third of the time now

is it just me, or do i not know WTH bomb tech and bomb dashing is

oh yeah


but congrats bean, nonetheless, i need to play you in a link ditto, and i'll own you with up b, lol