Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!

ATTENTION SUMMER GAME SHOPPERS! Due to popular demand, we've restocked some of our most popular items, including Milk and Dark Chocolate Logos, The Roos Roast Coffee Bundle, and the super-popular COLLAPSIBLE SNACK BOX! But that's NOT ALL! We've also restocked some items from past years, including the AADL Logo Projector Flashlight, the 2013 AADL Baseball Cap, and the AADL Red Logo Tuque! While we won't be able to restock the Colored Pencil Sets, we do have one more new item along those lines yet to come. We're getting close to the end of the game, so act fast.... all items are only available while supplies last! Happy shopping, and as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Thank you for the restocks! Now the question everyone asks towards the end of the game as we ration our points - are there big bundles or prizes coming? I told my daughter to hold off on getting erasers because in the discription of them there was a hint of a way to get them all at once later in the summer. Is that still true, or is time to spend away?

Thank you for the coffee! I got it this time!

Gooood question! Yes, the bundles are coming. And there will definitely be an eraser bundle. Our last shop drop will be next monday if our final item has come in by then. Stay tuned!


Thanks Eli!
So am I right to assume that the AADL staff that work on the summer game get their summer vacation in the fall.......

Oooh, I loved the AADL Logo Projector Flashlight. I use two of them in our car as an emergency flashlight. So far I haven't run into an emergency. I wonder what would happen if I shined it into the night sky...

Lunch box is back! I am just a little bit too excited about a piece of Tupperware. It's just so fancy!

YAYY! So excited!

Hello, little red hat!

Yay! Can't wait!

Is it sad that the summer shop updates make up the highlight of my week? So excited to see what next week will bring!

Also very excited about the snack box. Yay!

Thank you so much

Too bad the upcoming eraser bundle wasn't made clearer -- my son just ordered them separately because he correctly realized that in order to be able to input the codes, he would have to receive the order before the game ended. Given the timing of the orders, he felt compelled to order sooner rather than later.

About the window cling things. I ordered one and expected it to be black, as shown. Mine is white and quite hard to see. My kids ordered the pocket projector last year but it was not an item that lasted well at all. Too bad, because they were pretty jazzed about it.

I've placed a second order for the glasses as two of the four from my first order arrived broken, which seems to have gone unremarked upon, except by another player who also received broken glass(es). Here's hoping at least two from this order will survive.

Yay!!# too bad i wont get the chocolate :(

Yay! Definitely getting all of these! Going to be so hard to wait for the bundles.

When the most difficult question of my week will be to get the coffee or the Tupperware something is wrong! Lol thank you aadl :)

!!! I'm excited there is a restock of the chocolate, I just have to decide if I want to spend 30,000 points on it ;( Can't wait to see the packages though next week!

Thanks for restocking the popular things! I was able to order the snack box for myself and coffee for a gift, so thanks! Love the summer game. It's really the best part of summer!

Another idea for a game prize is whistles. Very useful when out exploring and you need help.

@beeniepie: it calls AADLman ;)

Thanks for the restock. My husband asked me about the prizes, wondering if there would be anything he'd be interested in and I told him about the coffee, but when we looked, it was sold out. He'll be excited to know he can get it now (I just ordered it for him).

@ willow, were the codes all different for the four sets of erasers, or were there four different codes?

AADL question, will the eraser codes be included in the bundle?

I can confirm that each eraser set has it's own code. So all tool erasers have a group code, all the fruits have another code, and the hot dogs have another.


I like the idea of a whistle. We have an emergency whistle on our keychain that my son loves.


Hmm, I wonder if AADLman wears the red logo turque or one of the new slouch beanies?

Thanks for the restocked coffee!
And thank you, Roos Roast, for supporting AADL!

Listen all y'all it's SNACKBOX-ATOGE!

Seriously, everyone excited about the snackboxes restock is totally justified. I use a snackbox now. Snackboxes are cool. (And the summer game writing energy is infectious.)

Holding...out...for...bundles. *gasp* Willpower failing...

Okay, okay, you all have convinced me. I just ordered, not one but two of the snack boxes (I'd hate to have another wish I had gotten two moment). The order fillers are going to think I don't know what I'm doing, in two days, I've placed four separate orders.

