Badge Drop #9: Comments & MORE to EXPLORE!

Oh, hi there! Did we totally OVERWHELM YOU with the SERIOUS AMOUNT OF BADGE-NESS we dropped last week? Or are you taking it all in stride? From what we've seen, we're guessing Option #2, since we can see you've been out and about to EXPLORE terrariums, branches and parks GALORE!

So, just to keep the spirit of exploration going, we've got MORE EXPLORER badges for you this time around — badges that might help you get to know the WONDERS of the U-M LIBRARIES (yep, you can go there, even if you're not a student or staff member): two for in-person hunting, and another that takes you deeper into Detroit history via some of U-M's online collections. Cool, huh? We hope you like 'em!

This week's badges reward you for commenting, so help out other players in each thread, ask questions, and join in on conversation about library events. And so far, we've seen you getting (out in the) WILD, as well as SNAPPING SHELFIES, which — we admit — are our favorite kind of selfies. Keep those coming!

2014 Badge Drop #9

We've still got a few more weeks of SUPER SUMMER FUN, so keep up the AWESOME GAME-PLAY, chime in to let us know which badges you LOVE THE MOST, and as always...



I only need to make 25 more comments to earn the Supreme Comment Master Badge!!!

I only need to make 24 more comments to earn the Supreme Comment Master Badge!!!

(ok, that's enough. I'm sure I can find something AWESOME to comment about)

My badge for the main branch has something wrong with it. I have entered 24 codes from the main branch but it's not counting three of them. I've sent an email through contact us several days ago and have not gotten a response.

I only need 18 comments to get Mega!

Is this badge drop smaller than usual? Or am I crazy?

There's less than a month left of the game, they probably don't want to add to many more at this point

The badge drop does seem smaller, but I'm still catching up on the previous ones, so it is okay.

Ah, well. I wondered if it was something like that. I'm only behind on the park explorer badges so I guess I'll have to revisit some badges from last year to keep me busy. Or I could, you know, vacuum or something...

I've never been to Hatcher Library, so I'm glad they put all three of these out at once. Maybe do the UMMA badge then, too.

Realized how little I commented/starred/reviewed/tagged this summer compared to last summer, especially commenting. As for the UM badges, yay Audubon! I actually have The Birds of America and it's not so much a read-read book as a stare-at-the-pretty-pictures book :)

It's great having the badges that have us go to Hatcher...there's so much to explore, even if you don't actually look at the books :P

Yay, new badges to complete! Is anyone else having trouble with the "A Tail Dark and Grim" badge? I collected all the codes, but it's still listed as incomplete. Ah, well, hopefully it will straighten out on its own.

My favourite this round was the pirate badge - I knew Stevenson made up a lot of pirate details, but I didn't know the factoid about the song "Dead Man's Chest". Really cool!

@avliss, Hmm... I saw you were having trouble, so I tried to earn the badge and enter all the codes myself, and the badge did seem to award just fine. See if the next time you have a "scoring event" or earn another badge the Grim badge shows up - sometimes badges are funny that way. It looks like a handful of people *have* been able to earn it do far. If it doesn't show up, though, please let us know through a "Contact Us" and we'll get to the bottom of it!

@mariah Thanks for the response! It seems like it just needed a minute or two - once I completed another badge, it popped up as done.

@ompopp - I agree about Hatcher! That place is crazy. I'm looking forward to exploring more of it!

That's awesome how on earth do you get so many

Hi fellow summer gamers,

I just spotted details about the summer game wrap up party on the events page:

I hope all of the active players can make it, I am not looking forward to the game ending, but I am eagerly anticipating the party!!!

I'm excited about the 2 badges at the Hatcher Library!

All of the UM libraries are a lot of fun to explore, and the Clark, apart from being the map and government documents library, is the connector between the Hatcher Graduate Library and the Shapiro Undergraduate Library. How convenient! Apart from the stuff highlighted in the awesome badge, the globes are worth a closer look. One is actually a globe of the moon, and another one shows constellations. My personal favorite is a globe from WWII that came with an envelope that you could send in after the war to get stickers to place on the globe and reshape country boundaries, depending on the political outcome of the war.

oooh, I'm excited that we get badges for commenting! Guess I should get going. :P

Hi Fellow Summer Gamers,

I've never visited any of the UM libraries. Since it's a graduate library, I'm wondering if it's inappropriate to bring my 3 year old. He's been pretty good about finding library codes with me, but he's not always the quietest patron. Any thoughts?

