AADL's Summer Game Geocache for 2014!

Lets end the summer with a BANG! The Ann Arbor District Library is pleased to announce that its Summer Game Geocache has returned for a second year! Use a GPS-enabled device to visit coordinates around town for FOUR virtual caches and ONE physical real-life cache! A game code (POINTS!) and a small treasure (COOL!) is all yours if you chose to find it. You can sign up for a free account at http://www.geocaching.com and learn more with their Geocaching 101 guide. You can also check out geocaching resources here in our own collection.

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My dad loves Geocaching and will be thrilled. I will be less thrilled, but more excited than I would be about normal geocaching (which is not my favorite).

It is true. I will be thrilled.

...and it IS true. I really like geocaching. I've found over 200 of them.

Update: he is thrilled.

Last year the Geocache was pretty difficult to find (we had to do a bunch of stuff), but it was exciting nevertheless. This looks like it might be more simple AND more fun.

Hmm, interesting. This looks like fun!

Yay! We were waiting for this!

Scavenger hunts are the best!!

I signed up for an account last year and did a few last year. It was fun, but we've been so busy this summer we haven't done any geocaching this summer at all. I'm already getting nervous that we won't have enough time to do all the things around town to earn all the badges as it is. I wish the game would at least continue through the entire Labor Day weekend.

Do these have to be done in order? I went to the location of Stage 2, as I was already in the area, but couldn't find anything. I have absolutely no experience geocashing, so I don't know what I might be missing. Thanks!

Oh, that's neat! I really enjoy geocaching...can't wait to get out and take a look.

Ooh the Geocaching...more adventures.

I will definitely complete the AADL SG Geocache someday, since it looks like a lot of fun. If not this summer, then next summer. Are there GPS available at the libraries this summer?

@mk31 I believe the first 4 are virtual geocaches, so there shouldn't be a physical cache there.

Yay, a scavenger hunt! I just hope it happens before I leave for school!

I'm confused. What do they mean with "virtual" cache?

I have never done any geocaching, so I am looking forward to trying it out.

First I need to finish my huge backlog of badges. I am STILL working on badges from badge drop #6! Yikes!

I've always wanted to try geocaching =D

I just started geocaching - can't wait to try this!


Oh yay :-) I'll try to do it before the summer game is over

I've never done geocaching either. When I looked at the badge online, there were clues with coordinates listed above them. I used Google maps to find the locations as I do not have a gps or smart phone. Is this the Geocache-esque Scavenger Hunt- or is this the same hunt you do with a device? If the first 4 clues are virtual, does that mean I won't be able to see them without a gps?

Library geocaching? Too cool.

Looks fun!! :D

I don't have a GPS device, so I guess I will have to pass on this one.

We tried going to number 3 on the list first, but nothing really happened. Is the geocaching app supposed to "check you in somehow"? do you have to go to number 1 first? Do you have to "visit" all the waypoints in order?

This sounds really neat, and I had been hoping the library would do this, but it's so late in the summer game! It's hard to arrange all these outings, especially finishing last year's park badges, but they are BY FAR my favorite part of the summer game.

I would love to try this, but no GPS. I wonder if there is some app I could use on my phone.

I went to the 2nd one but couldn't find it. I was just using google maps and walked around. Anyone else finding these?

I don't get, what am I supposed to do?

The virtual cache just means there's not an actual cache, but it's about finding the location, reading and exploring what it says in the description, and taking a look around. I'm guessing the stages are just to visit the specific locations (yrarbil sehcnarb) and see all the neat stuff there is that is explained in the description.
You can also use a smartphone maps app as a GPS and plug in N xx xx.xxx W xx xx.xxx (mind you, it typically takes up a lot of data).
From what I've read and done with geocaching, only the last stage has the physical cache (box or whatever container).

I was under the impression that each location would have a code associated with it -- is that not the case? Or is the code for all in one of the locations?

On the Summer Game Cache page on the Geocaching.com website it looks like it says "there will be a game code hidden inside the cache for players who are signed up for the Summer Game", so it seems like it's in the cache at the last site.

