Downtown Elevator Repair Update: Downtown Library Is Open Friday, August 29

The final phase for the repairs to the Downtown public elevator has begun and the Library will be open Friday, August 29. This phase of the repair work will take 5 to 8 days to complete, so the work will continue into next week. Please ask the staff for assistance if you are unable to use the stairs. You will be escorted through the building using our freight elevator.

The work includes welding and the related noise will be unavoidable. If the fumes and/or the expected noise from the welding pose a problem for you or your family, please consider using one of the other library branches until the repair is finished.

We did not relocate Holds for this week's closure, and apologize if this was an inconvenience for you. Please call 327-4219 for information about Hold items. We will extend the time to pick up affected Holds through Sunday, August 31.

Thank you for your supportive comments, calls, and emails. We all appreciate it very much! If you are looking to catch up, the full saga of a worn out elevator can be found at



Wouldn't it be easier to just announce the days the downtown library IS open?

You've communicated very well and done all you can to be helpful to the patrons. Thank you for all the extra work.


Thanks for the pat on the back. I appreciate it very much.


Closed again? :(
Thanks for the update!

Just kidding!

Alas, my Summer Game Roos Roast is being held at the downtown branch, but it was helpful to know that instead of arriving to a closed library on Thursday.

Thank you again for keeping us updated. I can't wait to ride the repaired elevator!

Thank you for all of the updates. In the middle of a situation which is frustrating for all, it definitely helps to have current information and explanations.