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OHHHHHH WOW! It's a moment you've been waiting for... NEW SHOP ITEMS! While there are still surprises left to come, tonight we've added to the shop a NEW Messenger bag, a NEW lunchbox, an AMAZING NEW iPhone Case, and the RETURN of the ROOS ROAST COFFEE BUNDLE! Still to come are a NEW CHOCOLATE, a few more new items, some old favorites and packages.... so STAY TUNED and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Woohoo, it all looks awesome!


WHOA. (I'm super excited for new shop descriptions. They light up my life.)

This is so exciting! Thanks aadl!

These look great! I'm headed over to the ship right now even though I really should be going to bed.

Already ordered the 2014 bag! The iPhone case looks awesome! I'd get it if I didn't already have a case that also has rubber lining!

Had to get the Roos Roast and mug =]

Will the snack holder be included in the super package?

That iPhone case is SUPER COOL. It almost makes me wish I had an iPhone!!

COFFEEEEE. Thank you.

The snack box is so cute!! Thanks, AADL!

Oooh these look so cool :D

Great new items :)

The iPhone case looks cool, but alas, I don't have an iPhone. I suppose it wouldn't be practical to have a case for android phones since they come in many different sizes. How about a super sticky library card sticker that I could stick on my Galaxy? Or a keychain thing like the ones for Kroger or CVS? Maybe next year?

Soooooooo cooooooooooooooooool


I want a lot of these, but am also wondering what's going to get bundled. Any idea if there will be any shirts?

We are wondering if you can tell us if any blankets are coming-- we loved the waterproof picnic blanket that was offered last year!

Can`t wait to see something delicious.!

Have you considered something like the Boston Public Library bag sold by Levenger? I know someone who bought one from her library (not Boston), with the library name on it, for about $10.

My husband loves Lobster Butter Love, but we don't need yet another travel mug. (After all, we got the AADL one last year!) Any chance you are going to de-bundle them later in the summer?

I agree with @camelsamba, I love Lobster Butter Love, but I will be donating my travel mug since I have 10 of them already. If you don't unbundle it, would it be ok to give it back? Maybe you could use them mugs as a gift to some of the fabulous presenters you bring to the library?

I'm so excited about these, and also so jealous of everyone who has the right kind of phone for that case!

@EvelynH: No kidding! I have an iPhone 4, but I'm thinking of getting one of these just in case (oh, punz) for when the iPhone 6 comes out and iPhone 5's finally cost, like, 12 dollars.

OMIGOSH! YAY! I ordered the plastic snack box, will order more soon :]
I really want the iPhone case but i don't have one :(
I'm almost close to ordering the speedy messenger bag, yay!

I hope you guys put things like:
Blankets (I enjoyed the one I got last year, hope you put more picnic blankets)
Buttons/Badges (I wanted the cute mochi kawaii buttons set last year, didn't get a chance to get 'em)
Earbuds (I miss those from last year :( )

Add those, please. Last years shop was the best one!

SAME! YES! The ones last year were great!


I don't even HAVE the iPhone.

Hopefully they'll put in Samsung cases soon

I'm another one hoping for buttons! I got the cotton messenger bag last year and it's quite suitable for button display.

I'm also disappointed that the Lunch Cooler Plus sold out - but I guess I should have bought one earlier!

I wonder when the shop will be restocked... Trying to decide between getting everything now or waiting for the super package....

@Bookbird - I wonder if the shop will be restocked at all. I wasn't as active last year, but I think that some things sold out and weren't restocked. Can anyone confirm that? And does anyone know if there will be a restock year?

Does anyone know around when the bundles start happening?

I also was wondering when the bundles are coming out and f the turquoise water bottle is coming back?

I can't wait for the chocolate!

Those look so COOL

I can't believe I missed the snack box. What was I thinking not checking the shop every Friday! Hopefully it gets restocked, if not I will be filled with regret. :)


I hope it gets restocked!!

Can't wait to see what comes next.

Will the snack box be restocked?

ROOS ROAST! Can't wait to grind those beans!

Now... can I order 5 more?

I was fortunate enough to be able to order the Collapsible AMAZING SNACK BOX before stocks were depleted, and I picked it up from Mallets Creek Branch this afternoon. On inspection, I found it very Collapsible, truly AMAZING and definitely a BOX. Imagine my distress on finding NO SNACKS in it! Fortunately, I kept my composure and tapped into the spare, emergency SNACKS in my cupboard and was able to immediately fill the BOX with SNACKS. Whew, crisis averted!

I just hope there are no unpleasant surprises when I receive my Double-necked WATER bottle.


You may be disappointed. But it is still a very nice water bottle!

I'm disappointed the iPhone case is only for the newest models, I so want it but don't have the right model phone. I was also hoping that awesome blanket from last year would be back this year. A kids baseball cap would be cool too.

I saw soooo many bags with snack boxes when helping with the orders. Therefore I was disappointed but not surprised when I found out that they were out of stock... Really hoping for restocking...

Just picked up my new lunchbox today - it's going to be a big help when I'm at college and need to grab and go during lunch.

