WAH with slim lead heading into Round 3

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With all Clan Bonuses awarded, we have an incredibly tight race for the top of the Clan Standings, as Clan We Are Hard comes from nowhere to take a miniscule 8-point lead over Turtle Clan. WAH's meteoric rise was the big story of round 2, as [gtplayer:504] shot up to 2nd place on the Leaderboard, still almost 400 points behind [gtplayer:143]. However, it was WAH's savvy acquisition of emerging Melee titans The Royster Brothers (#5 [gtplayer:614] and #6 [gtplayer:606]), and their 5850 points, that enabled WAH to catapult into first place after winning the Round 2 Clan Battle with a somewhat anticlimactic match of F-Zero GX. Read on for the full (and belated) details...

A light turnout brought only 76 players to the Single-player Melee event. The final match was a repeat of Friday Night's no items Melee tournament, as [gtplayer:614] faced off against the usually unstoppable [gtplayer:483] whom he had defeated friday night. However, this time, [gtplayer:483] of It's Called a Crew was victorious, defeating [gtplayer:614] and keeping We Are Hard from making it to the top of the Clan Standings. [gtplayer:606] defeated [gtplayer:349] to take 3rd place.

Moving on to the Team melee event with 39 teams registered. With many teams going 1-1 in qualification, we used clan standings to determine which of them would move on. The final matches came down to NIXON's BAAAAAAACK ([gtplayer:788] and [gtplayer:509]) of the Pocket Rockets versus Royster-powered Team Silence for first place, with NIXON'S BAAAAAACK narrowly claiming victory. BEATUSANDDIE ([gtplayer:737] and [gtplayer:738]) of We Are Hard faced a team ([gtplayer:417] and [gtplayer:483]) from It's Called a Crew, with BEATUSANDDIE taking 3rd and the points piling up for We Are Hard.

As we switched over the Mario Kart, we were treated to an all-star final match including [gtplayer:143], [gtplayer:183] of Black Shark Clan, #7 [gtplayer:197] of Bros & Co, and [gtplayer:431], all of whom failed to place, as WAH's rising Kart Star [gtplayer:504] took 1st, The Right Honourable [gtplayer:325] of The Foreign Exchange taking 2nd, and #3 [gtplayer:168] and #11 [gtplayer:736] of Bros & Cos taking 3rd and 4th.

Running supiciously on time, Mario Kart Team Race began with 29 teams vying for a precious win and a shot at the Clann Battle. The final match went to the impressive and surprisingly unaffiliated Doll-e-mart (#16 [gtplayer:431] and #18 [gtplayer:371]) splitting the $40 1st prize, Turtle Clan's Savage Brothers claiming 2nd, The Blue Warriors ([gtplayer:377] and Black Shark Clan's kart wunderkind, #10 [gtplayer:457]) taking 3rd, and 4th going to The Silent Assassins (Clan Crusher's [gtplayer:381] and [gtplayer:152]).

That sent Turtle Clan and Bros & Co back to the Clan Battle, to face off against It's Called a Crew and We Are Hard. The Melee-strong It's Called A Crew fell in the Mario Kart round, and then Bros & Cos lost both their Melee Matches. With the Surprise Game F-Zero GX, the more familiar team from WAH handily beat the Savage brothers to claim a Clan Battle win and pass the Turtles in the standings.

It's anyone's game next weekend as Round 3 brings the top and aspiring Clans together again, with one of only two remaining Clan Battles up for grabs and $360 in prizes on the line, Saturday, October 14th, from Noon-5 PM at the Downtown Library. Registration is now open, and self-checkin is fixed, so register in advance and skip the line!

Also don't miss our first Guitar Hero tournament for all ages, Friday Night, 10/13, from 6-9, and even a Pokémon Tournament for kids on Sunday 10/15, from 1-4 PM. See you there!

UPDATE: We had an error in our scoring that had Oroachimaru beating Pwnerer in singles smash finals... Pwnerer was indeed the winner, meaning that WAH had 400 points too many! Turtles are again on top!


