It's the FOURTH Badge Drop!

OH MY WOW! Summer Game is BIGGER THAN EVER! The ever-growing momentum is such that NOT EVEN A FEDERAL HOLIDAY CAN STOP IT! Let's make like Kai Ryssdahl and do the numbers, which reveals an ASTOUNDING 3,265 players, scoring almost 23 MILLION POINTS and earning 17,500 BADGES! Can you even wrap your BRAIN around this? We're only a quarter of the way through summer, and we sure can't!

And even though it's Independence Day, we know that our most hardcore players are ENTIRELY DEPENDENT on these Friday Badge Drops, and we certainly wouldn't leave you hanging all weekend with only week-old content to entertain you. SO LET'S GET TO IT!

2014 Badge Drop #4

If you missed any of our Kids Rock Concerts over the past three Sundays, it's too late now to earn TOP MASTER, but it's not too late to play TOPOPOLY for fun and BIG POINTS! Come to the Library on the Lawn tent at Top of the Park THIS SUNDAY JULY 6 from 4-8 PM to play TOPOPOLY, it's fun and challenging! And mark your calendars for Monday, July 21st; there will be a BIG BADGE associated with that night's Library Board meeting, so stay tuned for details in next friday's badge drop.

But of course, you're just here to see if we drop any hints about the long-awaited return of the SUMMER GAME SHOP, now only a few days away! Well, we'll tell you there are a TON of cool new items in the shop, and it will be opening for your SUMMER GAME SHOPPING pleasure sometime Monday Night! We've got plenty of supply to go around so no worries about missing out! (and if you're really desparate for a peek at summer game shop items past, present, and future, well, you might need to find a web geek, or at least look where one would look, to find a hidden clue in this post.)

SO, stay tuned, players, SUMMER GAME 2014 is just getting warmed up! Hang on tight with these new badges for your Holiday weekend, and come back Monday Night for the triumphant return of the SUMMER GAME SHOP!



Pretty sure I have the first and third clues correct for the Bountiful Berry Days badge. If someone gets those, let me know. Then I'll know I'm missing something as opposed to a faulty game set up for those. Thanks.

I agree - I'm fairly certain I know which book should have the first code for Bountiful Berry Days and it is not there.

Same here. I think I know where the codes for the first and third berry clue should be, but they're not there.

Also, can I get some help for the third code in the Hilarious, Harmless, Hapless badge?

Hi all - yes, faulty game play indeed! The codes for those 2 items were missing, but they are there now - sorry about that and thanks for playing!

Any suggestions for refreshing badges? We completed topopoly & all three concerts. The badge details are filled in with the codes we inputted, but the badges are listed as not completed.

Oh never mind. It found us!

Enjoying the game codes on the plants vs. zombies badge

Thanks for the quick fix!! :-) Love this game!

Yes, thanks for the fix.

And nevermind about the help for the Butthead badge. I finally found the third code.

My dad was like "There's no new Polkemania badge", and I said "THANK GOODNESS" but HE WAS WRONG.

To Bulbapedia for me!!!

I'm sad that there's no Park Explorer badge this week - getting the clues for these badges is becoming a nice family outing for us every week.

I'm going out of my cotton-picking mind trying to find the last clue for the Gang's Owl Here badge. Whooooo can tell me what I'm doing wrong?!

@Sara,use Google to look for the owl referenced in the clue (a brand name cleaning product)

For the life of me, I cannot find the code for the first clue of Virgin-eyed. I'm pretty sure I have the right name, but I keep getting the same results and I'm not finding the code. Plus, the hint won't display when I click on it.

I have been to the downtown libabry and I have found two gamecodes already by searching the libabry. Does anybody know how many total codewords I should be searching for?

@Lmd3577: Well, when I was there last week, the librarian told me there was 21 in the entire building. I found 20. But they're constantly adding new codes, so I don't know if there are still 21...

@AprilCDB - If you're searching for the name of the constellation (starts with V), it should be in the top 10 results.

@lmd3577, I was told and found 21. If you ask, they'll tell you how many on each floor. 1st floor has 11, 2nd 7, 3rd 2 and 4th 1.

@SBNB, thank you

@Lmd3577 when I went, the librarian told me 21, and I found all of them.

I have found only two on the main floor but I will be going back this week.i also forgot are there going to be the 21 clue words all summer or there more to come

To all the summer gamers out there
I am working on the Nessie badge right now and I am having trouble finding the second code word. I have done the zig zag method to find the right answer and every time I go to type in what might be the answer in the card catuglouge I keep coming up with nothing so I am hoping some of you gamers out there can help me out.
Thanks so much for the help

@AprilCDB Thanks for the clue, but I'm still clueless. I entered the name of the man swatting at the owl- is that incorrect?