Warning! Pocket Binoculars choking hazard! I got the Binoculars and my son was playing with them. He was able to pull the plastic piece that you look through off easily. A very small lens (about the size of a dime) and ring are under that plastic piece and pops out easily. If a small child gets a hold of that lens and/or ring, it could pose a choking hazard. Parents of young children beware! Luckily, my son is good about not putting things in his mouth that don't belong there. We didn't even know he popped it out until just now (it's been days since he was playing with the Binoculars) I just happened to find the lens and ring when he was putting some toys away and they fell off of some other toys that he had put them on.

How about a game prize of all the actual badges? 0_o Iol

@AprilCDB -- good to know about the binoculars. I definitely could se myself handing them over to my preschooler without thinking twice.

Any chance that someone from Roos Roast, or another fabulous sponsor will be at the Summer Game Wrap Party? I'd love to personally thank them and tell them how much I love their products and support of one of my favorite summer past times.

The projector thing easily falls apart to reveal tiny batteries, so I'd advise all those in households with small children to steer very clear of them.

I'd love an emergency whistle from the library! My kids were given some promotional whistles earlier this year as free gifts at Nicola's Books; they have a compass at one end and contain a small cylindrical compartment with a tiny mirror. Really useful and fun.

Actual badges would be fun. I was thinking that if they were printed on good quality color paper, we could use a badge maker to produce them. (Badge-a-mint sells them for about 25 dollars). Then as a reward, you could go in and make all the badges you've earned...or some of them. I like the little size badges 1/2-1 inch. And we could also have a larger AADL Gamer badge to wear when doing park explorer badges so we can recognize each other.

Actual badge patches like the embroidered kind would be cool! We could use them on the cotton AADL bag to decorate like a girl/boy scouts look

Super excited about the coffee and the travel mug. I missed it the first time but snagged one on the restock. Thank you, AADL and thank you Roos Roast!

There were sew-on badges last year and tiny badge buttons (the sort that pin on) as well. The badges cost 5000 points
BADGE PATCH #1: Super Summer Reader 2013
And so did the pins
AADL 2013 Badge Button Set

They were/are really cute.

Thanks for all the cool stuff AADL and Friends of AADL. Summer Reading Game is always a highlight of my summer.

@willow The badges from 2013 were adorable! Love corgis and kittens! Too bad I wasn't here to play

Finally got a snack box :) Now thinking of how many chocolates I can get and still get a super package...sadly, with how many points I earn each day, assuming it costs 150000 points, probably shouldn't get more than one of each...
Extra info: I earned 60900 points just from entering the read-watch-listen points each day, 47281 for game code, 19850 for badge code, 2900 for commenting, and with some few hundreds from catalog contributions, I managed to get 134761 SGpoints.
take-away? If you want to get lots of shop items, do lots of everything...
I really felt like commenting after seeing so many new people commenting even if it was only for the badges.

FACT: Once, I was lost in the woods and I shone my AADL Projector Flashlight into the sky and not ten minutes later, the AADL helicopter zoomed down and let me check out some books about woods survival. 10/10 would recommend. Kind of wish they had rescued me from the woods, though... it's getting dark, and my wi-fi's draining my battery power..,.

@Latitude, that's hilarious! Well played.

@ Latitude

That's why a whistle would be great- you'd get the library police who'd take you in for overdue fines!

@bookbird I got most of my points through badges and checkouts. I used to forget to add the read-watch-listen points but I upped my game after all the cool shop items came out.

@beeniepie and @AprilCDB: in the same vein, which bag does AADL(wo)man use to carry (her) his gear? The super speedy messenger bag, cotton messenger bag, string backpack, or a messenger bag, backpack, or tote bag from a few years ago??

Yeah, if you have overdue fines, they won't pick you up.

Thanks for the warning!

Thanks for the restocks. We ordered a tuque, a baseball cap and the utensil holder. :)
Any chance the picnic blankets will return? I did not get one last year, but Lat's is really nice. Great for watching shooting stars.