8 points wow! We are hard is definetly a clan to beat, but i dont think they have the kart. Also eli how come when me and bro place in co-op you never put our teams in parenthese:). Also Ben Doll is use to splitting first prize(season 1 round 3). Also will the coming round be on CTN? Am I invited back for more commentating? Thank you very much for the results. My only real knock agnaist WAH is that they arernt to closley affilated to eachother, As TC and Bros and cos all went to the same elementraey school and 2/3 of them live in one neighberhood.

Oh is any good melee player is out of a partner like i am i could use one. im good in melee with a 4th in singles and a 3rd in team this season.

Heh. "WAH". That made me chuckle.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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I just realized something for team melee me and tru dog played #2 and #4 teams talk about bad seeding.


Guitar Hero date=Homecoming game


darn you, marching band!!!!111!!!one!!!!eleven!!

eli have u put up the bros and co symbol yet cuz i emailed it to u like 3 months ago

Eli, you do realize that I won Smash Singles on Saturday?

Tournament is at 5 PM, at 2907 Baylis Dr., and the entrance fee is 7 dollars.

^ be there or be a n00b =o

and saturday is the 14th, not the 15th <_<

We Are Hard is definitely the best clan, and the 4 original members (FJW, Juggleguy, Mike S, and That other guy have been freinds forever) as for the newest members, will and phil the royster brothers, they are my new friends, and they happily joined our clan

and yeah We Are Hard is definitely the clan to beat, so good luck everyone, and BRING IT ON!

um... i disagree with that but we will se how things go saturday

Wait, didn't anyone else notice that Eli has incorrect information in his post regarding my Saturday placing?

Tomorrow, bring 7 dollars and a controller! 316 W Stadium
If you need to talk to Joel (host) AIM me at sdmsaa, and I'll give you his number.


We Are Hard is the best clan only because Rupert and I moved =P

no guys i think you misunderstand (word?). POCKET ROCKETS is the best clan. you'll see..... ; )

our clan kicks but its just that we only had 2 people at round 1

Are you coming on Sunday, Limabean?


Double Elimination, seeded.
All matches are best of 3 until finals. Winner's finals, loser's finals, and the finals are all best of 5.
4 stock, 8 minute time limit
Neutrals: Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi's Story, Fountain of Dreams, Dreamland64, PokeStadium, Donkey Kong 64
Stages banned: Hyrule Temple, Yoshi's Island, Fourside, Brinstar Depths, Big Blue, Termina, Flatzone, Icicle Mountain, Venom, Onett, MKI, MKII, and Yoshi's Island 64.
One stage cancellation per set
Advanced slob picks: Loser picks stage, winner changes character, loser changes character
Double Blind pick may be called at any time
Ties broken by stock/percentages
No items
No in-game coaching is allowed. Coaching is only allowed between matches, and the player and coach may only discuss for a maximum of 1 minute.

DOUBLES RULES (7$ per team member)
Double Elimination, seeded.
All matches are best of 3 until finals. Winner's finals, loser's finals, and the finals are all best of 5.
4 stock, 8 minute time limit
Neutrals: Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi's Story, Rainbow Cruise, Dreamland64, PokeStadium
Stages banned: Hyrule Temple, Yoshi's Island, Fourside, Brinstar Depths, Big Blue, Termina, Flatzone, Icicle Mountain, Venom, Onett, MKI, MKII, and Yoshi's Island 64.
One stage cancellation per set
Advanced slob picks: Losers picks stage, winners changes characters, losers changes characters
Double Blind pick may be called at any time
Ties broken by stock/percentages
No items
No in-game coaching is allowed. Coaching is only allowed between matches, and the player and coach may only discuss for a maximum of 1 minute.
Team Attack ON
Life Stealing Allowed

Word up to my brother from another asian mother, FJW, just to let you guys all know, I have been practicing about 3-5 times a week with FJW during the last 3 weeks, who lives across the street from me. Next week, do NOT underestimate the power of FJW in singles smash, as he has lately been studying and relentlessly improving his superior ice climber skills. As Mike likes to refer to his new pair of icy's, like a new car.

not only is our clan in first but also, we made up 3,000 pts in the last tournoment alone

I'll bet that if we changed the rules of the aadlgt tournaments to OFFICIAL ssbm rules, and we publicized it on smash boards that we would increase the attendance at the aadgt tournaments incredibly. Not only would more people be going to the library, but more skillful players would attend. I dont understand why we dont change.