@sara For last owl code, you enter FIRST name only. It's not far down.

ahhh I wish that I could also read the old item descriptions because they're always PURE GOLD

Another great group of badges. Thanks!

Owl Badge

Thanks for the help- I finally got the final Owl Badge clue. The hint I needed was to read more carefully. I was searching for cotton in the catalog (going out of my cotton-pickin mind.)

Completely stuck for the last code for Bountiful Berry Days. Anyone have any hints or tips? Can't think of any romance novels dealing with fruits in summer?

@asopijw65--You know the fruit, so just try that in a catalog Title search and look for romance entries in what shows up.

Awesome, got it. Thanks so much!

Yeesh, I finally earned my 006 POLKéMANIA badge and everyone's right, they are challenging! Are No. 078 and 079 as difficult? Hopefully the bonus points will earn me extra chocolate to replenish the brain cells I just burned out. ;-)

You search just the saint's name, not Saint of ______.

I know this was last week's, but what's the 3rd bonus code to pokemania No.078 (or bonus code #10)? not No.079, if you don't read carefully.

Also, Could I get some help on getting No.079 bonus codes 14, 15, 16, and 17? thanks.

I really like the new owl badge.

There is a typo in the owl badge hint for the "inquisitve" boy and a wise owl. This briefly threw me for a loop, as there aren't supposed to be any misspelled words in the summer game. Luckily I stopped taking things literally, and decided it must just be a typo.

@Naverick22 Polkemonia bonus #10--not sure how to give a hint. Google: poetry book [the musical] is based on and then search that result in the catalog.

@mjanen I found it, thanks mate.

Top of the park was Awsome!

Thanks for the hint.

I am patiently waiting of the game shop to open:)

Same, still not here...

The answer you are looking for is the name of a smartphone that is now extinct.

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the Virgin eyed badge and I am having trouble finding the 5th code word for the badge. I have looked up the latin word I think they are looking for but when I got to put it in the card catalogue nothing so I am wondering if I have the wrong answer or I am looking at the wrong part of wiki about it. I am hoping some of you gamers out there could help me with a few more clues.
Thanks so much for the help

Just Google "Latin name for Lady Justice" and you should find the answer.

@Lmd3577 Look at the Wikipedia page for the constellation and you'll find lots of choices for the name. Careful reading gets you down to two. Then you can click them to find the winner. If you get the correct name, you only get one catalog entry back at AADL.


I was stuck on that for a bit too. Then, I realized the first letter is not an "L" but an "i". The uppercase "i" looks like a lowercase "L" on wiki. Maybe that will help?

@hunterf, @Zhengyang1022

I've been waiting since TEN AM. It's been a long time. The anticipation is terrible! (Especially with the secret preview.)

To all the summer gamers out there
Has anybody heard when the Sumer game shop will open? I have been looking back every now and then since 5 so I am wondering if anybody has heard anything as to what time it might be opening

I'm putting the finishing touches on the shop now! We should be open for business around 9 PM. Stay tuned, there's so much to do!


you should make an item that's worth like 200000 points.


We don't mean to rush you -- we're just SO EXCITED!

Could I get some help on getting polkamania No.079 bonus codes 14, 15, 16, and 17? thanks.

Yes we are excited and very thankful for all the hard work you and your team do to make this happen. My kids love this stuff. I also find it to be quite awesome. So thanks dude. Keep up the great work.



"Nah, we're just riffing on Morphie's Choice, isn't that original?"


(Also, some of the items don't have 'add to cart' bits at the bottom!)

The blue pencils don't have an order tab- and I would like to order them. Very cute.

Everything looks amazing! I am especially excited about the color tubes, tumblers and space cooler!

I hope the polka dot picnic blankets make the next reveal. Those were my favorite items from last year.

Thank you AADL for all of your hard work!

Pssst -- the link to Friends of the Library on the Tiny Inedible Ice Cream Cones page is broken!

I am very behind on my badges; I just finished the Zom-Badge. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I saw the third code! I'm afraid I gave that one away to the family, because I had to say it out loud. Over and over again in a specific voice. lol!

The beloved bunny tale badge should be easy, right? I'm flummoxed by the last clue, despite re-reading the Wikipedia page and making educated guesses. Can anyone help?

@purpledancer - on the wikipedia page the answer you seek is in the "plot summary' section. If you search for both words in the catalog it will be the first item that comes up...

@purpledancer, the phrase you need to search is two words. That is, you should include the noun as well as the adjective in your search; I suspect you may be searching on the adjective only. The correct item is fairly near the top and matches the additional cluing given.

Edited to add: jinx, @erin!

Thanks, both. I just found it before looking back at your replies! P.S. We should all be sleeping….

