Muse: The Magazine of Life, the Universe, and Pie Throwing

Currently one of the most popular magazines at AADL is Muse: The magazine of life, the universe, and pie throwing. Although the magazine is published for kids ages 9-14, many adults enjoy reading it, too. Check out the excellent articles on science, history and the arts, plus plenty of humor to keep things in the right perspective. Muse magazine won a 2013 Parents' Choice Gold Award.


It is a really neat magazine -- and so refreshing to find an intelligent magazine for older children that is not about boys and hairstyles, and can be enjoyed by those with a variety of interests. What other magazines do the children's and YA libarians like and see library-going kids and teens reading?

A lot of children like Cricket, Spider, Ask!, Faces, Cobblestone and other youth magazines on the shelves at AADL. Many teens enjoy reading iD: Ideas & Discoveries, Cicada and TeenInk, among others.

Some of our most popular magazines for youth also include Click, Appleseeds, National Geographic Kids, and Odyssey. I also really enjoyed learning about wild animals in Zoobooks! magazines as a kid years ago. A neat one that I didn't know about but which seems like it could be a lot of fun is Familyfun kids, where you can learn how to make lots of kid-friendly crafts.

Thanks, annevm and lillian27!

My kis enjoy the other Cobblestone publications too, but I am sad that Know and Yes are no longer published -- I think AADL received only one or two titles before their publication ceased. Owl magazine and chickaDEE are also popular in my house; they are Canadian. (AADL doesn't subscribe.)

Thanks willow. If you think we should subscribe please send a request here. Your request will find its way to the right person. Thanks again for your comment!

We carry owl

I just saw that -- that's great! It's a fun magazine.

Also - FYI on ChickaDee - we also used to carry this but the delivery was sporadic and often never-at-all so we were forced to cancel it.

You're right about adults loving Muse, too. I started reading it in middle school because my school library had a subscription, and have been reading it ever since! Kokopelli and the rest of the Muses are funny, but the magazine as a whole is very educational without being dry, condescending to its younger audience, or uninteresting. Excited for every issue!

Yes, we really enjoyed this magazine