Because we don't want skilled SSB players to attend. We want potential library patrons who happen to be into the hobby of videogaming to come and increase their use of the library system. You guys are trying to turn this into an actual video game tournament, which was not the original intent.
"OK, next year we're going to change the tournament name from AADL-GT to AADL-GR... "Goat Rodeo!!!" - Eli
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lol mike,

this tourney will never be a real tourney and im fine with that, if it was, we wouldnt have mario kart, unless it was like time trials.

but its fun the way it is, cause it takes not only skill to win, but luck and pansy skills too.

and yeah everyone, i have gotten quite a bit better, but i dont know, the only ppl ive played these past weeks are swain212 and this sucky marth guy, and my little brother's pichu, but idk.

ya pwnerer im coming, fjw do you want to be my partner

edit:can i bring some of my friends

Everyone with 7 dollars to their name is allowed to come.


Yes you can bring your friends.

is it 7$(team and single) per event or just 7$ overall

If you want to do singles, it's 7 dollars.

If you want to do doubles, it's ANOTHER 7 dollars PER team player.

I'm sorry that I killed our clan score...

FJW- You should study for Phy Sci and not SSBM...

I know only the wah people use this blog now but just in case anyone else sees this is anyone partnerless for team melee i am avalibile and i am pretty good and play link

lol phy sci is easy, and bad driver i bet i can beat you in a link ditto

ok. Did i ever say i was better than you?

k you didnt, but whatever i dont wanna start an argument with a little kid

haha jk


you always mess up the stuff for BEATUSANDDIE

beat us and die is FRIEDjellyWALNUT and Juggleguy not That other guy...

ohhh so its beatusanddie, from how eli says it it doesnt sound like it, its more like beetisanddye, which led me to believe youre names are like beetis and dye lol

lol swordmaster, thats pretty funny

hey cicso

sry i couldnt go to the tourney, what where the results?

FJW in case u havent noticed Eli rarely checks this blog. Also swordmaster i would be happy to play agnaist you

ok, link ditto on saturday before the tourney starts, though i might be a lil late cuz i have the plan test that morning

yeah ur right mike,

oh well, worth a try, he needs to have someone proofread these before he posts them,
he always makes so many mistakes, but i guess posting at 11:53 pm gives him a excuse

and btw, my name is mike s too, and i would prefer you guys address me as mike instead of as FJW, which just looks funny lol

jw, what grade is everyone in?

im a sophomore

I am also sophomoronic...


Next mystery game=????DDR Mario Mix?????

I won the small tournament thing.

First: Me

Second: Dope_Dizzle

Third: Milk

Fourth: Prime

The non-me people in the top 4 are from Wixom, Michigan.

People there:

Shenron Almighty
Chris (Friend of Limabean's?)
Kenny (No alias at AADL)
King Malice (Smashboards)
King Malice's Brother

King Malice got 5th

Piratey Critter, and MDidget got eliminated by Wixom people, and eliminated AGAIN by Wixom (in losers)

Shenron Almighty, and Limabean didn't really make much of an impression, and everyone else pretty much lost round 1/2.

was it a money match?

i might need a partner for team smash bad driver

It was a small tournament.

More people should come next time :(

Oops. Sorry about the double post

i could be your partner, Derek...

yes!!! we need derek 2 be with michael, becuz that wud b awesome and powerful! how wud the points work out? wud half go 2 turtle and half go 2 us? is chris not coming then? or is he just not doing smash?
I AM GOSU I WILL PWN U I AM L33T!!! [gtlogo:SDK]

i want 2 vs ownerer in a practice match, last time i played him I got him to 1 life and like 30 dmg, but that wuz last year... so ill probably be ownd...

Anyone willing to be my Smash partner???

I'm not that bad, I just don't always win...

D-rex who do u play as? If youre willing to be with me ill do it because you are probally an ok player, but i dont want to finilaze anything yet because i still need to talk to other people k?

isnt ur smash partner mike swain

im going, so we have 6 ppl comeing, you dont need a smash partner, the ppl in our clan have all of our partnerships set

Ok mike

D-rex plays peach...

lol peach + link = ULTIMATE NOOB COMBO (downsmash/turnip span and up b/bomb span)
LOL, believe it or not, this strategy works, VERY VERY well on FD

i dominate peachs now with my ICs
just ask mike

ifi change my name to mitch can i be in we are hard?¿!

anyone wanna be in my clan? im making one, and we need 1 more, 2 if one of my friends don't come. And in case anyone's interested i just like you to know that we're a smash clan, we don't stay for mario kart.