A voice of reason! I too have sacrificed many an hour of sleep since discovering the summer game a few years ago. What is it about this thing that makes it so addictive?

I wish we could delete our own comments. I somehow posted the same comment twice, so the best I could do is "edit" the second one. I guess it's all that lost sleep rearing it's ugly head.........

Sorry to bother you all. I feel silly asking for help since it sounds like no else is having difficulty like me but frustration has set in. So, here goes: #4 of Plant vs Zom-Badge. I've tried "V#n@s F&ytrap" and Purple P*tch$# Plant". Am I even close? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I googled the discription of the plant from the game that is asked for in the clue. There was an image for it that I clicked on and got it's name. It's one word and all you need to enter in the catalog search to get the code.
I hope that makes sense.

Arrggghh! I tried the above and thought it was D*yl**ies. No luck. What am I doing wrong? Sorry to be a pest.

@mcreader You should be in the land of *fictitious* plants. The video game wiki for the game on which the badge is based has a good directory of said plants.

Can anyone help me with the first code for the Sing, Sing, Sing! badge? I found the person who wrote the song but I can't find the guitarist who played a song by him. Thanks!

Thank you very much Zekicmom and mjanen! You saved my sanity. : )

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on three badges and I can not find three code words and I am hoping some of you gamers out there could help me with some more clues to figure the badges out.

1.) Sing Sing Sing badge
1st clue I need help with
2.) Killer Plants badge
2nd clue I need help with
3.) and Plants vs Zombies badge
last clue I need help with

I hope some of you gamers out there can help me.
Thanks for your help

@Gabriela Valderrama and @Lmd3577

Re: Sing Sing Sing badge 1st clue

Once google tells you who "the Father of Gospel Music" is, search the aadl catalog for this musician's first and last name.

When you get your results, the mystical guitarist and FL hints will help you find the CD.

Good luck!

@Lmd3577 - For the Killer Plants #2, forget the "water holding organ". Just pay attention to the last sentence in the clue. If you search for the thing that is generated (the hint was helpful here) and refine the search to DVDs, it'll be at the top of the results.

Figured it out. Thanks

Lol wow already the fourth badge drop. I have gotta
catch up :P.


re: 3.) and Plants vs Zombies badge, last clue I need help with

Use google to find "taco-obsessed neighbor Plants vs. Zombies"

Once you scroll past a ton of AADL summer game links, you'll see a reference to the taco lunatic being referred to. Use that name (two words) to search the AADL catalog.

Good luck!

@AADL Summer Game staffers

I just booked a trip to the beach in mid-August and had a horrible thought that maybe I booked my vacation over the Summer Game wrap party. Surely the party will be after the summer games ends, right? Is there anyway we could get a save the date? I'm really looking forward to meet my fellow summer game players and I hope everyone will be there!

There's a wrap party? Awesome!

Great game; thanks for organizing this!

Summer Game Wrap party will be the last day of the game, Sunday, August 31st, 2-4 PM at Malletts Creek Branch. Details to come!

@eli -- Thank you so much for working on a party for us. We gamers should probably be throwing *you* a party!

The date's on my calendar!

Hi Summer Gamers,

I have finally earned my POLKéMANIA No. 078 Badge, I'm stuck on Bonus #8: Surely Pokémasters won't have missed the famous trainer that helped you find this item. Do you think he knows how to Polka?

So I am the first to admit, I am not a Pokémaster, and I don't really understand what a trainer is. I tried searching for the name of #78 along with trainer, and found nothing. Can anyone steer me into the right direction. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. Thanks in advance!

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on three badges and I am having trouble finding the very 1st code words to all three and I am hoping you gamers out there could give me some more clues to help me out. The three badges I am needing help with are

1.) Sing, Sing, Sing

2.) Tiny Tinkers

3.) Ghost World

Thanks so much for the help


1. Sing Sing Sing badge 1st clue

Google "the Father of Gospel Music".

Search the aadl catalog for this musician's first and last name, filtering for music.

When you get your results, the mystical guitarist and FL hints will help you find the correct CD.

@Lmd3577 - For the tiny tinkerers #1, you need to search old news for one specific word from the clue. It's in the sentence that tells you what to look for (and it starts with the seventh letter of the alphabet). If you have the right word, the first result will be an article written by an author whose first and last names begin with the same letter.


I'm going to dedicate myself to getting all the pokemon related badges and their bonus codes, which I have done so far.

Has anyone had trouble with the "Hot Diggity Dog" badge? For the question about rival Coney Island restaurants in Detroit, all my sources point to the same two shops, but their two "first names," in either order, produce no codes. Any pointers?

@agthomas - If you have the right two names, M________ and L________, and you enter them into the catalog search under Keyword and Everything, the item with the code should be in the first ten things that come up.