It's the FIFTH Badge Drop!

WHEW! You SUMMER GAMERS ARE DEDICATED! Even with a holiday weekend, you kept on EARNING BADGES, coming out to SUPER-FUN EVENTS, and LOGGING PLENTY OF POINTS for reading, listening and watching. We're happy to keep the badge train a'rolling just to keep up with y'all!

This week kicks off the first five in our Contributor's Trophies series. For those who don't recall, this is the first opportunity you'll have to see just how you're stacking up in STARRING items that you love (or don't love)... Are YOU are SUPER star master, or SUPREME? The difference is just in the magnitude of your STAR-GIVING STREAK, so get in there and rate up a storm!

2014 Badge Drop #5

We're also happy to be dropping PLENTY of badges in various series that you've already been loving - from HOT DOGS to HORNED CONSTELLATIONS, from PICKLES to POP MUSIC, we've got FUN TO UNLEASH. So, have at it, get in there, and EARN THOSE BADGES, RACK UP THOSE POINTS, and save up for TOTALLY SWEET SUMMER GAME SHOP SWAG!

Ready, GO!

And as always...


Awwww man, I'm really excited about the Something Wicked badge. But I still have badges from last week to do!

@Latitude, no one is making you do them "in order" unless it's yourself. :)

I don't know if it's related to something with the new star badges that dropped, but I rated a couple items tonight and a) the ratings don't seem to have been counted, and b) I didn't get points for them...

@crwilley - I haven't had any issues with rating things tonight. Are they something that you might have rated in the past?

I suppose it's not out of the question; I read the books a while back and might have rated them last summer.

Edit: that seems to have been the problem; I was able to rate other items.


ahh but my badge page looks so much cooler when they're all done in order!! that's why I really dig the Star Master/Points-o-matic badges because they're cumulative!

ahhhh why can't I delete my own comments

sorry for the double post!!

I know it doesn't really relate to this badge drop but I had a question. Are the points-o-matic points supposed to count towards the store? None of mine have been but I wasn't sure if that was an issue, or something that is supposed to happen.


I don't think they count towards the store for anyone -- or at least they didn't last year.

Phew, no new pokemon badges!

Yay for a new park explorer badge!

Thank you for adding another Park Explorer badge. My family is really enjoying these and discovering parks we've never entered in our 10 years in Ann Arbor. Please add more in future drops!


Don't forget to do the Park Explorer badges from last year, too! They're worth less points, but they're no less fun!

I've been doing last years parks, some of the codes were non-permanent and are no longer there. I've contacted the library about this, but no one has responded to me. I'm really disappointment because I really wanted to earn the park badges. I got a late start last year and couldn't get them done in time.

I'm really excited about the Matthaei Conservatory park badge. I wanted to go see the agave plant, but didn't think I'd have time to go with everything I have going on plus trying to complete SG, now I will. Thanks SG!

@ AprilCDB

I will try to help you with the old park badges. I tried to do the Streets Quest badges and ran into the same problem with a few. (It was still very fun, and I would recommend doing it when you run out of park explorer badges. Streets Quest involves walking around historical areas of the city.)

I'm excited about the Matthaei badge- I wanted to see the agave bloom but thought I had missed it.

@ AprilCDB one of us will get back to you soon! Thanks for playing!

If you want to add a walk onto your Matthaei visit, there is a tree treasure quest map and leaf-rubbing book here:

Sam Graham Trail Map

Are you ready to explore a floodplain, a bog and savannas? Can you find all 22 native trees marked on the Sam Graham Trail?

Sam Graham Trees Leaf-rubbing Booklet

Kids can explore the Sam Graham Trees Trail with this fun booklet. Bring a crayon and these pages with you. The trail will take you on a journey through woodland, savanna, floodplain and bog. Along the way you will discover fun facts about Michigan trees and where they grow.

Yay for waking up to lots of new badges!

Could someone give me a hint on the final code of the Hedgehog Hysteria badge? I found Darcy the Hedgehog, but I don't know how to get the code. I've tried putting in the name of the blog, and searched the catalog for zir's book, but neither panned out.

@Avliss Try making your search simpler.

the fungus among us badge is cute...

I'm thrilled for an excuse to go see the agave plant, too! I was a little disappointed that it was an indoor venue, until I saw that it's supposed to rain cats and dogs tomorrow.

