Downtown Elevator Repair Update: Downtown Library Is Open

The work to replace casings for a new jack for the Downtown public elevator is completed, and the Downtown Library is open. The last phase of the work is scheduled for next week, and we anticipate another closure for the installation of the new jack. That work is scheduled to occur on Wednesday, August 27. The public elevator is not functioning, and those visiting the Library who are not able to use the stairs should ask for assistance. Staff will escort them through the building using the freight elevator.

Any HOLD items remaining at Traverwood that originated Downtown, have been returned to Downtown and are available Downtown. The period for picking up these items will be extended through Friday, August 29. We realize this has been an inconvenience for many, and we do apologize.

The elevator work is nearing completion, but another closure will occur and while we expect that to happen on Wednesday, August 27, one thing we have learned is that things can change. Please check back here for updates and an announcement about next week's closure.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



Thank you for keeping us updated!


You are very welcome.


We really appreciate all you have done to keep us informed & for making wise accommodations.
Good luck with everything!


You are very kind.


Hurray! This is so exciting!

Glad this is being completed. I know it was a headache for you.

Thank you very much for making continued improvements to the public library system! We really appreciate it! Also, very timely updates as well =)

Hurray! I'm so glad the elevator is repaired. Thank you for keeping us updated.


The elevator is not repaired. The work on the elevator will continue next week.

Josie, you are the last person on Earth who should be apologizing for seeing that a job important to public safety was done property.

After all, "maintenance happens."

This little maintenance road bump has given us all a chance to remember how important the library is to our daily existence. I thank you all over again.


I appreciate your support. Thanks.


You are so welcome, and it is always gratifying to hear how much people value the Library.


The library is the closest thing to an "anarchist association" that we have, and it works just great.


You are doing an amazing job up to date! I also appreciate that when I stopped by the downtown branch to get the last game codes from the window, you had a staff member positioned to answer visitor questions.

Thank you for the update!

So happy the Downtown Library is open again - I'm there right now! :D