NEW STUFF! Chocolates and a Tablet Sleeve!

Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!

It's Another SHOP UPDATE! For your SUMMER GAME SHOPPING pleasure, we've got an ALL-NEW Fuzzy Tablet Sleeve, an ALL-NEW design for our FAMOUS AADL Chocolate Logos, and limited availability of the last remaining sizes of AADL Summer Shirts! Super Packages yet to come... and maybe a surprise or two yet to be posted... so stay tuned, and as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Awesome! Too bad sizes are limited. Guess I'll take a guess and hope for the best

Chocolate pictures make the AADL logo look like a crown instead of the sunburst as I've always seen it.

The chocolate looks delicious!

Oh, now I see it too. Luckily, AADL rules. ;)

Any chance we could get the measurements on the tablet sleeve? I have a very small laptop which I'm figuring the sleeve wouldn't fit anyway, but would be nice to know.

Schakolad is SO GOOD. That is some quality chocolate.

I hope I'll still have enough points for the super packages later. Just made a huge purchase.

The chocolate is one of my favorite prizes. Yay!

I've been waiting all summer for the chocolate! Good things come to those who wait.

The kid's small shirt does not have an add to cart button.

Whoops, sorry about that Godzilla! The Kids Small short is now orderable. And the Tablet Sleeve measures 8" x 10".


mmmmm. chocolate.

I'm still hoping for a restock on the green lunchbox, or it being in a package.


Where's the 30,000 point coffee? I've been holding out! Getting twitchy here!

The chocolate looks great.

I am expecting restock of creative color tube.

I wonder whether the super package is included in the 1 or 2 surprise or it's an extra surprise. I am expecting them. How much points do they need? I couldn't decide whether I should spend my limited points now. So exciting.Thank you AADL.

Mmm, chocolate. Just what I need.

Will you have patches again this year? That was one of my favorite prizes from last year and I hope they come back!!

This is so exciting!! Thanks aadl

Will there be a restock of anything tho?

There are a few restocks in process, but they're not yet certain. We are trying to get more of the collapsible snackbox. The colored pencils will not be restocked; the last order arrived in very bad condition and we had to get refunds for part of it, so we don't plan to attempt that again. We're looking for one more item! Note, there is not another coffee package coming, although we will restock the current coffee package. I just had the prices wrong on the placeholder, sorry! Stay tuned, all, and thanks for playing!


Alright, do you know if the water bottles will be restocked??? I didn't get a chance to grab one

What is in the Super Package?

Yay! Finally the chocolate is here.

So, for the Reading Game portion of the Summer Game I chose the Chipotle coupon. I got my free Burrito Bowl and I have to say it was extremely delicious. I probably would never have gone there without the coupon/summer game. Thanks!

The chocolate is finally here! Great that the snack box is being restocked, I'll get that too:) ah my limited amount of SG points...

Not a fan of chocolate luckily. Did order a shirt though for my dad and I! Great prizes!! :)

I'm glad the coffee will be restocked. Looks like I'm going to have a ton of extra AADL travel coffee mugs, as I don't really prefer the lids on these. It would be nice if they were the regular coffee mugs. I am excited to see what new items will be added before the game ends :D

Yum, yum chocolate! Couldn't get it last year, so I'm looking forward to chowing down this time! :)

Some small zippered bags would be nice for organizing backpacks and purses. My kids are having a hard time finding interesting prizes and felt previous years had more kid-oriented options. How about an AADL deck of playing cards, smaller cups (not broken!), and some sort of toy are some ideas. How about a library calendar?

Cool. More coffee. Thanks.

I also prefer small zippered bags and backpacks. It will be more exciting with such items.

I love the idea of playing cards. A beach towel would be nice too. My personal favorite prizes ever were the umbrella and the little flashlights from a couple of years ago. In terms of usefulness, last year my son went to school with his aadl backpack, aadl lunch sack, aadl water bottle and aadl hat.

The shop should have tablets too. hee hee.

I like the idea of a calendar, cards, and little zippered bags. One year there was a one-piece puzzle...maybe try a traditional puzzle that's in a zippered bag or pouch? Another thing along the lines of a deck of cards are a little pinball game, or a water toss games (handheld game where the kids press one o two buttons to propel the ring up onto a peg) -- things that kids can play in the car on a summer road trip.

Don't get me wrong, I've loved all of the summer game prizes that have been offered this year. But just in case you were looking for suggestions ;-)

LOVE this year's chocolate. For prizes, last year's picnic blanket and the year before's umbrella were AWESOME!!

Is there a way to see previous years' shops? Everyone keeps mentioning the picnic blanket. I was also hoping for more hat varieties.

The picnic blanket was great. I was lucky enough to grab one last year, and it's really nice. Hopefully those or something similar can come around again for players who didn't get one of those.

Regular ceramic mugs would be fab. Those are handy for gifts, too!