I don't usually like pop culture trivia, but I actually knew some of the answers to the pop music badge's clues. So thanks for dumbing this one down for me!

Beeniepie, the ladies at the reference desk didn't mind my somewhat, er, exhuberant young child skipping through the room. I recommend Saturday mornings. No one is looking too stressed out as it's the summer. You won't be going through the stacks. I wouldn't worry about it. We had the Audubon room to ourselves. The Clark Library is basically along a walkway and there are lots of couches and neat globes. I think you'll be okay. You don't have to look extremely hard to find the codes, either.

If you haven't done the UMMA badge, it's right next door. (Mind the scary guards. One saw us coming and jumped up and was very protective of the labels, warning us not to touch.)

A general tip: leave out the article in the Audubon book title.

Finally, I've emailed a couple times over the past 2 weeks about six expired codes. I don't know what's going on, but could someone please get back to me? Thanks.

@AprilCDB -

Some of the codes you get at the main library don't count for the badge (like the one found in the courtyard). There are actually some 28 codes in the building. Use the clues in the badge listing to find them all - also the clues are grouped by floor if that helps you.

Lat and I went to the Hatcher Library (the Graduate Library), today. First time we'd ever been there. I was glad I had my phone to text in the codes, but they were pretty straight forward once we found the main entrance and the elevators.

Lat and I went to the Audobon Room for our first time ever today. The big book was amazing. We thought the code was a city name, but it was the code.

Lat and I went to UMMA today. There was quite a bit of walking involved in getting the badge, but the art is amazing. I had no idea "we" had a Whistler masterpiece on display. What an amazing place!

my favorite badges are the park explorers. My second favorite are the branch explorers.

I've been in Canada the last few weeks, and I'm so behind. This game actually makes me not mi d coming back from vacation

I'm considering doing the Barton Nature Area badge tomorrow. Can anyone tell me what the trails are like? Are they stroller accessible? Thanks.

@SBNB Probably depends on your stroller. I'm remembering reasonably wide dirt paths, wood plank bridges, and one steep hill or stairs at the end. But it was my first trip there and it was a while ago that we did it, so someone else might be a better judge.

@SBNB: I didn't have to go on long trails to find codes for Barton so I don't know much about them. If you are going there just to find the codes: the first two can be found near the smaller parking area and you don't even have to go across the bridge or into a trail. Third code is easy. I drove up to the larger parking lot to get rest of the codes. I went across the bridge (up to that is stroller accessible for sure even though it is not paved), got the codes, walked back to go left toward the dam up to the impound to get the last one (which I eventually ended up finding on the internet as I had to get home early). It didn't take much time.

I can't keep up, there are so many. :)

Hail Hydra!

Ha, yes, the badges have gotten me out of lurker mode in the comments.

at 50 points a pop commenting is my favorite way to earn summer game points.

I am surprised it doesn't lead to more indiscriminate commenting than it does, but admins may nip that in the bud?

I need some serious help so that I can earn the TWood badge!! Can somebody help? It's the one with pay a dollar and skip the holds list. Thanks! ! ☆

@fierce black girl It's there. They have a special section of new release movies for $1, and the paper with the code was on the end of the shelf I think.

It may be a bit bumpy for a stroller. Also, I seem to recall some hills/stairs. I would think twice about the stroller.

Cool! New badges! :)

Just finished the Main Branch Master badge. For those that were having trouble, I was surprised that the terrarium code was also one of the Master Branch codes, without much of a hint. I assumed my missing code was the code I found in the hall and was waiting, for no good reason, to enter the terrarium one. Entering the terrarium code triggered the badge and the one in the hall was just a bonus. So maybe that caused some others confusion as well.

@rimpopu and @mjanen - Thanks for the info! We didn't end up going today but maybe sometime this week.

Hi Summer Game Players,

I am having a problem with the 4th code for the With Fronds Like These badge. Any hints?

Never mind! I found it!