I've wanted to try geocashing. This may be a good starting point for me. Now.... where are my shoes?

What a great way to get introduced to geocaching! Thanks aadl!

@ Library People

Help! Hopefully you can answer our questions on Monday. Also, perhaps you could post your links in a different color so we know the information is from an official source.



Last year my husband and I did this with an app for this smart phone you don't need a separate device.

Tried to find the first geocache. Nothing. None of the librarians seemed to know anything about it either.

We've never tried geocaching, but my family is interested in trying it out. Yay AADL! How about TreasureQuest though? My husband loved that, and he was really hoping it would come back. He loved it so much he marked it on the calendar so he wouldn't miss being the first to get the answers.

I tried to find the 5th and I'm pretty sure I was in the right place but didn't see it. The librarians and staff didn't really know about the geocaching.

I'd be more thrilled if I could figure out how to download the coordinates to my iPhone.

@asopijw65: The hint is Berry useful. It is a small square snapware probably 1.3 cup size. Easy to miss if you are not looking carefully.

@ompopp - Thanks for the information about the "virtual" cache. That part was confusing me.

Thanks @rimpopu i'll check again next time I'm there

Boy am I glad I read through these comments before deciding to venture out on this adventure. At this stage of the game I don't have time to visit places that have no payoff with a code. Lucky for me, I need to go to the site of the actual cache tonight :)

We currently do not have GPS devices available at the library. There are some GPS apps out there that can be used on smartphones!

The code is hidden in the physical cache at the last site. The virtual caches do not have codes associated with them.

I have been wanting to get into geocaching, thanks bunches for the push!!!

Found the cache tonight. My GPS coordinates were different than the location though. Once I figured out what the hint meant I found it right away though. If your GPS puts you where mine did, you're to far east, look for the hint.

That's really cool.My friend who just moved to North Carolina showed me and some other friends a geocache.If I can I'll try to get my parents to download this.

Cant wait.

that sounds super cool

I am so excited to try this. It has been something I have wanted to do for a long time!!

This was a lot of fun last year. Hope we get a chance to go looking for the cache this summer.

I've never done geocaching so this should be interesting.

@AprilCDB - We have some good news for you. While the summer game may not last that long, we will be keeping the geocache in place for the next three months (though, of course, the summer game code will not be worth as much after the game is through).

@sara - Thanks for the great questions! Let's see if we can't help clear up some of your confusion. The link we directed you to in this post will take you to an official geocache, not to the library's "geocache-esque scavenger hunt," which should be coming soon. Traditionally, geocaching is done with a GPS-enabled devise, but using Google maps is an alternative that has worked well for some players. When we say a cache is "virtual," we mean that there is NOT a physical cache (small container with goodies) at that location. You can absolutely visit the location without a GPS-enabled device, and having a GPS-enabled devise will not allow you to "see" the geocache. The final location does have a physical cache, which means you should be able to find a small container at that location. Please let us know if you have any other questions. You can also email questions to geocache@aadl.org. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for your introduction. I wonder whether the situation will happen that the geocache has been taken away by others when I get to the place?

I found the geocache today! I checked today at 6PM, so it's still there. I almost feel like it's in a more visible spot. Or at least the first time I tried looking I didn't see it at all.

Since I'm still not done with the badges from drop #6, I need to know: how many possible points can I earn from the Summer Game Geocache? Trying to figure out if I need to spend time learning how to geocache, or type up 1000 reviews.

Can't wait to get started! AADL thinks of the best activities.

Excited to get my 11 year old out to try this.

@beeniepie, I don't recall how many points were in the Geocach, but you only have to go to the last location to get the points. And the find is really pretty simple. Even without GPS. Google the coordinates to figure out which location to go to, then go to the Geocach website and get their hint. My GPS coordinates did not match the coordinates of the actual site, but still found it very easily once I understood the hint.

@beeniepie - Thanks for your interest in trying out geocaching! Finding the code in the geocache is worth 500 points, and if you have any questions as you learn to geocache, we're always happy to answer them.