Anyone else having trouble finding the 4th gamecode in the fungus badge? Thought it was obvious but can't find it. Have never been fond of those blue things and this is giving me another reason to hate them...

Aw gee. Yesterday we wanted to do a walk, so we checked if a new park quest had been posted. Nope. So we just decided to go to Matthaei and take a look at the agave plant. I've been admiring that plant for 50 years or so, and it's cool to see it blooming. We also visited the Children's Garden and walked the yellow trail. Valerie said we we should contribute a park quest at Matthaei, and we discussed various ideas for clues. Only down side is that though entry is free, you have to pay to park.

I guess we're going back.

@KathyD, just look for those blue things in another dimension. I had no problems finding it at all.

Got the Matthaei Conservatory park badge today. Haven't been there in years. Really enjoyed it. Beautiful place, a lot of interesting and cool plants.

Thanks. For some reason, searching for singular blue creatures didn't find the clue, but plural did.

Could someone help me with the last code for the Hedgehog Hysteria badge? I know who the hedgehog is but don't know where to go from here…

Come on! All real pickle fans know that there is not just one vegetable (or should I say, fruit) that becomes a pickle! :)

@ willow - the badge is focusing on your basic, traditional and at the moment very popular form (hence of the name of the badge series) of the pickle - not on "pickling" or fermentation in general :) Pickles are one of my favorite foods and the sheer variety made using just that one veggie is impressive.

Pickles aside, I am having trouble with the third clue....I know who I am looking for, but I am not able to find anything in the catalog about that person. I will keep trying....

**Found it finally, but don't see much of a connection to the "clue" given, and even the message when I found it doesn't make sense ("You found McClure’s Pickles").

Also in the Potter's Potteds badge, the word "breathe" is missing its ending "e" in the poem clue
("And lets you breath while underwater") and the final clue has an unneeded apostrophe ("It's deadly cry is no big thrill")...there are several other "it's" in clues including the description of killer plants.

@Gabriela Valderrama - If you know the name of the hedgehog, search only the name of the hedgehog (1 word) in the catalog.

@AprilCDB - Could you tell me which parks from last year have missing codes? I'm still hoping to do them but I don't want to frustrate myself either.

@SBNB it was Miller and West parks. One clue was on a log bench, which has since been sanded and varnished and the other was on the garden fence signs, the gardens are there, the signs not so much. I also could not get a code to work from Miller Park for picking up after your dog, so either there's something wrong there too or there's more than one sign and I got the wrong sign. I still have to do the Arb and Bandemer parks, so I don't know about those. The other two I did last year and as I recall, both had permanent signs with the codes.

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on three badges and I am having trouble finding three code words to these badges and I am hoping some of you gamers out there could help me out by giving me some more clues on how to find the codewords. I am working on

1.) I need help finding the very first code word to the Ghost World badge

2.) I need helping the fourth codeword for the Tinker, Taylor badge

3.) And I need help finding the third codeword for the Rabbit Reltives badge.

Thanks so much for the help

@SBNB thanks so much!!! :)

I'm working on the Over the Falls badge, and I'm having trouble finding the 3rd code. Could someone give me a hint? Thanks! :)

Gabriela Valderrama: Google "chevalier" and "tight rope". Then search for that person's 7 letter last name in the catalog.

@Lmd3577 - For your #3, google the name of the show written in the clue, find out what country produces it that's not the US, and search the catalog for "-----ian bunny".

The first clue for the Niagara Falls Badge seems simple enough, but I cannot find it in the catalog. I have tried "__ affair", "__ case" and simply, "__", but cannot find the code. Any hints?

Excited to go to Matthaei!

I did, with my daughter, and it was awesome. You only need 1/2 hour to get the badge codes, but allow extra time to look at all the interesting plants.

On last week's badge drop, they mentioned there would be a big badge for going to the board meeting this evening, and that there would be more information on Badge Drop #5. So far I haven't heard anything else. Anybody know anything about this?

@sara - I searched ---- affair and found it in the top five results. The "----" word is a name that starts with C.

@SBNB Thanks! I swear I checked that item more than once. Crazy. Got it now.

@amym - The board meeting is actually July 21, not tonight. Don't worry, the big point opportunity has not slipped past you!

