Badge Drop #11: Drop the Beat

Okay Summer Gamers, it's Friday, and Friday means BADGE DROP! And this week we have a very special musical episode of Summer Game Badge Drop. We've got a few new Pop Music badges for you and some musical installments of Lydia and Constellations. I guess that's it for the musical theme really, but what can you expect? Isn't part of what you love about the Summer Game how CRAZY RANDOM it is? We've got plenty for you non-music lovers, too, including a new Explorer (this time you are headed to the UM Museum of Natural History!) and TWO Player Picks from fabulous players KathyD and Zigzagog!

Let's go to the badgelist:

2014 Badge Drop #11

Now that your brains are all salivating over delicious new badges, there's something we should discuss. It's August 22, which means fall is on its way soon. And if there's one thing we leave behind in the fall (get it, leave, like the leaves fall, nevermind), its the Summer Game! That's right, there are only 10 DAYS LEFT before the Summer Game closes its doors for another season. So what does that mean for you, dear player? It means you've got until midnight on Sunday, August 31 to earn all of those badges you've been putting off, tag, rate, and review all of those items in the catalog, and get to all of those library branches, local businesses, and terrarium locales to complete your code collections! That's 10 DAYS AND COUNTING!

And, as always--say it along with me--THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Lydia was tricky - but don't give up.
I had to go to the 9th listing under Google for the lyrics to find the deleted lines - not in Wikipedia.

So... I take it the museum is because it was brought up in discussions, or was that just coincidence?

I've always wanted to go to the museum of natural history

@AprilCDB - actually, it was coincidence! we had already done the preliminary design on that badge when the idea came up in the comments. we were happy to see the interest, knowing what we had up our sleeves!

Done with all of the badges except for the event ones and the 2 latest park explorer badges. I hope to get those this weekend! Thanks to the AADL team for all their hard work!

Yeah thanks to the staff for a great game this year!

I just started playing from last week.

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am trying to complete a badge that was introduced called ghost world and it is the badge with Casper the friendly ghost on it and it is in the unearthly collection. I need to find both the first and final code of the badge and I am hoping some of you summer gamers can give me a few more clues as to where to find the codewords. I have been stumped on these two clues for weeks now so I am really hoping some of you can help me.
Thanks so much for all the help

1) search for _____ tavern, think Halloween and _____ attractions at Halloween

2) first locate the mans name that claimed he was haunted by the widow using a google search. If you end up in Dixboro, you're on the right track. In old news search the mans last name only.

i must be missing something but I can't seem to find the code in the doughnut badge related to the Westside doughnut shop. I was pretty sure I had the right deli, but none of the names seem to get me to a cookbook.

@elsbetherin Try using just the first part of the name, not the whole thing. One item should show up in the catalog

It had been asked earlier what people's favorite badges are. Now I have to go with You Can Learn A Lot From Lydia. I had heard the song, but didn't really remember it apparently, because only now I understand why all those seemingly random things were put in the same category. I won't go into all the cool things I read today completing the final badge because it might give too much away, but anything that leads you to Kermit the Frog singing is good stuff.

Can I get someone to confirm if the third code for the Kraken badge is active? I have found only one book featuring the botanist in question, but cannot find a code. I have tried every spelling I can find of the name in Latin, not getting anywhere.

And/or help???

The code works. Search for an 8 letter name with the final 3 vowels in alphabetical order. You should get 6 items, 2 with codes, one which works for the Kraken badge.

I've always had a hard time with the cryptic codes, but the kraken one is tough!

Yay for new badges! My kiddos and I are having a blast with the Summer game and reading a TON. Thanks AADL!

The Kraken badge was a ton of fun!

@elsbetherin i have been trying with a 4 letter word (or 5) but no results show up :(

I'm a little behind on the badges . . . but I think I will post this question here because chances are, no one will see the one I posted on a past badge drop. Hopefully, this doesn't annoy anyone like last time, but if it did, then I'm sorry.

Having a little trouble with the fourth clue on the Bewitching, Bettering Bats badge. I am quite sure I have the language, but I can't seem to find the book.

@elsbetherin and @purplelily, I am having the same trouble on the donuts badge! I think I know the name (one of my sons has become obsessed with going there this summer). I tried the full name, the first word, the first word + some combination of {donuts & cookbook}, and so on. Found an old code from 2013, but not the one for this badge yet. Argh! And the official hint is no help, unless there's another donut store on that boulevard that I am unaware of!

Has anyone had any issues with the last code of the "Name That Library" badge? I found an article that lists the hours, including the two days they were closed, but when I type them in as the code, it's not recognized. I've tried listing them as "___day___day", "___dayand___day", "___days___days", and "___daysand___days", to no avail. And yes, they're alphabetical. What am I missing?

