Bat Festival: Stellaluna author is coming!

Mark your calendars for Sept. 27, when the 13th annual Great Lakes Bat Festival will happen 10 am - 5 pm at Washtenaw Community College. This festival is presented by the Organization for Bat Conservation and Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. Among authors and speakers will be Janell Cannon, who wrote and illustrated the classic picture book Stellaluna. The festival offers families a chance to learn about the fascinating world of bats. Check it out!


I am so excited for this festival! I love bats and I love Stellaluna!

What is it about?what do they do?

Cool! I loved that book as a kid!

I remember this book from when I was little. It's really calming and pretty.

I'm too old to remember reading this as a child, but I do remember exploring the Living Books version of this as a good example of mid-90s multimedia!

Stellaluna was my favarite book since I was 4.

Oh how cool. Thanks. Stellaluna is one of our favorite family books.

How exciting to see a bat close up! Thanks for sharing these community activities.