Time to put the cellphone GPS to good use...

I think I know what the family is up to this weekend. Geocaching!

@skcramer -- Thanks for answering the question and offering support. I think I may concentrate on the Park Explorer badges before I tackle geocaching. I can't believe we only have a few weeks left before the summer game is over :-(

I love Geocashing! This is a great idea. Thank you!

Hoping to do this one soon!

Just a heads up to all you geocachers, the physical geocache appears to be missing so we will get a replacement out there tomorrow evening.

Oh no! That's horrible! We had fun finding it, signing the logbook, and leaving something behind.

Hoping it's just misplaced, would be a shame to lose the original log book!

We tried to find it last night and had no luck. Fortunately, kind librarian came out to confirm that cache has been taken or at least hidden in a different spot. Other posters are correct that the four other steps don't have a code or word to log for any credit. Many virtual caches do have a word to put in to show you've been there....we were initially confused! Hope the cache turns up soon!

oh no! It's usually those darn Muggles that discover them, don't understand, and take them! I never understand why people are inclined to walk off with them, there is nothing of any value in them. I agree the biggest loss of this is the log book.

Okay, folks, the replacement geocache is in place, so come out and find it!

I'm wondering how many people really found it and logged that they found it. The geocach website says only 7 people have found it, but that would only represent geocach members who found it and stated as so on the website. It says last find was on 8/12/14.

I keep coming back to this string thinking I might try this out, and then I read things about the geocache disappearing and I realize I have no idea what that even means. I thought these were virtual things. How could it be missing? Did someone move the pixels to the trash can?

- Geocache newbie

@ beeniepie If you look up at the original post at the top of the page you should see a link to a PDF (also says 1 attachment) explaining what geocaching is, what it might look like, how it works, how to locate them etc. Sarah can answer any questions too since this is her project ;)

I didn't have anything to write with, so I didn't sign the booklet (meant to comment that a pencil should be in the box), but several pages had been filled in the notebook when I saw it. I would say at least 30 people had signed it. And, probably more than that found it and didn't have a pen or pencil on them.

@ Sara, thanks. you're right about the pencil. Larger caches generally provide a small writing instrument (this one could have fit a small pencil), but people who have geocached before know they generally need to bring something to write with so they can note in the log that they found it. When I found it, there were only 4 or 5 people logged before me. Also, if you take an item from the cach, you're supposed to put something else of equal value into the cach.

@ beeniepie, the first four locations are virtual, meaning there is nothing physical to find other than maybe a sign to read. The last location is an actual physical cach location. This means there is a physical container that must be located. The container walked off, someone took the entire container, so if anyone went looking for it, they would not be able to locate it. The container was a small snapware plastic box. It contained a log (people who find it are supposed to put the date they found it and their user/player name, you can leave a short note if you want to also), small trinkets (you may take one but if you do, you're supposed to replace it with another trinket. Don't leave food, money or aromatic items) and the SG code.

I found it with my two kids and we signed the log book around 11 AM on Saturday, 8/16. There were more than 7 people ahead of me in the log book. I did not create an account or otherwise indicate on the geocache website that we had found it.

I left two items in the snapware box; one was a golf pencil. When I signed it, there was no writing implement in it and most of the other people seemed to have signed in pen.

I made sure to have a pen on me when I went to find the geocache. I didn't have anything small enough on me to put in the box, so I didn't add anything to the cache.

@AprilCDB - Thanks for your great answers!

I love geocaching!!! I am excited to hear that AADL is doing a geocache this summer.

Geocaching is fun!

I am going to have to try this, sounds fun.

Sounds fun!

Never heard of this before yesterday and now I fear I am too late. I did download the app though so when school starts back up and it's just me and the little guy I have a feeling we will be on the hunt!

Help! We cannot even find anything that makes sense for the clue. Anybody have a clue for the clue? :)

I went with a friend yesterday, and there was yet another new booklet to sign with no names written inside. Was the cache stolen again?!