Edit: Sorry, I figured it out. I was reading right over it. But for those wondering, you'll need to enter "___day___day." (No "and," and not plural)

@ jmock : are you searching for the language by including an "n" on the end? Such as "{X}ean" vs "{X}ea"? If so, drop the n and you should find the phrasebook, if you have the language right.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks the un-achieved donut badge looks like a tomato slice??

I was under the impression that the tiny eraser badge had been created already-- could someone advise? My son has successfully entered all four but no badge. Thanks!

I am at a complete loss as to how to do the star wars May the Force Be With You badge. Any help or hints would be much appreciated. I don't even know how to start. :(

camelsamba, I also do not know, and I think I've tried everything. Here's hoping we find out soon!

to all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the monster mash badge and I am having great trouble looking for the third code word of the badge. I have searched every possible way to find the answer and I still can not find the code word so I am hoping some of you gamers out there can help me with some more clues on where to find the clue word.
Thanks so much for the help,

Hyperventilating 0_0!!!! I feel out of time!!!

to all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the Nightshade badge and I am having great trouble finding the last code word in the badge so I am hoping some of you gamers out there can give me some more clues on where I can find the sixth code word to complete the badge.
Thanks so much for the help

Also, while I am delighted to see these explorer badges, it is kind of insane to release one ten days before the end! I wish all of these had been released earlier in the game. Unfortunately a small injury has really messed with my plans to finish last year's as well, and it will be a stretch if I finish this year's.

@kathscott Thanks! I feel like a doofus, turns out I had accidentally been searching Subject only instead of Keyword. Rookie mistake.

I agree willow, I am only able to get this weeks explorer badge because my surgery for yesterday got canceled as it was deemed I didn't need it. If it had not been canceled, I don't think I would have been able to complete it. While I enjoy the park badges, there needs to not be so many or released early in the game. Particularly ones which are close together and could be done on the same day (Aubudon, museum and art gallery for example).

Donut badge people: another hint, it's a pizza cookbook! You can google the name of that deli and donut shop and see a pizza place in chicago that wrote a book. Look for that!

@Lmd3577 - It's a bit misleading, as it is not bella signora, which is what you get when you google it. Try looking up the scientific name for 'deadly nightshade' and it'll be the 2nd word.

Donuts badge, the search doesn't seem to work anymore. When I got it, I had to try two different versions of the donut place and then the book was the only thing that came up and now I can't get it to come up.

Star Wars badge is 7 main characters, 5 heroes and 2 villains. Search each of their names by one name at a time. For example, if the name is John Smith you'd search John, find a code then Smith and find another code. The item your looking for will be an item that comes up that is not related to Star Wars. The characters are from the original trilogy, anyone familiar with Star Wars knows 6 of them without thinking, the 7th is easily googled if you don't know, just use the clue to find out what to search for (and yes, the two you think won't work because their names are only 4 characters long, do work).

Holy Kraken Batman! I generally save these for later, but after seeing the comments about how difficult it is I had to see for myself, the first code was simple enough, but do I seriously have to decode an entire paragraph!? Yikes! I'm not even sure I get what I'm supposed to do.

@AprilCDB I'm still working on the 2nd code! Luckily they do tell you that KRAKEN is in the paragraph, so that helped me decode some letters. I think this one is just gona take a lot of time!

It's nice to finally know who Lydia is!

10 days left? :'(

I've noticed that with the kraken badge, look for words you know will show up. Like 'catalog'. That word will most likely show up and it has repeating letters. From there it's just guessing and plugging in letters that fit.

I wish I knew about these months ago. They're pretty interesting but I guess I didn't pay enough attention.

Thank you benevolent badge-droppers! <3

MORE badges?! I thought the last batch was, well, the last. I am both excited and a tad dismayed. I won't be abke to get cracking on them for a couple of days, probably, so fingers crossed!

I really enjoy the history related clues, especially when you get to find old photos

Does the Summer Game have to end? The more I learn about it the more I love it. Big props to all the creators and contributors!

I'm working on the fourth code for the Kraken badge. I've tried searching the catalog using the character's name - first and/or last, original and newer name, the name of the show in all formats, the name of the actor who plays the character, what am I missing? I know I deciphered the clue correctly, so could someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you.

Thanks for the help with the donut badge. I'm stumped, too, and trying just the first part of the name got me zero results on the catalog. That's okay. I'll just move on to another badge. (There are so many to choose from!)

Now that I've reached the end, I can honestly say that Lydia was the most clever badge ever! Thank you!

