Minecraft Programming

Monday August 25, 2014: 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm -- Downtown Library: Training Center

This event is intended for grades 3 - 8.

Explore the endless possibilities of Minecraft programming using the Python programming language!

Begin with the basics of navigating 3D space via code. Then work your way up to our automated-city-building programming challenges! Along the way, learn Python concepts like loops, arguments and functions. No prior experience necessary.

This hands-on session will be led by the staff from GameStart.


A question

Is it safe to assume that if you can't get there on time you shouldn't come at all? My son has his middle school registration that day and I don't know if it'll finish in time. Maybe I better not tell him about the workshop in advance, I'm sure he'd rather be there than at a school thing!

Sounds intriguing - and like

Sounds intriguing - and like a great introduction to computer thinking.


how do you register?

Last time I tried to attend

Last time I tried to attend we parked 5 minutes prior to the event and that was absolutely too late. They were already telling a lot of other kids to leave, there wasnt enough room. If you have a minecraft account they might let you stay if you use a laptop. We didnt stay because my sons friend that was with us didnt have a minecraft account which you have to purchase.


@Zekicmom, It seems like anything we do involving Minecraft gets very, very full. We try to fit everyone, but sometimes it does get super packed. So, I think you are probably right not to want to get your son's hopes up too high if you're note sure if you'll be able to get to the library in plenty of time...

mindcarft qworkshop

Good morning,

Is there still space available for this today? IF so can i still register my son? he has his own laptop if computer space is an issue/ Thank you in advance for the information.


No registration required

Hi Melissa,
I'm sorry we didn't see this comment until after the program. We don't usually require registration for our programs. We had some extra laptops today in case space was an issue, but luckily, we had just the right # of folks. We hope to see you at another of our future programs with the GameStart crew!