LOL, everyone wants to be in We Are Hard, first ownerer then limabean, i guess its called a crew is falling part, LOL

and swordmaster, good luck getting anywhere with only smash, cause seriously unless you completely sweep smash (like first 4 places) in singles and doubles, your clan is screwed without mario kart.

well, the main reason for my making a clan is because at the last tourney there was a big tie on the last spots for the elimination rounds of team melee. And the people in a clan got to advance, and besides we're going to mongolian bbq or some other place after it, and thats way better than mario kart

LOL, i guess thats pretty smart, or you can just be like our clan, check out this stat i dugged up..


yeah cuz you never played my team, jk. But me and my teammate is hating each other right now cuz of some stuff so i might not have a team.

tsk tsk, the tournament hasnt even started, and we already have ppl fighting

he took my $32 and used it to preorder guild wars, and wont pay me back!


That tourney was sweet, i two-stock someone in a peach ditto twice :)

Those Wixom people rock

everyone thats not A2 orginated rocks, there are too many noob azns in A2


ownerer DRINKS!!!!?!?!?!?!??!
*falls over on floor and hurts head*

i TOTALLY WISH I WAS MEXICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Arrow to the left) 3-0'd Dope_Dizzle aka "Wixom's Finest"

EDIT: Not azn!

EDIT2: What are you talking about?

my friend bigtummy could be in your clan and maybe someone else

im challenging ownerer to a money match (actually it was more like he challenged me) so you all need to go out and support me.

yo wat up sword master i miht join but it is kindas stupid not to stay for mario kart i mean even if you come in 7th at least you still get some points ya kno?

And they end up killed by theyselves, dead, lyin in a bed, with their loved ones screaming till their face turn red.-EMO by red

btw, it was lain's peach that i owned into oblivion =P

just to let you know

The real action started after the tourney: Me and Joel vs Cisco!

@ flara- yeah i know i can get points on mario kart, but even if i stay it wont mean everyone else is staying.....who are you in the aadl tourneys?

Eli still has wrong information in his results post :(


If winning Smash Singles was worth 1100 points instead of 700 (which for some reason is marked incorrectly on my record), then WAH is NOT in first place in clans. They lose four hundred points to It's Called a Crew.

AGAIN: I won on Saturday not on Friday. I lost the no-items tournament to Oroachimaru and won the next day in singles!

The Foreign Exchange will, at long last, be at this tournament. There are five of us this time, instead of last month's two and August's zero, so we'll actually have a chance to score some points. We may never catch up to the leaders at this point, but we could easily move up to fourth, and possibly even third, by the end.

hm, last month BEATUSANDDIE got 2nd at team but eli marked it as 3rd, but it didnt end up affecting the score, it was just eli being misinformed


Ok, scores and post are fixed, thanks, Pwnerer... and you're absolutely right, that robs WAH of their lead and puts the turtles back on top! This saturday should be interesting.

As to the regulation/non-regulation ongoing arguments, at this point, our tournaments are coming very close to the fire code of the room, meaning that we don't want to get a big influx of crowds. That's also why we're not doing the quality 16 advertising this season. However, we are planning a standalone SSB tournament in February that will be regulation. No Items, Neutral stages only, advanced slobs? Perhaps. We'll talk about it more as we get closer, but the regular GT season will retain that luck element that keeps the less skilled players coming back for more.