I don't want to give it away, but I agree that searching the first part of the doughnut shop name will get you no where. It is the correct business you're thinking of. I found it by messing around on another website that lists lots of books..that's all I feel okay offering up. :)

I love the new badges! They're colorful and fun, but its a bummer that summer, and the summer game, is almost over.

I was able to complete the Donut badge on Friday, but today (Sunday) the link for the westside donut shop seems to have broken.

Proud to say I remembered enough from high school and college to do the 80s music badge without google help :)

I am going to make our novice driver take us to all the branches this week to get some practice hours in and finish up our branch explorers.

I'm working on the badge Monster Mash. I was able to easily get every game code except the first. I found the photo, but can't find any code. The clue doesn't mention anything like 'use the first two words'.

For those of you dreading the end of the summer game, why don't you try designing some of your own badges in the off-season to get ready for player picks next summer? I've had as much fun making badges as completing them.

Come up with an idea and name for your badge. Figure out at least 5 catalog entries that fit your theme, and paste the cataglog URLs for each into a document. For each one, figure out a clue, a hint, and a game code. You can also suggest an image for the badge.

The summer game team at AADL will add or edit your suggestions as needed.

@amym are you sure you found the photo? The code is under a photo of a 5 year old little girl waving. There is another girl standing next to her and a boy sitting in the background. Both girls appear to be wearing white dresses.

Love badge drops

My apologies to those working on the donut badge - as a few players mentioned, there *was* a catalog item that would come up when looking for the A2 donut shop in question, but it looks like at some point, that search/catalog record changed (odd, and I can't figure out why/how).

Work on a fix right now, but if you're stumped on the donut badge, I'd recommend holding off on that catalog search until tomorrow (Monday), when I'm hopeful things will be fixed.

Has anyone gotten the bonus code on the Kraken badge? Pretty sure I have the right answer, but not finding it.

Edit: never mind, I was searching for the group/movie, not the album/movie. Both group and album have a movie with the same name, only one is in the catalog.

The Lydia badges have been so fun!!

I had the same problem! My mom claims she just typed it in with no apostrophe and it came right up.

@zekicmom, Make sure you have the correct character who said the quote, then search on the his first and last name. One item appears and it has the code.


you may have to be creative in the names, as one uses a title and first name (rather than the little used last name) and one four character named character is usually split 1-3 but this badge splits it 2-2. Have fun!

I've found it helps to type in the year when you search. The extra help clue gives that to you.
Good luck!

Thank you @kathscot. I could swear I had done that already, so I was happy and confused (but mostly happy) to try again and just have one item pop up. Wish me luck on the last code!

I was thinking about the comments from people who want to do it all year... Past years are generally made active again each summer, but worth less points so people can keep working on past years codes. It seems to me many people are unable to complete all the badges during the summer, so what if instead of outright ending the game, the game is put into past year status. Meaning, you can still work on locating the codes, but they're worth less. (Or worth nothing outside of summer) Would it be possible to allow for this aspect of the game to continue? I wouldn't expect to get reading points, comment points, etc. I think people just want to be able to work on locating codes in the catalog and complete the park explorer badges. For some of us, it isn't all about the points, we just like the challenge and the adventure of the game.

On another note, I have an idea for an entire badge series that I'm thinking of putting together. Would AADL go for a non-employee doing an entire badge series?

I was also stuck on that code for the badge until I saw these comments. Thanks for confirming that the item containing the code was missing, @mariah. Now I'm just waiting till tomorrow to try the search again. Hopefully it'll work by then. :D
On a different note, I am so sad Summer Game is ending! I feel like it just started. I love the idea of having some "Summer" Game activities in the winter. As AprilCDB said, I enjoy not just the earning of points, but the fun of hunting for codes, deciphering clues, etc. Please consider this, AADL!! :-)

I've actually spent a lot of time getting badges from previous Summer Games. I just like collecting them all! I also got the Natural History Museum badge and Bird Hills badge today. It took me a very long time to find that Bird Hills parking lot.

Time is running out! Its fun playing the summer game :)

Hey folks, you know what? If you don't finish all the badges, *it's okay.* You're still a great person and a great library patron! Just have fun!

Mariah, I used the tip dropped by someone else in this thread and (FINALLY!!!) found the book. Looking at the catalog entry page, i can't see any way it would link to that word (except for a tag someone has added, the singular form). It doesn't appear anywhere on the page, unless the catalog search also searches the text of the preview. (Once there, I searched the preview. If I use the name with 's, no hits; if I do the singular, it finds it 12 times - including times where it appears with 's. Search & stemming algorithms, so confusing at times!)