I was one of the lucky few to get a snack box. I hope it gets restocked because it is awesome!!!!

Why is everyone so excited for the snack box? Am I missing something? I didn't think it looked that great.

@SBNB -- I love the snack box because I prefer silicone storage containers over plastic because they are easier to clean and don't stain if you put them directly in the microwave. The lime green color isn't my favorite, but the functionality and durability are pretty impressive for 10,000 point prize.

I was also hoping the awesome picnic blanket was making a comeback as well. I guess I will have to console myself with all the chocolate bars I plan on ordering when they are finally available.

@beeniepie - Thanks for the info. I can see why you'd like it, but I'm still not thrilled about it. No offense to anyone who is nuts about it. :)

This snack box looks amazing. How much does it hold? Can it hold liquid-y things like pudding or applesauce?

I'm not nuts about it, but it is the first snack box I've seen that has a collapsible bottom and a utensil that's a spoon on one end and a fork on the other.

When is the chocolate coming?

Snack box seems liquidy friendly. The 9 yr old thinks it's aces and is ready to take it to school tomorrow...but is glad school does not start tomorrow... I thought the utensil fork/spoon was pretty flimsy but the box was okay and as cute as I'd expect for a snack box.

I bought a similar collapsible container at Meijer recently; it was in the kitchenwares section near the produce. Of course it lacks the AADL logo. ;) Mine doesn't have the spork, but there were multiple models.

The coffee is great! First time I have ever tried it from roosroast. I missed out on the collapsable lunch book though. Oh well maybe next time.

Roos roast is def my favorite coffee place in Ann Arbor!

Officially used my blanket from last year this weekend at the Air Show. Really do wish I had another...

Those snack packs are pretty cool. I ordered them thinking I might give them to my nieces, but for now I'm gonna keep them for myself!

I am sooooo sad that the phone case doesn't work for the 5C! What a fabulous idea!!

A return of the blanket from last year would be great. My partner specifically requested that I order another one! And I missed out on the collapsible lunch box, so a restocking of them would be much appreciated! You really do think up some fabulous items!

I'm hoping that Something Stimulating will be more coffee, and in a larger size. I don't really need another mug, but I saw that there are only 5 of the bundle left. Here's hoping for 1+lb sizes!

wowo the new lunchbox is already sold out! ;(

this is awesome

Wait, does the chocolate still come with a badge or code?

Got my new lunch tupperware! Can't wait to pack lunch for school in it. Thanks

Looks like there's a new item on the shop! A tablet sleeve

I love the messenger bag very much. It will be perfect if there is a zipper on it.Thank you AADL.

Seriously, the writing is so fun, the items take a backseat (except it's about the items, so that doesn't really hold up metaphorically - nevermind).

The collapsible boxes are really cool. I hope they can restock or bring them back next year for everybody who missed out.

Wow. Those lunch boxes didn't last very long. I wish I had ordered it when I had the chance.

Lunchbox Review:

I love my collapsable lunch box. My preschooler is over the moon over the spoon/fork. If I knew such a utensil would motivate him to use a utensil instead of his hands, I would have bought a spoon/fork AGES ago. I like that it's easy to clean and it doesn't stain in the microwave.

So the big downside is that it wants to collapse when I don't want it to collapse. Maybe it's just because my technique is off, but it's a pain to put liquid-like items in one of the compartments, and carefully have to snap the lid on so it doesn't collapse before the lid snaps shut. Does that make sense? I ended up putting too much pressure on the lid and ended up with hummus all over my shirt when packing up a hummus snack. I've finally figured out that carefully pinching the lid around the sides is the only way to snap the lid on without a major mess.

I love the new messenger bag! Too bad the collapsible lunch box was out of stock by the time I got there, it's also really cool!

Need the collapsible lunch box to fortify the nutritions!

Cannot wait to pick up the new AADL items that I ordered- they look amazing!!!

New shop items! :D The iphone case is an awesome idea, i just wish there was one for the 4 :(

@estermyer -- I have an iPhone 4 as well, but I ordered a case anyway. I think Apple's releasing the iPhone 6 sometime soon, so I will finally be able to afford an iPhone 5.

@beeniepie apple usually announces the new iphones in september. after that, prices drop pretty quick!

I love my new snack box. I'm glad I got one before they sold out.

Sorry you were the test case, but thanks very much for letting us all know about this potential problem and your solution technique!

So waiting for the restock of the coffee and snack box!

Snack box and coffee restock! Grabbed those along with the hats!

Yayy I love these new items! :D


Too bad the iPhone case won't fit the 5c :( looks pretty cool!

I love the new messenger bag!

Restocking of some items was great! I still missed out on a snake box :( oh well!!! Highlighters are just as good for me!

Love the messenger bag and the iPhone case! I don't have the 5 though :( I'm thinking about getting the messenger bag though ;)
Hoping to get the messenger bag today ;-)
Made my final order for the year today :D

The Phone case is awesome! Even better with the library card scan code! Awesome Update!!!