New Art Prints from the AADL Collection

Now through September 30, 2014 -- Malletts Creek Branch: Exhibits

The circulating art print collection at the Ann Arbor District Library makes available original works of art and fine reproductions of paintings, photography, prints and drawings. Artists represented in the collection are global and multicultural in scope. Works selected ranges from the iconic to the eclectic but are always, good examples of the artists’ works.

AADL is happy to display newly acquired prints in this exhibit.

All art prints in the collection are professionally framed by Format Framing of Ann Arbor. Images of the collection are available in the online catalog. Each library card holder may borrow up to 3 prints, circulating for 8 weeks. Sturdy nylon carrying bags are available for safe and easy transport from our staff at the Circulation Department.


Circulating Art Prints.

Wow. What will the AADL think of next? Maybe automobiles?

I thought they were just at the DT library.

I will have to see where they are at Mallets Creek. It would be nice to spruce up the house for a month or two.


The art prints collection is such a cool offering!! Definitely makes AADL stand out from other public libraries.

Art Print Collection

Thomas, the exhibit is at Malletts Creek, but the prints will be in the Downtown Library collection when they are ready for check-out. You can of course, request them to be sent to a branch.

I will have to check this

I will have to check this out.

Can't wait to get the walls

Can't wait to get the walls spiffied up with some new framed artwork from the library!

Fantastic idea

Checking out art from the library is such a great idea.


Thanks! We could use some new art in our humble lives.

Heading there

I have to head to mallets soon anyway so might as well check these out! :)

New Look

Nice way to give your home space a new look without spending any money.