Cool Summer Drinks

When you think of a cool, refreshing drink that you'd like to have on a hot, summer day you think of lemonade, right? Or maybe iced tea.

But there is a lesser known, fizzy drink great for summer known as kombucha. It sort of tastes like a cross between carbonated water and tea. You can even add juice to it. There is another side benefit to drinking kombucha: It's fermented! You make it be starting with some tea that has loads of sugar in it. After adding a probiotic yeast and bacterial colony (known as a SCOBY mother) and letting it sit for several days to weeks, the probiotics break down the sugar into acids so that by the time you drink it, it's very low in sugar. With every cup you get loads of healthy bacteria and B-complex vitamins. Talk about healthy! There is a book that shows you how to make it at home here and here.

It’s summer so a lot of Ann Arborites are growing a vegetable garden. I know I am! But what if your garden is doing so well that you have armfuls of veggies that you don't know what to do with? A great way to get some awesome nutrition or to use up extra veggies and dark leafy greens is to make smoothies or juices. For a great smoothie all you need is a blender and a knife to cut up the toughest pieces. "But won't that taste icky?" I can hear you say. Fear not! The sweet fruit you add makes the bitter taste of vegetables like kale hardly detectable. Try it and I bet you'll be a smoothie addict in no time.


Always looking for a good recipe book about healthy drinks for summer

water's always a good choice

"Agua fresca" is also a good choice:

and a little less scary than kombucha!

you can add chia seeds to the agua fresca if you want to add fiber and vitamins (and make it thicker)

ahhhh this sounds really interesting but fermentation really squicks me out for some reason

sounds cool

Looks like fun

Wow, I never knew such drinks existed...

Kombucha huh? Hmm...

kombucha is NASTY -- i've tried it before

those look like yummy drinks! i so want 'em !

The trouble with all these kale smoothies is, that kale's vitamins really require cooking to be absorbed.