Observing a Meteor Shower

The Perseid Meteor Shower is peaking right now and although the weather in Ann Arbor isn't exactly cooperating tonight, it looks like it may clear up in the next couple days. So prepare yourself for a shower of comet debris by grabbing one of our new binoculars, part of our collection of Science Tools. Even if the moon outshines the shower, at least you'll have the perfect tool for gazing at the mountains and craters of the moon.



How cool that we can get binoculars from the library!

sweet my science teacher would've loved to watch it

Maybe I can use the binoculars I got from the SG, if the weather cooperates.

Between clouds and light pollution Ann Arbor is not the best for stargazing. Try going west to Waterloo rec area or north past Brighton.

This is so cool! Thank you~

Awesome wish I had seen this.

This just makes the need to check out an AADL telescope even greater...

I read this too late. Missed the meteor show.