Guess it's back to the Main branch for me.

There's also one code on the third floor of the Downtown library that's worth points but doesn't seem to be required for the Branch Explorer badge.

I love the Park Explorer badges, even though they're not all parks this year! It's really driving home the idea that the library is connected to the whole community, not just a place to go check out books.

Almost done with all of the outdoor explorer badges (unless more get added)! I just have one left. I used my Saturday and Sunday to just visit the UM libraries and the parks.

We went to Barton yesterday. The trails are probably wide enough for a stroller, but there are a lot of roots sticking up from the ground. A jogging stroller could probably handle it. Parker Mill is more stroller friendly, IMO.

Badges Badges Badges Badges

Ahem. Carry on.

Felt a bit too awkward last week to take a "shelfie" - had my arms full of books, anyhow. But Mallett's Creek was hopping, and there wasn't much in the way of a quiet corner to take a pic. Maybe will manage before it's too late.

I'd love to do more "In the Wild" ones, though.

I found this one quicker to do as well. Let's not think of it as dumbing down so much as hitting our eclectic expertise!

Clark Library badge can be easily guessed without actually visiting.

I'm struggling with the second clue for With Frods Like Us. I believe I know what to search on 'fxxxxx' but that returns 614 items in the catalog! YIKES. Does anyone have any hints for me?


How on earth did you wonderful coders/game creators/writers manage to avoid the temptation of a "Hail Hydra" code? ;)

There is a lot of fun to be had just reading the clues and clever, punny codes. Well done.

I completed the Clark Library Exhibits badge yesterday. Beware: the library and the Audubon Room have different hours! I didn't get to do the Audubon Room and now I have to go back.

@ssmyth Sounds as if you don't have the right term yet. You should get 6 results. Perhaps you are trying the instrument rather than a part of the instrument. It has three syllables.

I had no idea that you could comment. I guess I'm really behind!

Love the new badges! When does the game officially end??

I love those badges where you either like do a star rating or write a review and you get a badge. So Cool!
I love the aald summer game. All I have to do is read and I can get points to earn super cool prizes!
I love those badges where you either like do a star rating or write a review and you get a badge. So Cool!
I can not wait for the 2014 giga chocolate to come out. All my halloween candy had been out since!
I love the aald summer game. All I have to do is read and I can get points to earn super cool prizes!
five more until I reach my next badge
oops! Forgot the explamation point
almost there!
just a couple more!
I wish that there were a catagory for kids Tv shows. Especially this show called the regular show. I think thta it;s so funny. I also think that the badges look really cool, a lot cooler than the ones from all the last seasons!
three more comments till my next badge.......
I know it's about coffee but they already had a coffee one!
I wonder what the something simulating one is

@mjanen = a million thanks!! I knew it would be some little thing!! Found it right away with your hint!

How many more badge drops will there be?

cool, but how do you make a comment and where?

Some times what I don't like about the badges is that the clues are really hard for me to understand. When I don't understand one I go to the hits but i still don't understand them. Like for my bountiful berry days I had all the codes except the last one and it took my nearly a month to find! I'm so glad that I have the badge now, if I didn't that would mean I did all that work for nothing! I have had more badges that I have ever had since I started the aadl summer game. I think it's amazing, I love the prizes. The collapsible box is super cool and so are the glass tumblers. Most of all I love the binoculars and after that the water bottle. I think a third of the stuff that I have is from the aadl summer game. it's just amazing!

14 more comments to giga!!!

I had the same question. Found the name on the wiki page but the catalog only returns one result with a code from 2012.

I response to the comment about liking the Hatcher Library badges, Yes--the pay off for those badges is double or triple if a person hasn't been there before and sees for the first time how amazing the U of M's collection(s) is(are). I remember the first time I saw what was available in terms of maps--it was like being a kid in a candy store.

Don't mean to be a party pooper--everybody's fully entitled to their own way of enjoying the Summer Game--but wanted to up-vote, or 'like' or whatever those who are make comments that have some substance to them. Thanks for the effort.

I find that replying to others' comments, so that there's a conversation started, or an exchange, is one way to do that.

Don't know if anyone feels the same and if not, I hope this doesn't keep you all from enjoying in other ways.

ginarae3, about the Audubon Room having different hours than the Clark Library, that's good to know--thanks.