I am also curious about the board meeting badge/s... when will we hear more about that?

@rimpopu thanks so much!!!

I went to the townie party tonight, which was a lot of fun. I thought that there would be a gamecode. We walked around the whole thing three times and couldn't find it. We have been working hard to earn badges so we were sad that we couldn't find it.

My friend and I have been having trouble trying to find the first code for the Friends of Bill badge. Could anyone give us a hint? Thanks! :)

They only had gamecodes at TOP, and tonight was the townie party, not TOP. Sorry :(

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on three badges and I am having trouble finding the codewords for them and I am hoping some gamers out there could give me some more clues to help me out. Right now I am looking for the clues to.

1.) I am looking for the second clue word for the Pickle Parade badge

2.) I am looking for the first code word for the Ghost Town badge

3.) and I am looking for the fourth code word for the Tinker Taylor Toymaker badge

Thank you so much for the help

@Gabriela Valderrama Your search term for first Friends of Bill is in the Wikipedia page on Buffalo Bill. Read about nicknames.

1) you need to find the Dutch word for pickle and what it means in English. Search the English word in the catalog for a book and it should be in your top 10 search items. The English word is a cooking technique, hence the reference to a cooking book.
2) What are all the scary places called at Halloween? Search for a ___ tavern, The name of the animal(s) in the picture is the code.
3) That was a hard one, I kept getting the name of someone who's last name starts with a W that owned a shoe store and that wasn't it. Search for 1964 shoes. There'll be a picture with the shoe store, a clothing store and a cafe.

Stars, tags and reviews... oh my!

Well I am sorry to hear that. Do you know if there will be one for the art fair?

Loved the "Rabbit Relatives" badge. I had forgotten all about the adorable Max and Ruby. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

I've gotten most of the badges now, with the exception of the Pokemania ones and Cupcake Crush! Can anyone help me out with Cupcake Crush, specifically for the code with the hint: It's a family affair. Totally stumped on this one.


@ asopijw65, for those of us who have earned the badge already, we can no longer see the hints. I'll try to help, but I don't know which clue you're referring to because I can't see the hints anymore.

@ asopijw65 are you trying to find the CD, the 4th code with the cute-cakes in the name? Search the catalog using the plural version of the word for the cute-cakes.

Hummm...I tried to finish the StreetsQuest Badges I hadn't completed, and I still can't figure them out. I am only missing glass gazing 7 and 10. Looking back, I see that only 2 people completed all the badges. For those of you who didn't finish, were you stuck on the same two badges? Library people, is something missing from the game? That was my favorite game of all, and I wish I could finish it.

I am not sure. Probably not, as it isn't an AADL event. But I could be wrong, so it might be better to email/contact a librarian to ask them.

@sara - if you have a specific question about what you're missing from the Street Quest then maybe it will trigger my memory on how I found those codes. It feels like so long ago when my brain is jumbled with Pokemania and some of the other evil badges they've got for us this summer. I do remember that overall, there were only a few of the Street Quest things that I actually had to go downtown to find. Most of it I was able to figure out by knowing the area, using old news and other images, the online images from the street panels, and a few drives down Main Street.

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on four badges right now and I am hoping some of you gamers out there could help me with some more clues on where to find the codewords I am looking for.

1.) I am looking for the fourth codeword in the bull by the horns badge

2.) I am looking for the third codeword in the something witchy badge

3.). I am looking for the final codeword in the hedgehog badge

4.). And I am looking for the final codeword in the tinker taylor badge

Thanks so much for the help

For the Tinker Taylor badge, Google the synonym the clue tells you to find. There will be a few options, but it should be obvious which one you need. Then if you Google "old news aadl ______" it will pop right up.

I find in general that it's faster for me to Google things by starting with "old news aadl" then actually going through the library website. I'd recommend that route for the something witchy code word you're looking for as well. I was trying to figure out how to guide you on the other ones you're stumped on, and I think with all of them I was doing a lot of Googling of key words or phrases from what we're being asked to find.

I feel your pain on the street quest game.
I have been stuck on #8 glass gazing. The answer seems very obvious but the code doesn't work. Stuck on the new name for the Old Agricultural Hall. I have tried A...A...Ob. ....Bu. ... several different ways, nothing works. Barking up the wrong tree?

