Zoom Lends DVDs now available at all AADL locations

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Now you don't have to get in line to see the hottest movies! Beginning Friday, October 20, a selection of popular DVD titles will be available for rental at all AADL locations for $1 per week. All Zoom Lends copies are available on a first come, first served basis.


Hi. What is "Zoom Lends"? I tried doing a search on it, but it keeps just pointing me back to AADL (even through Google). Thanks, --lon

Hi lon, Zoom Lends is a rental collection. The cost is $1 per week. Zoom Lends copies are separate from the regular collection and aren't used to fill holds, so even if there's a huge holds list for a popular title (such as there is for Thank you for smoking right now), you stand a chance of actually finding a Zoom Lends title on the shelf. We don't have a great way to search for Zoom Lends titles, but if a particular title has Zoom copies, they'll be listed along with the regular copies in the catalog under the call number "Zoom Lends DVD". In addition to the title above, we currently have Zoom Lends copies of Click, Prairie Home Companion, Break-Up and X Men The Last Stand. More are on the way.

So does this get charged to my library account or what? I just checked out one yesterday without realizing it. It was in with the regular DVDs. When I got home I realized it had the "Zoom Lends" sticker on it.

Yeah, me, too. I guess I should have paid more attention. Is it supposed to appear on your online account?

Are Zoom Lends shelved alphabetically with the other DVDs or in a special section at the Downtown branch?

Hi! The Zoom Lends DVDs are in a section near the beginning of the DVDs.