OMG! You can learn a lot from Lydia is officially my favorite! That was totally awesome! I didn't find the clues difficult at all and I absolutely love the video at the end (that's what made it so awesome). As soon as it started I remembered that scene from the Muppet Show and never knew it was in reference to this, just thought it was something they made up to be funny. It's funny to watch things from my childhood now and realize certain references are referencing real things in life, they aren't just made up.

The Carry on carrion badge is pretty awesome! It was very informative and now I am thinking how cool would it be to have one of these?! :)

Great, the code for the donut badge is back up! I've earned the badge. Time to start on the next one - so many badges, so little time! ;)

Whoa, I think I'm going to have to give up on the "Cryptid Cryptography" master badge - I have all the other badges, but this last Kraken one is just way too hard for me. I got the first code, but I doubt I'll be able to get any of the other ones. Man, that's frustrating. Oh well. On to the next badge!

@yaldah the website in the hints helps A LOT. wouldnt have been able to get the badge without it. i mostly used the letter replacer at the bottom more than the percentages for the letters. after that it was a lot of guessing, especially with vowel words

I'd just like to say that the Bird Hills badge is not kidding about not being stroller-friendly. The route is very hilly, narrow in some places, and there are a lot of roots etc. in the path - it's a pretty serious walk. Plan to take your time if you're out of shape. :) And do print out and take a copy of the map; most of the codes are in the map/brochure rather than on signs in the park.

...and, yes, the Newport Road parking area is kind of unobtrusive.

Stuck on first clue of the Carrion badge. Answer seems clear but none of the catalog results yield a code. Any suggestions?

Been away since the last drop and just restarting. Boy must have been the time away but first few badge tries seem exceedingly tough with this drop...

Never mind on Carrion badge. Oh course as soon as I post I realize I had not tried it without the word "flower". Hint is rather misleading.

@mjanen - If you have the right name (c_____ f______), enter the first word only, In singular, into the catalog. The code should be in first item.

Edit - we must have been entering our comments at the same time. Glad you found it!

@camelsamba - Yes, yes - what you were seeing on Sunday was an updated (eek, but we didn't want it updated!) version of that page - one that had for some reason *removed* bio/book-flap info about the author that had been in the catalog record on Thursday, Friday and before that!

So, it was a change in the catalog record that resulted in the search then not working as expected - but a tag has been added to the record that fixes that now - we just had to wait for the site to be re-indexed!

Whew! Don't know if that makes sense, but that's the best way to explain it - there was a change in the page that we didn't know had happened/was going to happen! We're looking at our processes now to try to be sure things like that don't happen again - sort of like how some of the catalog records accidentally got suppressed last year!

Thanks, everyone, for your patience - your donut-related search should work now (I just tried and it works fine now)! ;)

Has anyone tried the Geocache Master badge yet? I saw on the website on 8/18 that "the physical geocache is currently missing but we will get a replacement out there tomorrow evening," with an update "As of 08/19/2014, the physical geocache is back in place." I went yesterday afternoon, but couldn't find anything. Did someone take it again, or am I just blind? :-/

I am just confused about the geocaching anyway! We went to find one earlier but nothing was there so the mile walk with 6 kids was a tad irritating.

Yay, these badges look great. I'm looking forward to trying some of them out.

@VickyB77 - Sorry to hear you couldn't find the geocache. We checked tonight, and the cache was still there. The hint at the bottom of the geocache listing might be able to help you out, and you're always welcome to ask at the desk for additional hints. :)

@Cory Michael - Sorry to hear you had trouble with the geocache. If you were looking for it last weekend, it appears to have been taken, but we put a new one out and it was still there as of this evening. Also, to hopefully clear up a bit of confusion, the geocache will take you to five locations - the first four have "virtual caches," meaning there is not a physical cache or code to find but we encourage you to visit the location; the final location has the physical cache, which is where the code is hidden. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in a comment or email us at Thanks for playing!

For anyone who wants to try and complete the Kraken badge, I HiGHLY recommend looking at the clue for the second code. It gives you a website that will help you decipher the codes. Copy and paste the cipher and click analyze. However, as a prior post said, plugging in letters based on analysis didn't really work. What worked was 1) figuring out which word(s) were "kraken". This was fairly easy because you just need to locate a six letter word where the 1st and 4th letters are the same. Then plug the letters k, r, a, e, n into the cipher helper thing. From there, figure out the words "a" and "I". Looking for "catalog" and "book" helps too. From there, it's like playing scrabble or wheel of fortune. I found I was able to figure out words towards the end first, plugging letters in from the words I figured out, which filled in words at the beginning until I got the cipher. Once you get the first one and figure out what works for you, the others are a little easier to complete. I'd estimate that It did take me a couple of hours total to complete.

Lydia is my daughter.

Anybody having trouble with the "carrion flower" badge? I can't get the first one.