Oh, man, the umbrella! My kids and I all pooled our points in anticipation, but it sold out so quickly we didn't get it. Every time it rains, we regret our loss.

I keep mentioning these items because I have way too many tote bags.

Just ordered the chocolate! Can't wait to pick it up :)

Love all the new items! Keep them coming...

I'm happy to hear that the dark chocolate is dairy free! WIN! Thanks.

@manz -- Why do you think the dark chocolate bar is dairy-free? Did I miss this in the item's description, or did you get an inside scoop from someone?

I'm sure the AADL staff is tired of reading about how much I LOVED LOVED LOVED last year's picnic blanket and wished for its return (yes, I know I need to get over it).

After reading through this year's comments, I'm glad I'm not the only one who was crazy about it. Is there any tiny chance that it would make it into a retro version of a mega prize? Can someone that was offered last year be considered retro? ;-)

@fevvers - it looks like the description for the sleeve is updated now, if you click through: SLEEVE measures 8" wide by 10" Hope that helps!

I'm happy to see the shirts are back, but sad that only some of the sizes are available. I wear an adult small, but had to order a kids large and hope for the best. Well, if worst comes to worst, I have a shirt for one of my younger siblings. ;)

I've noticed that the fuzzy fake tablet sleeve isn't flying off the shelf. I'm intrigued, but not sure if I want to order it. I'm curious if some of the items not sold out will be available to look at during the Summer Game wrap up party?

my most-used prize over the years is my AADL tote bag - I think i got it the first year? It accompanies me on most trips to the library, along with my RFID card that i think was also a prize (and is very useful, whether or not it was a prize). The bag has held up very well, although the side without logo appears to be wearing thin (i can see light through it).

I love my RFID library card! It's outlived the machines that could read it. Maybe we need another library event to make a decorated secondary library card! Either that, or I'll have to figure out how to make my own bar codes, hmm...

@yaldah - We look forward to being able to print a new batch of shirts and have fresh sizes! Just couldn't quite fit that into the prize budget for this year, though, which is why we only have certain sizes left/available.

I'm hoping the fresh tshirt sizes include ladies cuts...

Yum, yum, yum. I got my chocolate. Thanks!

I just picked up my chocolate. It smells AMAZING.

I wanted to double-check -- there's no badge associated with this year's chocolate, right? I didn't see a summer game code in the envelope, but I vaguely remember the code being accidentally left out of last year's envelopes.

The chocolate DOES look fantastic!

Choclate! Looks yummy

Mmmmm the chocolate looks soo good. Glad it's back again this year!

My son has been expecting the chocolate and puppypants for several days. But when we rushed to Downtown library, we found that it is closed.
Too bad. Hope it will open again soon.

Just got my chocolate, and it's almost gone already. Yum!

I ordered the tool erasers and asked for a variety, but all the tools I received were blue, and there was only a saw, hammer and screwdriver. Has anyone gotten any other colors? Other tools?

Just got my order! It was a huge one. I was worried about points but then this new badge drop should keep me up there for super bundles.

yah I need to keep earning points for the last couple of things I want

Has anyone ordered the fuzzy tablet sleeve? If so, are they a pet owner? I'm worried that it would become a fuzzy pet hair sleeve in my household.

Yay! new stuff!

Mmm chocolate! What a tasty way to use our summer game points.

Thanks! I saw that it was added. Much appreciated. :)

Cool! Can't wait for the packages!

Oops- I was waiting for the big coffee prize. Looks like I missed out on all the coffee. Sad. And tired.

Thank you for the shirt! It is super comfy!!!

I ordered the tablet sleeve and have 2 huskies, hasn't seemed to have been a problem yet. We keep it out up though so not sure how it would be at their level. Good luck! They are pretty sweet!

The chocolate was supposed to be 20000.... But too bad it's so expensive :(
But I'm excited though :)

Thank you! These shirts are awesome! Why you ask? Well because all I had to do was work day and night on badges! ;)

@Drake Emmitt -- thanks for the review of the fuzzy sleeve. I guess I will be ordering one after all!

Will the tablet sleeve fit an iPad 2?

Late comment about the Youth Large. It fit's me, and I normally wear a Unisex Small or Women's med or so

Gotta Love the Chocolate!

The sleeve really is the size of an iPad, so probably not good for a lap top...


We love our snack boxes, tumblers, lunch bag+ (perfectly hold our snack boxes!) colored pencils and binoculars! Can't wait to see what comes out on Monday.

I might have to try the lunch bag, but then again there is coffee and chocolate

The new stuff is so cool

Twiddling thumbs for the new prize drop! :) super excited!! Thank you for the binoculars!

Happy dance that I was able to get the coffee this time! :)

I love chocolate!!!

Yea, the chocolate!

I like the tablet sleeve, but I don' think I have anything I could use it for :/

Love the tablet sleeve! Thanks so much for a great prize item!

Wish I could have gotten the tablet sleeve or chocolate ;-(

Yumm The Chocolate looks good!