Get Twiggy With It

Are you pumped for this weekend’s big program Wooly Woods Crafting With Anna Hrachovec (of Mochimochi Land)?! Teens & adults will wrap twigs with yarn to make beautiful sculptures, as well as knit tiny creatures to live on them. Yes, twigs! Let me tell you, I know from experience that wrapping sticks with yarn is addicting, and the talented Anna takes it up a notch.

If you’re inspired to find more twig action, I recommend the book Super Simple Twig Projects: Fun and Easy Crafts Inspired By Nature. It's just that. A small youth-oriented book with some easy projects made of collected sticks and twigs. It goes over what supplies you’ll need to make things like trivets, dream catchers, baskets, vases, tiny rafts, and more. The question is: What if you wrap the twigs with yarn before you craft with them?


so-o-o cute!

I just discovered the mochimochi patterns for free download through the aadl. I'm so excited to try them - AA has the best library system. Thanks guys!!

Can't wait to see how this goes! Love the downloads.

how adorable!

hilarious blog title! this is so inspiring- i definitely want to do some twig crafting now!

sounds interesting


If you didn't get the chance to come to the event, come on down to the Youth department at the Downtown BRANCH! There is a beautiful yarn-wrapped tree branch for all to see. As Biff Tannen might say, make like a tree and get to the library!