Yea! Snagged a couple of the snack boxes this time! Thanks for restocking.

@camelsamba, no bag is needed as AADLman has the Bookmobile.

Super sweet! Thanks for keeping us updated as we head into the final week of THE GAME!

It's hard to believe that summer and the Summer Game is coming to a close.

It's been a great year for badges and CODES!

Thank you!!

Wow. That was quite interesting :) Are you out of the woods now?

My baseball cap from last year got a bit dirty and I washed it. It shrunk. This year I'll not let it get dirty and not wash it. :)

@ Bookbird: From my experience it will be many years before Lat is out of the woods.

This has nothing to do with the store restock, but I just picked up the fall JUMP brochure today and even though it looks beautiful and there are some great programs listed in it, well, it's just so much smaller then the summer edition, it makes me sad! My kids must have done too much camp this summer, we only made it to a fraction of the programs we did last year.

I'm wondering if someone can help me with the Arb badge from last year, I'll send a message through contact us if need be, but I'm hoping I can just guess the missing clue. The first clue is missing, a sign that says "Celebrate _____". Can someone offer up a clue that will help me guess the answer?

When does the summer game officially end? And what is the wrap party that another commenter referred to?

@ sarai koster-mo

Summer Game officially ends at midnight on August 31. There is a party at Mallett's Creek from 2-4 that day.

@ sarai koster-mo

Summer Game Wrap party details:

Thanks for all of this! I am excited for the bundles too! I would even do a secret one where you have no idea what you're going to get!

I am anxiously awaiting the last item and badge drops. Can't believe the game is over soon!

This comment is for the Supreme Comment Badge... I no longer have to comment, but most likely still will.

Edit: whoo boy! Does that feel good to see my badge completed.

@AprilCDB I may have spent over an hour this morning going through all the tv listings to create more public lists... I got the badge though :D

Yes! Thanks for restocking :D

I think I will spend the rest of my points on more erasers :D

I love the descriptions of the summer game items. Pretty sure they are my favorite part of the summer game shop! So entertaining.

I just started playing a week ago and saw most these items where out of stock, I am happy now. Thank you

The sew on badges would be fun to have again, or maybe stickers.

I am also happy that items were restocked... especially Roos Roast coffee.

I love the idea of button or embroidered badges! I've been looking for something to decorate my Super Speedy AADL Messenger Bag with! A lot of the badge designs look really great, too, and I'd love to have something physical to remember them with in the future. Maybe a poster?

So close to ending! I agree on the actual badges though! That would be cool! Then we could see them onto out aadl shirts, hats, bags and whatever else we have earned! :)

Badges yes- but pin-on not sew-on. And tiny so we could fit many onto whatever we decorate- also because tiny is cute.

The logo light is really cool.

I'm guessing the new item didn't have a timely arrival today?

checked every hour on the hour for the new items but assuming there was a problem at headquarters? lol all is well and hope it isn't anything serious! :)

Lol same. I was refreshing a ton while at work hoping the new and last item would be revealed. Hoping for tomorrow! I can't wait!

It's midnight, so I guess we'll have to wait longer for the new shop items. Boo!

Can the snack box contain radioactive isotopes? Asking for a friend.

No new prizes :( guess that gives me an exscuse tonearn more badges lol!

MMM, when will the new items be released?

All the prizes are dwindling! Better get it if you want it, I learned my lesson the hard way!

Will there be a huge bag with everything? Aka a huge bundle?

Bundles sound exciting!

The snackboxes are green, therefore their radioactive isotopoes will turn you into the Hulk.

I should probably get a few then lol my son loves the hulk!

I'm very tempted to get more collapsible snack boxes but I'm still waiting on the final item and bundles

still no new items

I couldn't wait to see the new items.

I would like to suggest my willingness, and that of my children, to suggest prizes for next year's game. While some of the prizes look neat, we've had a hard time finding anything of interest, especially as our house is already overrun by AADL bags. They also enjoyed being able to "buy" alternate items offered as kids' summer game midway prizes (e.g. the one piece puzzle and rubber ducky).

We are ready and willing to consult with the library if our opinion should ever be of interest. Anything for the Summer Game.