Let's Talk About MeL, Baby!

We frequently refer patrons to the MeLCat when we don't have a book on our shelves that they are looking for; but I never knew about this awesome portal for educators till now. Developed and maintained by educators for educators, parents, and students, it is a one-stop collection of assessments, lesson plans, online interactive sessions, and videos, all aligned to the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) and the Michigan standards. Interested? Visit M.O.R.E. by clicking on the Teachers tab at MeL.org and register for a free account to be able to use all the tools available in the portal.


Thank you for highlight the MeL.org website. I didn't know it existed. I'm excited about all of the resources it boasts. I can't believe we have access to so many ebooks and videos!

This sounded like a great resource. I signed up for the site and browsed around, but didn't find much of use. Hopefully it's a new site and will have more resources later. Also, you have to click through several windows each time you want to view a new item.

This is a great resource!

Just as a heads up, MeL will be down today, Aug 19, starting at 1 p.m.

Thanks for the reminder about MeL being down this afternoon.


Thank you for highlighting yet another resource

I'm always amazed at what our databases have to offer. For real.

This is great!