Okay--don't know if I'm just missing something or if there's a glitch, any help/hint is appreciated: I've got 4 of the 5 for 'Why So Cerieus' and I though I had the 4th, but it doesn't show up as done.

Usually there's something I missed, so I'm expecting that's so here, specially since others HAVE earned the badge, but I tried the 3 nick names/alternate names for the flower that Wikipedia gives, and there's one that leads to book in the 'teen' category with a code, and I've entered that code, but it doesn't seem to be what I need for that fourth spot.

Thanks for any input.

@hathawas Not sure what's up. I don't think the nicknames are particularly relevant here, but literature references are on the Wikipedia page. I'm guessing only one of those is a teen novel.

@hathawas - If you're searching for the right thing, you should get 6 results when you search by keyword for everything and then narrow the age group to teen. The code is in the first result. I think I remember finding a code that was actually for something else while trying to do this clue.

@ginarae3 - Thanks for the extra info about Barton Nature Area. I don't have a jogging stroller, but if I take my husband, maybe he can pick it up when there are road blocks. But it will have to wait for a less rainy day!

@SBNB, I took our standard stroller and didn't really have any issues. I did leave it behind when we had to go up the hill by the dam though.

I am emailing in via "contact us" my third request in two weeks for expired codes to be fixed.

I know that library staff are busy, but it is a bit frustrating that no one responded about two out of four cups being broken, and this batch of expired codes.

Just finished this batch.

I completely know what you mean. I emailed about the missing badge codes and it took them forever and I mean forever for them to respond. They do respond though!!

@sarai The last day of the game will be August 31... so you still have a little bit more time!

@chioma So glad that you like the prizes!

As for some of the trickier codes - remember that it's totally a-OK to ask other players for hints here in the comment threads. Lots of people help each other to solve some of the trickier clues/find the trickier codes - so don't feel bad about asking for help!

But when the first code in a badge was expired, I waited a week or more for a response, then the second code in the badge is expired, and I have waited more than two weeks for it to unexpire, and I can only assume all the rest of them are also expired, there is no hope of finishing before time runs out. I have basically given up in great disappointment, whereas I had been quite excited about making up for weak effort in previous years. (I've found a large number of expired codes.)

I can't remember exactly which badges they are from, anymore, but I am waiting for one code each to be unexpired in the "Tiny Bit Weird" and "Almost Weird" badges from 2012, for example.

Went to Moosejaw last night for the code- they are closed for remodeling for 2 weeks.

Does anyone know if all of the codes are locatable and active from last years Park Explorer Badges for The Arb and Bandemer Park? I want to try and get these done before the SG ends this year, but it's going to be close (most likely doing on the 30 and 31st). I'm worried that if I have a problem with the codes, I won't have enough time to get the issues resolved before the SG ends.

@ fierce black girl, did you find your code? My almost 3 year old son found it, when I couldn't. Try looking at a 3 year olds level.

@April, I know at least one of the Bandemeer Codes (the last one, I believe) is no longer up. However, anyone who goes - collect the codes you can, then send us a Contact Us request - we'll be happy to send you the remaining code(s) so you can get that badge. It might take us a little while to get back to you, but we will! :)

In the future, we hope to have the staff and time to spruce up/update some of the prior years' badges!

@Fevvers - LOL! Thanks for making me laugh with your "Badges Badges...." comment. I needed the laugh/smile today. So thanks.

@Fevvers - LOL! Thanks for making me laugh with your "Badges Badges...." comment. I needed the laugh/smile today. So thanks.

Whoops - apparently I accidentally hit "save" twice. Oops!

Glad someone liked it. Something reminded me of that classic(?) internet weirdness recently so my brain lept right to doing that. :p

Yes, that one was super cool. We could have an entire piratical set of badges! And a pirate hat or bandana with the AADL logo for a shop item.

Ok, seriously suggesting a bandana for the shop next yeat!

Any chance the commenting and reviewing badges could carry over completely for next summer? (My reviews tend to be longer and more detailed than I plan and my fingers are falling off, but I really like doing them since I have some time for it.)

cool!!! i like the pirate one!!!