Also, we will be back to 3:00 time limit on Saturday to cut down on the sudden death, and we're working on adding support for double-elimination into our software. Any other questions?

um yeah,

.. since we are hard isnt in first anymore, im glad you fixed the scores, but you might want to edit the first paragraph

all in all, it doesnt matter, we are hard will be in first by so much by the end of saturday, it wont matter at all

Eli one questiom/ suggestion. I know this might seem a little complicated, but for kart qualifactions i know you want to speed things up by having only flower cup. Well how bout for everyones first race roughly it is on mushroom cup than when most people are having their second race move it to flower than third qual move to star cup and for first round elimniation move it to special since most people will be ok who have reached this point. Than the rest be random.
Swordmaster who do u play as for team? I might have to take you up on your offer.

will this tourney be on CTN recorded and am i invited back for commentating?

and eli, a real smash tourney in february would be an amazing idea, you should check out the rule list that ownerer used at his tournament, those are basically the rules that are used at major tourneys

jebus cripes! 30 posts a day! anyways, first off FJW I have won every qualifying match science last november in melee sept for 2 (1 that i threw for Doomblaze) second, wuts with the melee only turnys can we get som MKDD only? and eli did u get my email with the clan symbol?,cuz i emaild it 2 u like 3 months ago er somthin

Bros 'n' co.

hey monkeyman, how do you get ur clan symbol to be always next to your name

[gtlogo:sdk] [gtlogo:sdk) sept with a WAH instead of sdk and use square parenthesis ] not round )

is there supposed to be a word in front of the word "with" because all i see is 2 dots, maybe there is something wrong with my com

Nice to see turtles back on top.


we'll see about that

*evil laughter* muahahahahahahahaha

Eli, I'd like to talk to you about the Neutral stages.

The Midwest is known for having a varied stage selection (less bannings, overall, more stages on Random) so I'd like to keep that trend for the AADL tournament in February. Also, I think my version of DSR is way better than the regular DSR. And Advanced Slobs are crucial!

oh no, its in February, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i wont be here that like whole month

*sobs into my spongebob pillow*

*parent shouts from other room*: "There's always next year!"

*me*: *sobs louder*

The rules I used at my tournament were slightly modified. Obviously I ban controller modifications except cosmetic.

Generally, random stages are: Pokemon Stadium, Dreamland 64, Fountain of Dreams, Yoshi's Story (not the N64), Final Destination, and Battlefield.

I added Rainbow Cruise and Donkey Kong 64 to random.

Regular DSR = Once a stage has been played on, it is banned for the remainder of the set.

My DSR = When counterpicking, a player cannot pick the stage he/she last won on, even through random selection.

Standard Ban List:
- Mushroom Kingdom
- Mushroom Kingdom II
- Flatzone
- Icicle Mountain
- Princess Peach's Castle
- Great Bay
- Venom
- Hyrule Temple
- Yoshi's Island
- Yoshi's Story 64
- Onett
- Fourside
- Big Blue
- Brinstar Depths

My Ban List:
- Mushroom Kingdom
- Mushroom Kingdom II
- Flatzone
- Icicle Mountain
- Great Bay
- Venom
- Hyrule Temple
- Yoshi's Island
- Yoshi's Story 64
- Fourside
- Big Blue
- Green Greens

So they're a little bit different, as you can see, my ruleset and the standard one.

But the final decisions are up to you, Eli.

Princess Peach's castle should be banned (stupid wall allows for HUGE COMBOS *cough* fox=shine+wavedash down+shine again, rinse lather repeat=at least at zillion damage *cough*), but onett shouldn't (cars save ppl from being stuck against a wall),

BRINSTAR DEPTHS SHOULD DEFINITELY BE BANNED (its not on ur list, r u crazy!??!?!)!!!! and i agree with banning green greens too (stupid blocks)

anyway, if the tourney ends up being on a friday night there probably wont be enough time for best of out 3 or 5 AND double elimation, you should do either one, but not both

i think it should be double elimation but 1 match per set, that way you dont need to worry about counter-picking rules, and we could keep stages random (but only nuetrals of course)

I think all stages except FD should be banned...
But that's just my opinion...

no, cause then everyone will choose falco (SHL) and samus (missiles), and people that play ICs like me, will have to live with getting nailed by projectiles from far away, and when we finally approach the opponent, i will already have about 50 damage

In team melee i'll play sheik, falco, marth and maybe link, Ill choose depending on who the opposing team uses, if theres no marth on the other team ill play as jigglypuff.

@ bad driver- ill put some thoughts into your offer

In need of a PARTNER for TEAM MELEE this saturday! Let me know if you're interested and I'll think about it.

Brinstar shouldn't be banned.

I agree about Princess Peach's Castle though. I think it was a mistake when I removed it :\

I think it should ALSO be known that ICs are best on FD. That's the only stage they're really good against Falco/Fox on.