Glass Gazing #7 and #10 I had to go to the locations to answer the questions. Which clue are you stuck on?

Lmd3577 -

3.). I am looking for the final codeword in the hedgehog badge – here is the original clue - For your last code, find a photogenic hedgehog from Tokyo who's gotten popular on Instagram.

Try to Google: Hedgehog Tokyo Instagram. You will find many references to a specific Hedgehog. Then search his name in the catalog. A number of items come up, but the code is found in an item near the top of the list.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the Street's Quest help. The two I am stuck on both involve being downtown, and I think things may have changed since the game was written.

Streets Quest #7: Glass Gazing

Now let's turn to the Bank Block that still sits across
(Restored to a spanking new shine)
Look for the words that there are embossed
Where once there was Phillip Bach's sign.

Streets Quest #10: Glass Gazing

The parking sign near you might just induce
You to cry in dismay “What the deuce?!
15 minutes alone
You can park in this zone?”
Just what is this parking spot's use?


I looked through my old player page, and can't find my answer to #8. Could you post the full question? I found all the answers in bits and pieces, and the badge numbers aren't listed with the codes.



The only code I have that somewhat matches your clue is: ANN ARBOR CO-------- S------ INC. Is that is?

This is the clue I am stuck on
Hay & Todd, White Swan-call the thing what you will
It's been standing there eight generations.
Unresigned, the old Ag Hall is standing there still
Just signed with a new appellation."

The answer to #10 of glass gazing can be found on Google map street view. You are looking for a p.... sign by the entrance to Kerrytown.

I've had similar problems with last years park badges. Two codes appear to have been non-permanent and one I can't get to work. I sent a message through the contact us link about this about a week and a half ago and no one has responded to me, I just sent another request for help. Miller and West park both seem to have codes that were non-permanent, one had signs on the gardens which are no longer there and the other there was writing on a log bench, there is no writing on the bench anymore. The one I'm having trouble to work is in reference to the sign to pick up after your dog.

I'm also finding codes from last year that say they've expired, such as one in a picture in old news of the old city hall being demolished for Street Quest. I've also found codes in the catalog from last year that give me the same expired message.

Whoa, did the "submit" button for new games codes just get REALLY big, or am I seeing things?

It got REALLY big. I guess in response to someone's comment on how small it was before...

To all the summer gamers out there I am working on three badges and I need help finding three code words and I am hoping you some of you gamers out there could give me some more clues on where to find those codewords.

1.) I am looking for the first code word for the Crotta badge

2.) I am looking for the fourth code word for the Bull by the Horns badge

3.) and I am looking for the third code word for the something Witchy badge

Thanks so much for the help

It's cool

Yes, it did get REALLY big - I like it, though! :D

I've encountered a few expired codes while searching for past years' badges, and submitted a comment via the web page; a few days later I received an email when they were reactivated. So I encourage you to email in about it -- it can be fixed.

I am disappointed that so many of the park badge clues don't work.

Would it be possible for the library to add a button on the left-side column of the summer game to "return to your aadl account?" There is a button to go to your summer game account from your aadl account, but not the other way. Thanks!

I agree with sara in the comment above. But I suppose the Library Catalog link on the left takes you almost there. There's just an extra click involved. Still, it would be nice.

Would I be marked as lazy if I agree? Though maybe loading time could be used as a reason...

2) They make the Outback. One of my favorite cars.

@willow, send a message about the park codes. They gave me the codes for the ones that were not permanent codes and I was then able to earn last years park badges.

Hi summer gamers,

I just wanted to let you know that I was able to find all the codes for last year's Bandemer park explorer badge. I hope to finish last year's Park Explorer badge set with a visit to the Arb by the end of the month. Has anyone else tried to earn this badge this year? Were they able to locate all of the codes?

its great

beeniepie - I didn't know we could still do the park badges from last summer. These are my favorite badges of all. Good to know I can do more than just this year's ones.

We are stuck on polkemon #078, the last code. We tried barel + polka, and barel on its own. Help please!

@RowanEMH Find a Pokemon with barel in its name, and use that name to search the catalog. You should get only one result.

Thank you for the hint!

I have emailed them twice with no response about the two missing Park Explorer codes. Any suggestions or are you willing to share them to an equally enthusiastic park explorer?