I Can't Stop Watching YouTubers: Books and Media for YouTuber Fans

2014 is the Year of the YouTuber.

That's right, guys. Internet fame is now as easy as turning on your camera and doing whatever you do best, whether that's applying makeup with extra finesse, doing dance covers of K-Pop songs, or just generally being weird...and there's A LOT of weird out there on the internet. "YouTubers," as the famous video bloggers of YouTube are so cleverly called, have been around for years and years, but THIS year a number of them are putting down their cameras and throwing themselves into other media endeavors. Hence: The Year of the YouTuber. Catchy, right? If you're a YouTuber addict, here are a few dates (and titles!) to mark down on your calendars:

Hannah Hart, expert pun-maker, intrepid explorer of all the world's liquor cabinets, and creator of the YouTube show "My Drunk Kitchen," is putting out her first book on August 12, 2014. Aptly titled My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut, this book will contain pages, pictures....possibly even words! And of course, recipes, wisdom, and cooking tips from the Tipsy Chef herself. This book is sure to be a blast to read and use, both for those who drink and those who don't!

Next, we'll take a stroll outside the world of books. You don't mind, right? Libraries aren't just about books, you know! If any library has proven that, I'm pretty sure we have. Troye Sivan, 19-year-old Australian YouTuber, actor, and now singer-songwriter, will be releasing a new EP titled TRXYE on August 15, 2014. Troye officially announced his new endeavor at VidCon 2014 (causing the entire fandom to go insane and crash his website...typical) and released his first single "Happy Little Pill" on July 25, 2014. For those who are a big fan of Troye or of snyth-pop music, this'll be one to keep your eye out for.

Next up we have Grace Helbig. Comedian. Actress. Youtuber. Generally awkward person. Grace, has basically got it all. And she's willing to share "it all" with you! Formerly of "DailyGrace" and currently of the "ItsGrace" YouTube channel, Grace has been kind enough to share her infinite fake wisdom with the world in her upcoming book Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-up. This one is set to be released on October 21st and if you're a young adult looking for uncomfortable anecdotes or advice on doing a really good impression of a grown-up (mortgages and filing your taxes and....oil changes...look, I don't know how adults live) then this is the book for you! This is following Grace's debut into film-making earlier this year with the comedy film Camp Takota, made alongside fellow YouTubers Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart (remember her? From two paragraphs ago?).

Last, but certainly not least, Zoe Sugg (a.k.a. Zoella), British beauty vlogger and blogger, announced in June that she, too, would be taking the dive into the world of books with her fictional novel Girl Online. The novel follows Penny, who is known in the real world as a school-going, drama-having, normal girl with a crazy family. But to the internet she's "GirlOnline," a famous blogger and internet-personality. Over the course of the story Penny is dragged off to New York by her parents, struggles to maintain her online cover, and falls a little bit in love with a boy who has a secret of his own. Girl Online is set to be released on November 25, 2014, so it'll be a bit of a wait, but surely worth it to see what sort of writer Zoella will be off the screen. A blogger writing about a blogger? How meta is that?

The library has some of these but not all, so keep checking back as those release dates get closer! And remember, if there's something we don't have, The Michigan eLibrary is always a good back-up plan!


I don't understand how the eLibrary works. Are these audiobook? Free? Can I get them on my iPhone?

Thanks for all of the new suggestions.

I have been looking forward to Hannah Hart's book!

love cooking

I love youtubers!

It's easy to get lost you.tubing!

Awesome, can't wait for Harto's new book! Will the library also be getting a copy of Grace Helbig's new book?

Cool idea for a post, seriously. I definitely need to look into that "Gracie's Guide: Art of Pretending To Be A Grown-up" when it comes out.

I've heard of "My Drunk Kitchen" but never watched any yet. This reminder may remedy that shortly.

Looking forward to this.

I saw a comment that said. "I really appreciate decent reviews. It's not very helpful when every review someone submits is, "I loved it!", making it possible for them to submit five in one minute. Amazon has a minimum number of characters required in their reviews." (submitted by willow) And i agreed with her/him a lot on the part with the character minimum. I think it would be cool if AADL had character minimums on all of their comment and review systems so people can't just say "cool" or "awseome" etc.
I suggest somewhere around 50 or 60 characters. I really like the fact that someone could not submit the same comment/review twice I think AADL should improve their comment/review systems.

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Hey @Thomas B Brown! Think of the Michigan eLibrary as an extension of AADL's own collection. We've got a TON of stuff, but because we can't have absolutely everything we've collaborated with an entire network of Michigan libraries that allow us to borrow items from their collection and send them here to AADL for you to check out. Just follow the link to MeL, search for the book if we don't own it and hit Get This For Me! If it is available, it should ask for a card number and your name and then show up in your requests! Easy peasy! But keep in mind:

-MeL items usually take one to two weeks to arrive.
-MeLs can only be renewed once.
-Currently, AADL does not lend or borrow A/V material (DVDs, audiobooks, etc.) through MeL, so this is only an option for books.

Love Harto and MDK. Will have to give this a read.

So excited to read Hannah Hart's book! Her videos always entertain me, and I look forward to seeing her in a new medium.