Ypsilanti Heritage Festival: "A solemn stately Camel walked majestically . . . "

The Ypsilanti Heritage Festival is coming up Aug. 15-17 in Riverside Park. At AADL we have plenty of resources about this popular festival, including articles from Ypsilanti Gleanings, official publication of the Ypsilanti Historical Society. Here is an excerpt from a Review of the 1985 Heritage Parade: . . . "The parade was again excellent with many magnificent horses. The Franzen Circus brought their Elephant which seemed pleased with the crowd and two very young Elephants didn't seem to care for the human admirers. A solemn stately Camel walked majestically, indifferent to the crowd, followed by a Llama and a long cage of 12 or more Tigers in it. Then was a King of the Beasts, a lion, but we missed him. Many beautiful floats and stirring Marching Bands. We think Lincoln High School has the handsomest uniforms. The rain held over during the hour parade but at high noon it really poured. The noise of the rain in the tent of the Kiwanis Chicken Broil was so great it drowned out the many voices." This year's parade is 10:00 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 16. See you there!


Will there be big horses and an elephant this year? I've never been to this Festival, but it sounds cool.

Thanks for your comment, Thomas B Brown! I submitted your question on the Heritage Festival contact page and will let you know when I get a response. In their list of rules, it does sound like they may be expecting horses and possibly other animals: "EQUINE and OTHER ANIMAL UNITS must coordinate with the Parade committee for accompanying clean up personnel with shovels and brooms. No exceptions." Hmm. Pooper scoopers required. Animal owners -- and anyone else who wants to be in the parade -- have until Monday (Aug. 11) to submit an online application.

Hello again, Thomas B Brown,
This response to your question about animals in the parade just arrived from the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival:
"We don't have elephants, but we do have horses from at least two parade participants. The whole festival is free, and the AAATA's 4, 5, or 6 can drop you off just a couple of blocks walk from the park, or catch some song Friday and Saturday at DAY's Gospel Music Festival and wait for our hourly shuttle, stopping across the street from the bus station on Pearl and Washington Street. There's free family fun for everyone at the 2014 Ypsilanti Heritage Festival!"

I live in A2 and work in Ypsilanti. Ypsi is a great little city that many of us fail to explore.

The Heritage Festival is fun for all ages but particularly so at night for grown-ups.

The Ypsilanti Heritage Festival is great, and the setting of Riverside Park is fantastic. I always enjoy it.

Thanks for writing about the Festival! I went twice last year and had a great time in the DIYpsi craft fair tent. Not sure I'll make is this year. We'll see.